Saturday, August 22, 2009

Free of Wheel of Karma


Mahavatar Babaji

Question: Comment/Question posted by reader for post of August 18, 2009, “Carrying Coming and Going.”

Dearest Babaji, can anyone who is reading this blog free him/herself from the cycle of life and death, still in the present life? There are people who go around and say that they will be liberated in their next life because someone had told them that. Can they start thinking differently and stop limiting themselves? Can they change their destiny and get liberated still in this life if they sincerely want it? Can I do that? Jay Gurudev

Babaji’s Response:

Thank you for your communication. You, of course, already know the response that I am going to offer to your writing, isn’t it? I send all of you my love always and what any of you may do to be with me is very simple: Think of me and see and feel me in your heart and I am there immediately. In actual truth, I am always in all hearts, quietly and patiently waiting throughout the Millennia until your awareness awakens your remembered divinity. I have never left any of you for a moment.

Do you know the Himalayan Yogi and Vedic teachings about the Jivan Mukti? A Jivan Mukti means one who has freed himself from the illusionary world while living in physical form in the material world. How is this accomplished? A Jivan Mukti has remembered his divinity which has never left him throughout all his Soul travels throughout the long and lonely Millennia. Like the Hymn, Footprints, God, The Divine Principle pervades all of creation.

Please understand that even the smallest particle that scientists perceive, God Is In It, Is It, and there is nothing but God! The Jivan Mukti has remembered that he is a part of God the Creation, the All of It — Oneness-Unity! Swami Vishwananda continually gives all of you the formula for enlightenment: Locate the Divine Love in your heart and spread it everywhere and give to the Whole of Creation your love continuously and always. Pray, Chant the Divine Name of your choice and meditate, meditate, meditate. Make your very life breath, every one that you take, a prayer, a meditation reflecting the light of the Divine which you are, have been, and always will be. Amen and OM!

I am Babaji, one who reflects the light which you are, so that you may become so engaged in your reflection that you embrace it, love it, and then thankfully, gracefully, release the illusion of this world that you have been seeing, being, as the reflection of who you are. Thereby you may live on Earth as a Jivan Mukti and be happy, graceful, invigorated, Loving, kind and in Attunement with the Whole Of Creation every breath, every moment. Be joyful…God is Joy…God is Love…and Love Is All That Is!

In Eternal Truth It Is Like This . . .

Footprints Hymn

Upon the shore, I walked with Him at even
And I looked back upon the path we’d trod
And in the sand I traced our way at even
And I was glad I’d walked through life with God:
For side by side we’d journeyed through together
All through the world’s-wide wilderness of care
And side by side we’d journeyed through to even:
Safe at his side the Lord my God had brought me here.

But in my joy I caught a strain of sadness
To give me pause when thinking of my way
For on the shore I saw he’d left me lonely
When I had most the need of him to stay:
When I was tried he’d left me worn and wandering,
He’d left me lone when I was fighting fears,
He’d let me tread the steepest slopes in solitude
Before he came back to my side to dry my tears.

But then the Lord drew near to me in comfort
And in his tenderness he made it plain
That in the times when dread and darkness threatened
He was my shield and shelter from the pain:
For on his shoulders he was gently bearing
And on his shoulders I from harm was free:
The single trace of footprints of the Master,
The single trace of footprints shows he carried me.

So on the shore I walk with Him at even;
I face the latter days of life secure,
For if my pilgrimage reserves me sorrow
The footprints show that He is strong and sure:
If I am near the gates of heaven weary,
No longer strong enough to stride alone
The footprints show that he is there to carry me:
The footprints show the Lord my God will bear me home.

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Vishwananda - Dakshesh said...

Beloved Babaji,
Thank You very much for Your wonderful, inspiring and , as always, also surprising answer. Yes, of course, I had known the answer to my question before I asked it, but my mind creates doubts, and my faith is sometimes not strong enough. It is changing now, for Your graceful answers, posts and comments, together with the teachings of my beloved Guruji, Swami Vishwananda, make me, and all of us, I hope, growing in our faith, and make it much easier to become the Jivan Mukti. With Your grace, let it be so.
Jay Gurudev!!!