Monday, August 31, 2009

Choosing Light

Swami Vishwananda
We like very much to have the title of being spiritual. We like to feel special, but in reality everybody is special, because everybody is individual and everybody is spiritual. Spirituality is to realize God, to realize love, to realize the Oneness with the Divine… That’s all true, but when I look at spiritual people, they think they know the best, always. They think they are greater than anybody else. And they always think the best of themselves. That is right, but the best of one’s self is not to criticize others. The best of oneself as Krishna said is to rise above good and evil. On the spiritual path everybody tries to purify themselves. When I talk about purity what does your mind cause you to think? You perceive only good things. So you think when you are purified, while being spiritual, you become very good.

. . . The human pursuit is to always be right, no matter what you do and that’s what you call perfection. But in The Gita Krishna explained what perfection is. . . When you can rise above good and evil, when you can rise above all the duality, then you can call yourself perfect. Then you can say, “Yes, I have attained certain perfection.” But yet your mind still makes you judge. Until you have achieved the vision of the Divine, you have not purified yourself. That means you have not trained your mind to see the non-duality, to see the Oneness. Then spirituality still is far away.

On the spiritual path we all are learning to attain God, but first of all we are learning to rise above our mind. If you really want to be spiritual, be positive. Train yourself to be positive. All the masters, all the teachers, all the Gurus who have come have not come to collect disciples. They have not come to make people slaves like other people say it, you know. They have not come to use people; they have come to help the people, to make them Masters one day. But to become a master, you have to surrender yourself.

Mahavatar Babaji
[From Unity…] Utpalavati in etheric body with Babaji and then Babaji speaks: After a few minutes during meditation concentrating on the ajna, third eye energy center, and at the point where a deep peace pervades my being, Babaji appears and I am with him [in our beloved Himalayas] early in the morning shortly before dawn… Amazingly, beginning with his head and moving rapidly downward, the illusion of his physical body transforms into golden light even as his form is clearly visible. I see the Divine Babaji surrounded by luminescent golden light sending out radiant light beams in a sunburst design all around him; it is a most wondrous and beautiful sight. Babaji’s pure radiant beauty of face and form is beyond description as it sends out brilliant, luminous, golden light in all directions around the sphere of Earth. The sun’s bright dawn-breaking rays reflect off the Himalayan snow-capped mountains behind Babaji, seemingly born this very morning, destined to caress and illuminate the copper highlights in the Divine Babaji’s beautiful, long dark hair.

My eyes are drawn to Babaji’s heart area. A sphere of vibrating, magnificent, luminescent rainbow colors appear as spherical bands of color exactly in the order of a rainbow in Earth skies. . . Each spherical rotation of the individual color bands transmits an audible sound vibration that resonates with the sound of creation: Om,Om, Om! I spontaneously know what Babaji is communicating as comprehension floods my consciousness. Babaji is Master of the five elements and the seven primary colors, the seven musical tones, all of it—the all of Earth design of the material world. He holds within his being the creative force that sustains Earth manifestations into material form through sound and light…

Babaji:Upon entry into physical form you carry with you the light body, paralleling the one I have shown you through the eyes of my disciple… The light body exists with me even as I present a physical body form. The Divine creates a light body for the Himalayan masters who become liberated, even today, as they wander these mountain crags. It is also truth that every human from all time has the light body safely inside and around the physical form. Your light body is simply of a higher vibration than the material body [veiled].

The physical eyes do not have the capacity to see the spiritual or light body. When the body of light is seen, it is the third eye or spiritual eye that detects the vibration and sees it as light seemingly solidified. My dear friends please do become aware and let it pervade your
consciousness that the physical eyes have limitations imposed upon you at birth. Attune yourselves to the Ajna energy center, third eye, if you would advance your knowledge of the light vibrations of the etheric realms... Experience the world of Earth but remember always that your true nature is light.

Sin’s Safety Net

In the mists of antiquity of eons long past,
Man began faltering upon the
Stumbling block called sin.
But Love was ensconced securely in
Man’s heart of hearts
Even as he understood his own
Creation and lived the word ‘sin’ — then.

Today, the contemporary man can realize
That all works together for the good
Of the whole of mankind—
From ancient times
To this very moment in time.
And sin, in truth, when comprehended,
Is contained, also, within the Divine.
For what is not spirit?—What is not God?
What does not live inside All That Is?

Go forth from now to the end of time and
Understand the evolution of man and his soul.
In remembrance, know that the distance
From the concept of sin to dimensions of
Divine Bliss is much shorter than you
Previously may have thought or even imagined!
Or—so the Guru has taught in each of his
Numerous lifetimes on Earth.

Life’s journey from the mind to
The heart that has been purified,
Is just Eighteen inches
In man’s physical form.
That short journey, which
Everyone eventually must take,
Is sonorous with Rama’s Bridge
And Hanuman’s powerful, miraculous
Bridge-building chant—Ram, Ram, Ram!
It’s a safety net freeing mankind
From the concept of sin—
Forever — OM . . . Amen.


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