Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today I will answer, in this blog format, a question my disciple received through Email from someone who has read my book, Unity With The Divine:

Question: Thank you for the Epistles [in Babaji’s Unity With The Divine]. I loved and learned much... [per Babaji’s meditation] I asked a number of people and they all told me something different.…after we picture Babaji giving us the Tulsi leaf, and He says we shall then meditate together…at that point do we still keep our attention at the heart… of the image of Him in meditation for the remainder of time, or do we concentrate at the ajna, third eye?

Babaji’s Answer: Greetings one and all who read this blog.

[Babaji is answering this question through His Imprinting Technique, reference by typing in “Imprinting Technique” in box at top of blog].

Please, may we begin by a small reminder of why I created this blog in the first place This blog was designed as one of the vahanas (vehicles) present on the planet today supporting the mission of Sri Swami Vishwananda. I will answer all questions of readers by either one or both of two methods. ONE: I may choose to answer through the Imprinting Technique whereby my disciple who is author-moderator for this blog writes the answer from me to you. TWO: I may request that the person asking the question contact me in meditation.

In actuality in the meditation I offered in Unity… after the first guided mediation, as it was written many found that in succeeding meditations they simply and intentionally thought of me and I was there without using the guided words. That eventually happened for everyone who completed the Forty Day Meditation. In my meditation in Unity… I requested those of you embodied on the planet today, and who feel guided from within, to connect with my vibration in a Forty Day Meditation. Also I encouraged you to continue your connection with me through considering learning Atma Kriya techniques of meditation as I have instructed Swami Vishwananda to teach in present day

The Himalayan yogis teach: The Guru answers the person, not the question. Please understand that each person within themselves comprehends whatever is said verbally both individually and personal to that which the soul has experienced since its beginning in the “no beginning, no end.” Therefore, verbal communication has limitations by its very nature. So I encourage you all who have questions to ask them, I will answer them in words and always encourage you to meet me in meditation where I will lead you to go beyond words, even silent ones, where God is and where bliss is forever present.

In the book Unity…. I recommended that in the meditation you stay in the heart center with me at the point you, the questioner, are speaking about. Please understand, I will be with you in meditation when your intent brings me to your awareness whether you are concentrating on the ajna or the heart, whatever, or nothing. I am ever with you but you have to consciously wish to be aware that I am with you…isn’t it? To the questioner: Come to me in meditation and I will speak with you further on this question which lies like a lotus blossom ready to open to Divine Love when the sun’s rays tenderly kiss its face at dawn’s first light. This invitation to meet me in meditation applies to anyone reading this blog and everyone, everywhere. Until we meet again… I Am Babaji…

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Sri Swami Vishwananda:
“Surrender to love. I have to do what I have to do because I know what is best for you!”


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dearest Babaji. Your explanation of connecting with you in meditation is so freeing. You offer a way to meditate with you without expectations and simultaneously containing no limitations.

Utpalavati said...

By Utpalavati (Jean), Blog author-moderator: The person who asked the question in this blog entry wrote an Email today (day after post): "Thank you so much; I read it [the answer to question on blog] yesterday and the meditation [Babaji's Forty Day Meditation]was very strong, much more as [than] before."