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Great Sage Agasti's Sri Lakshmi Stotra and Maha Lakshmi Prayer Video

Great Sage Agasti's Sri Lakshmi Stotra

Jaya Padma-pala-akshi Jay Tvam Sri Pati Priyeye Jaya Matr Maha Lakshmi Sansaaraarn-avtaarini
Glory be to Ma Lashmi, who has eyes like lotus flower petals. Glory be to the one who is dear to the husband of Sri (Sri Herself). Glory be to Mother Lakshmi, The Great Lakshmi, who delivers us from the ocean of this world
Maha-Lakshmi Namast-ubhayam Namast-ubhyam Sur-eshwari Hari-Priye Namast-ubhyam Namast-ubhyam Daya-Nidhe
O Great Lakshmi, I bow to you. I bow to you O Queen of Gods. O Dear to the Lord Hari, I bow to You, I bow to You O full of Kindness
Padma-alye Namast-ubhyam Namast-ubhyam cha Sarvade Sarva-Bhoot-Hit-Aarthye Vasuvrishtim Sada Kuru
O Seated on a Lotus Seat, I bow to you, I bow to you always. For the benefit of all beings, please spread your mercy always.
Jagan-Martr-Namast-Ubhyam Namast-ubhyam DayaNidhe Dayavati Namast-ubhyam Vishv-eshwari Namo-Astu Te
O Mother of this World, I bow to You, I bow to You O full of Kindness, O Kind-Hearted, I bow to You, O Ruler of this world, I am bowed to you.
Namah Ksheer-arn-vasute Namas-Trai-Lokya-Dharini Vasuvrishte Namast-ubhyam Raksh Mam Sharna-agatam
I bow to you, O One who resides in the white ocean, I bow to you, O bearer of these three worlds. O The One who blesses us, I bow to you, protect me, I come to your refuge.
Raksh Tvam Deva-Deveshi Deva-Devasya-Vallabhe Daridra-Atrihi Mam Lakshmi Kripyam Kuru Mam-Upri
Protect me, O Goddess of Gods, O Dear to the God of Gods (Lord Hari). I am suffering from poverty, Please bestow your mercy on me.
Namas-Trai-Lokya-Janani Namas-Trailokya-Paavani Brahma-Aadyo Namaste Tvaam Jagad-Aananda-Dayini
Salutations, O Mother of these three worlds, Salutations O Purifier of these three worlds. The Origin of even Brahma, I bow to you, O giver of joy to this world.
Vishnu-Priye Namastubhyam Namastubhyam Jagadhite Aatrahantri Namastubhyam Samridhim Kuru Me Sadaa
O Dear to Vishnu, I bow to you, I bow to you, O benefitter of this World. Destroying my suffering, bestow prosperity on me always, I bow to you.
Abja-Vaase Namastubhyam Chaplaayau Namo Namah Chanchalaayau Namastubhyam Lalitayau Namo Namah
O Lotus-Dweller, I bow to you, O One Who is always changing places, O One who is full of affection, I bow to you, I bow to you.
Namah Pradyumana-Janani Matus-Tubhyam Namo Namah Pari-Palaya Bho Matar-Mam Tubhyam Sharna-agatam
I bow to you, O Birth giver of Pradyumna. I bow to you O Mother, and Yet again, I bow to you. Nurture me O Mother, I am in your refuge.
Sharanye Tvaam Prapanno-Asmi Kamale Kamala-Alaye Traahi Traahi Maha-Lakshmi Pritraana-Paraayene
I your refuge, I come, O Lotus faced, O Lotus Seated. Protect me, Protect me, O Great Lakshmi.
Pandityam Shobhte Naiv Na Shobhanti Gunaa Nare Sheelitvam Vaiv Shobhte Maha-Lakshmi Tvaya Vinaa
Knowledge does not look good, Neither do virtues. Good character does not look good, without you O Great Lakshmi.
Taavad-Viraajte Roopam Taavad-Sheelam Viraajte Taavad-Gunaa Naraanaam cha Yaav-Lakshmi Praseedati
You preside on beauty, You preside on good character, and also on virtues, of men who you are happy with.
Lakshmi-Tvaya-Alankrit-Maanavaa Ye Paapair-Vimukta Nrip-Lok-Maanyaah Gunair-Viheenaa Gunino Bhavanti Du-Sheelinah Sheel-vataam varishtaah
O Lakshmi, humans who are marked by you, attaining freedom from sins, they are treated as kings. Virtue-less become virtuous, and those with poor characters attain good characters.
Lakshmeer-Bhooshyate Roopam Lakshmeer-Bhooshyate Kulam Lakshmeer-Bhooshyate Vidyaam Sarvaal-Lakshmeer-Vashishyate
Lakshmi glorifies beauty, Lakshmi alone marks family lineage, Lakshmi shines on Knowledge. Indeed, Lakshmi alone presides on everything.
Lakshmi Tvad-Guna-Keertanen Kamaabhooryaatyalam Jihmataam Rudra-adya Savi-Chandra-Deva-Patayo Vaktum cha Taiv Kshamaah
Asmaabhis-Tava Roop-Lakshana-Gunaan-Vaktum Katham Shakyate Matar-Mam Paripaahi Vishva-Janani Kritvaa Mam-Ishtam Dhruvam
How can I possibly describe your forms, signs or qualities. O Mother, Nurture me, O Mother of this World, may I worship you steadfastly.
Deen-Arti-Bheetam Bhava-Taap-Peeditam Dhanair-Viheenam Tava Paarshvam-Aagatam Kripa-Nidhithvaan-Mama Lakshmi Satvaram Dhan-Pradaanad-Dhan-Naayakam Kuru
Poor, suffering, afraid, tortured by the sorrows of this world, without any wealth, I come to you, O Kind One, O Lakshmi, Please bestow joy and wealth on me
Maam Vilokya Janani Hari Priye Nirdhanam Tvat-Smeepam-Aagatam
Please look at me O Mother, O Dear to Lord Hari, I, Poor have come near you.
Dehi Me Jhatiti Lakshmi Karaagram Vastra-Kaanchan-Varaannamadbhutam
Tvamev Janani Lakshmi Pitaa Lakshmi Tvameva cha
You are my Mother, You are my Father too, O Lakshmi
Traahi Traahi Maha-Lakshmi Traahi Traahi Sureshvari Traahi Traahi Jagan-Maatar-Daridraat-Traahi Vegatah
Protect Me, Protect Me, O Great Lakshmi, Protect Me, Protect Me, O Goddess of Gods, Protect me, Protect me, O Mother of the world, Protect me from misery and poverty
Namastubhyam Jagad-Dhatri Namastubhyam Namo Namah Dharma-Adhaare Namastubhyam Namah Sampatti-Daayinee
I bow to you, I bow to you, O Mother of the world, I bow to you yet again, and yet again and again. O foundation of righteousness, Salutations to you. I bow to you, O giver of Wealth
Daridra-arnavamagno-aham nimagno-aham rasaatale Maj-Jantam Mam Kare Dhritvaa Doodhar Tvam Rame Drutam
Kim Lakshmi Bahun-Okten Jalpitena punah punah Anyen-Me Sharanam Na-Asti Satyam Satyam Hari-Priye
What is the purpose of saying too much, O Lakshmi. I am in your refuge alone, no one else's, I say this truly, O Dear to Lord Hari
Etat Shrutvaa Agasti-Vaakyam Hrishyamaana Hari-Priyaa Uvaacha Madhuraam Vaaneem Tushta-Aham Tava Sarvadaa
Hearing thus, the words of Sage Agasti, Lakshmi, The one dear to Lord Hari said joyfully in a sweet voice that she is satisfied with him always
(From Wikipedia)

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"Wisdom of Love" - and Lakshmi Painting Comment

Interesting Comment on yesterday's VBV entry
To view - scroll down one entry . . .

"Mesmerizing and uniquely beautiful! Instantly the feeling came of pleasing Lord Vishnu Sri Vishwananda by presenting Him with a copy of His Divine Spouse MahaLaksmi's "living image"! Awesome and very touching!
Jay Maa! Jay Babaji Mahabharata!

Love to You Swamini and Swarupini!"

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Maha Lakshmi Painting - Living Light

Swarupini, a devotee of Premavatar Swami Vishwananda from Czech, was requested by Maha Lakshmi, Herself, to paint this painting of Her for me (Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama). I am humbled by Maha Lakshmi's gift of the painting and by the beauty and great skill of the painter.

When I was visiting Czech to do some of Premavatar Swami Vishwananda's work with the devotees in Czech in November 2012, Swarupini showed me this painting in outline form with only a small amount of color at the crown. As I first looked into the then still unpainted picture, a magnificent "Star of Golden Light" came from the heart area of Maha Lakshmi and went into my Heart. I saw this with my physical eyes. This "Star Light" was accompanied with a loving and very deep feeling of Divine Love which brought bhakti tears to my eyes.

After the painting was complete and I saw a picture of it, I asked Swarupini about the symbology of the Kailash behind Maha Lakshmi. She communicated to me that Maha Lakshmi had told her that I would like it and also that I would like the Kailash container to be in the "Swami Orange". This is true; the Mother knows all her children through and through and throughout All Time!

Swamini Mohini, who was there with us when I first saw the unfinished painting, also saw light in the painting. The painting, as you see above is completed, and Swarupini will make prints of the painting for those who feel guided to have a copy (not certain about this, but perhaps in the Bhakti Shop at Shree Peetha Nilaya or through the Art Institute of Bhakti Marga and other places).

-Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Is Shiva? Vishwananda Swami Premavatar Responds in Video



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Gurudev About Ram and Poem Rama's Bridge svl

NASA  Image Rama's Bridge

Swami Vishwananda - Ram: “Why do you think in all religions they chant the name of God? They chant the name of the Lord so that you realize the unity between the Atma (soul) and the Paramatman (God). When you realize this unity between the Atma and the Paramatman, what will stay? Only the Paramatman will stay because the only reality of the Atma is the Paramatman. The only reality of the soul is God. Your soul wants to merge with and become one with God. It wants to attain his lotus feet. The one who has realized this will join. Just in the simple name Ram, it can be granted.
-Premavatar Swami Vishwananda

Rama's Bridge, also known as Adam's Bridge, or Rama Setu, is a chain of limestone shoals, between Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram Island off the southeastern coast of Tamil Nadu, India, and Mannar Island, off the northwestern coast of Sri Lanka. Geological evidence suggests that this bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka. (Wikipedia)


There was a brother once, a twin he was,
In a time so long ago. . .
But the spiritual annuals record this time
As the time of an Avatar of righteousness;
Dharma it is named in Sanskrit word and
Meaning, or so it is written and so they say.

This twin had a regal, lovely face and form,
That was strong and well-trained in the
Art of the war-making of the kings,
Which was no longer needed in the rest
Of Ram’s time on Earth after the Great War in Lanka land.
He was beautiful, this twin, with wavy hair as dark as
Midnight, and his smile could light up the night.
We looked exactly alike, one could see,
Even on a silvery, shinning, mysterious moonlight night.

One day our Father, the Royal Ram,
Decided to re-enact a time of old when He
Built a bridge from the southern tip of India,
Across the ocean deep, and over to Lanka land.
The Divine Monkey Gods came, and Hanuman,
The perfect Devotee and
The son of the Wind God, it was told,
Helped the army of the Great God Vishnu,
The Avatar Ram,
To write the name upon the rocks,
“Ram, Ram, Ram.
And it was then the water supported the rocks
That made the bridge to Lanka land.

Sita came back from Earth Mother and was there,
The beloved wife of Ram,
And secretly Divine Mother in disguise, who had been
Kidnapped and kept hostage there in Lanka land.
She secretly knew about all this beforehand,
As it was written there in the Divine Plan.
So then Ram would have to come.
For the demon king, of ten heads it is written,
Could have an opportunity to defeat Ram’s mighty army
And plunder and terrorize India as well as Lanka,
Or so it is written and so it is said.
Ravana, that demon king, miscalculated the
The Greatness of the Avatar Ram.

After Ram won the battle on Lanka land,
He and his army returned over the bridge
And for reasons so he said, “This I do so the two
Countries cannot in the rest of my time on Earth
Cross with an army and invade either land."

Ram took the tip of his mighty bow
And touched it to the bridge at the water’s edge
And, lo and behold, the bridge sank gently
Beneath the white-capped ocean waves.
Rama’s Bridge can be seen on the In-ter-net in today’s time.
As it is erroneously named by NASA, that
Space Agency of America – Adam’s Bridge.

On the day of the reenactment,
My father told me:
“One day in the distant future, you will
Remember this day and will cross the waters
From a place called America
And visit this very land.
At Valmiki’s ashram, which will still
Be there in the very place that it is now,
You will have remembered how it now is in our time,
And you will see the remembered markers still standing there.
You will find the rock where you and your brother stood,
There in Valmiki's Ashram,
High upon a hill and blew your horns out over the valley
And then called, "Ram, Ram, Ram, echoing sound back to you"
You will test this soul memory and, lo and behold,
Back came the echo just like former days, "Ram, Ram, Ram."
Valmiki wrote “The Ramayana,” you know.
And when you are at Valmiki’s ashram in a “future” time,
Let this be a sign to you that it is time then,
It is time; it is time.

“A book you will write and
Call it . . .
“Rama’s Bridge – Then and Now –
Autobiography of a Soul Through Time.”
It will tell your story of the time of Rama
And your spiritual memoirs of that “future”
Lifetime -- from Etheric Beings standing
In your room face-to-face.
And, yes, write of the time with Light Beings
Who came in this future lifetime, ETs some call them,
To teach you many spiritual ways and things.
And also write of their so-alive Lightships that
Look like the Golden-Red Sun.

You will write, also, about the work
With Mahavatar Babaji,
As He will be called then . . .
You will tell of another Avatar of that time
And how He is an incarnation of Love.
 I will be with you as you remember
And this Avatar will “introduce" you to Rama.
And it is a great blessing because
You already will have remembered me,

But a confirmation He will bless you with, see?

The meaning of this story is this:
Lifetimes past one need not dwell upon,
For the memory is stored in your very soul.
But when such a lifetime is applicable to
Your mission in the present lifetime
Let the “past” memory surface, embrace it,
And do your duty as you may be one who
Promised to remember and offer it
To this world, torn and tossed by
The illusion of time.
There is a Oneness in all life.
You will tell your story
As inspiration that life continues
Forever and ever, OM, OM, OM.

-Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

Thursday, February 21, 2013

“...An Ocean of Tears for Mankind…” Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji chose to live and immortalize Himself in this world. 
He will always be here to help humanity whenever it´s needed.
Now it´s time for changes to happen. 
It´s time that humanity calls upon Him and receives His help."

Sri Swami Vishwananda


Mahavatar Babaji: “At times, henceforth, I will begin to sign my name on messages transmitted to you though Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama as -- Mahavatar Babaji Mahabharata. I choose at this point in the evolution of people of Earth and the evolution of the history and spirituality of India to reveal to the whole world . . .

Am Krishna as well as Mahavatar Babaji.

I encourage everyone to read and study the Mahabharata, the epic story of Dharma and the history and evolution of spirituality in India. All spiritual traditions have their place in time and history, and all are valid paths to The Divine. I wish to draw the world’s attention, including those who attune to my vibration and the mission of Premavatar Swami Vishwananda, to the study of the Mahabharata. The evolution of spirituality in India is an example for the whole humanity to exemplify. (February 21, 2013)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mahavatar Babaji Tells a Story - Nataraja

Mt. Kailash - Shiva Mountain in Himalayas

In a long ago time the God Shiva sat in meditation on Mt. Kailash. One man, a devotee of Nataraja (Shiva, Lord of the Dance in his form as the cosmic dancer), climbed the high mountain for many days praying to Lord Shiva constantly for absolution of his karma. This man, Kalava was given this name symbolizing the sacred thread which is given to all people attending a yagna, a sacred Vedic fire ceremony, or prayer in the Hindu Tradition.

One night at midnight, as Kalava wearily climbed higher on Mt. Kailas, he saw a great fire which seemed, on the distant horizon, to reach from the Earth to the sky. With renewed strength and commitment, he fervently wished to get as close as possible to this great fire on this sacred mountain of God, Itself! After some time and great effort, he reached the magnificent fire.

Behold, Shiva sat at this sacred fire performing a Vedic Fire Ceremony, a Yagna. Kalava watched in devotion, over-flowing love and fascination as Lord Shiva offered to the fire God, Agni, all the sacred elements of the Hindu Tradition. Kalava fell to his knees in complete surrender and devotion with gratitude in his heart that the Great Lord had allowed Himself to be found.

When the Yagna was finished, Shiva looked directly at Kalava and directed a beam of light from his ajna energy center, or third eye, to the heart of Kalava, who felt lifted from the Earth about three feet. He felt as if his body had become the actual fire in which Shiva had offered his offerings. This must surely be the fire of purification for which I have prayed to Shiva to give me to burn all my karma and give me liberation thought Kalava, even as the fire consumed him.

As the fire within Kalava cooled and he felt transformed and purified, Lord Shiva suddenly began the ecstatic cosmic dance of Nataraja. Kalava felt blessed beyond his ability to absorb at the moment. He knew that Shiva’s Nataraja Divine dance performed with flames dancing all around him symbolized destroying something in order for a new creation to take place. This particular dance, Kalava felt, was representative of the purification Yagna Lord Shiva had just performed for him with his great blessing.

Henceforth, Kalava went into the world an enlightened teacher of the Vedic Tradition of that sacred land called, India. Therein, the great Ganga performs her own purification as She flows throughout the land.

[Remember Babaji’s stories may not be literal fact but used as a teaching story with a moral for you who resonate from the heart. –Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama]

Mahavatar continue
The moral of this story: All sadhakas, seekers of Divine Truth, go through the fire of purification. Your Teacher Premavatar Swami Vishwananda, when he accepts you as devotee or disciple, puts you through the fire of purification. It is his duty and it is his mission to this planet to open people’s heart to Divine Love. This purification process is not pleasant for the mind and body many times. Sometimes it seems like a sledge hammer has been taken to your life. Family, friends and activities you formerly loved may fall away one-by-one. Sometimes physical illness and many purifications come your way. Your life may seem turned upside down.

Like Shiva’s Yagna of purification, Premavatar Swami Vishwananda Vishnu will take you through a similar fire in your body, mind and in your life. The secret to your transformation within this is to surrender completely to The Divine. Your Guru is your doorway to reaching, or remembering your own Divinity. Surrender everything to him, even as Kalava surrendered everything to his Satguru, Shiva Nataraja, Itself!

Please take this to Heart:
 It has to be like this, otherwise you would not change but simply stay focused in the physical world. Surrender to the Satguru . . . everything . . . and liberate your Self to remember enlightenment, which you are and always have been. Purification through surrender and detachment must take place for you to remember your enlightenment.

-Mahavatar Babaji 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Newly Initiated Swami from Latvia

Newly initiated Swami VishwaSharadaAnanda from Latvia
Previous spiritual name - Durgadas.
He was initiated by Swami Vishwananda's Swami's who attended Kumbh Mela and Gurudev blessed the new Swami, Sharada,
after his initiation.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Vishwananda, Nithyananda, Mahavatar and More

Vishwananda Swami Premavatar
Nithyananda Swami Paramahamsa
Kumbh Mela 2013

Vishwananda - Vishnu | Nithyananda - Shiva
Christ The Redeemer | Mahavatar Babaji - The Supreme
                     and more

The frog . . . that one loved and kissed by the princess,
Who turns him into a Prince, is a fairy tale of old . . .
That is . . . if truth be told!

Ram, the Great Avatar of olden times, showed 
His love in a different way.
He, who was Divine from the first day One,
Both pulled the bow from its firm holding place and
Strung Shiva's bow when all others from
The kingdoms all around failed in their daring
To try and perform this mystical, maha feat.
This was Ram's dharma and the Divine Plan
Which no other on Earth could withstand, you see?

Krishna showed His Love when he reproduced himself
Into numerous Krishnas and danced the Rasa Lila with all
The Gopis, simultaneously, in His day and His time.

Christ played the role of The Sacrificial Lamb
Teaching: "No greater Love hath anyone
Than the one who would lay down one's life for another."
These roles the Great Ones play are dharmic examples
Of the Greatest Love of All. . .
That is Unconditional Love Divine
Which resides in the Heart of each and every one, 
OM and Amen. 

Mahavatar Babaji showed His Great Love for humankind
When He informed that he would stay with humanity
Throughout all the Yugas until all truly are set free.

Premavatar Swami Vishwananda, our Belove-ed One,
Shows His Love in each Darshan
When upon His Heart and bodily form
He takes some karma from everyone
Who stands before Him, whether they are
Pure in Heart or not!
He does His duty and His Mission on Earth
Opening Hearts to Love Divine.
Ah, what a Master, this One of the heavenly, beautiful
Face, and the sweetest, most lovely smile,
That makes the hardest Heart melt into His Divine
Eternity Eyes and Heart, forevermore and forevermore !

Nithyananda Swami Paramahamsa, Shiva Incarnate...
So it is written and so it is said,
Kalki Avatar or not, only God knows !
Ah . . . that Nataraja dance in Los Angeles,
The City of Angels, USA ! ! !
Never to be forgotten by the 15 or so, who
Were fortunate enough to be there with HIM !
Nithyananda, the Great Paramahamsa,
Forgive us please, but in a mundane sense,
Can be likened unto a glass sphere popcorn maker
When plugged into that called by man . . . elec-tri-ci -ty . . .
Therein, clearly can be seen the popcorn going
Pop, pop, pop . . . and . . . pop, pop, pop.
He, who through His very own TV Station,
And the contemporary phenomenon of
That the populace calls . . . YouTube,
Takes the Collective Consciousness of mankind,
Who so attune to His Vibration,
To the very Face of The Divine, ItSelf.
Like the popcorn maker, in the glass sphere of YouTube,
One can plainly see the Universal Divine Energy
Through the Catalyst spark, Nithyananda Paramahamsa Swamiji,
Watching His disciples . . .not going pop, pop, pop,
. . . but rather . . . they go . . .
Hop, hop hop and hop, hop, hop . . .
As can be enjoyed by both the YouTube populace-at-large
And the delightful, heart-warming, infectious, hearty laugh 
Of Shiva-Nithyananda, ItSelf !
Ah, what a Master, this Nithyananda,
And please do forgive us once again . . .
Sri Hollywood | Bollywood . . . OR . . .Lord Shiva Supreme, 
Each must know for him/her own Self ! OM, OM, OM !

So is the fate of mankind today in this day and time.
And do not mourn this time of great op-por-tun-i-ty,
When each must remember this Divine Love in His own Heart
And give up the illusion of human love, which is limited
And secretly wishes to believe the frog can turn into a prince,
And, thereby, become a great, wealthy, handsome and kingly man.
No! Indeed, man is called today by the Masters
To Be what he is designed to be, a spark of God ItSelf, you see !

Bless-ed Be, the Masters say.
And so it is that the winds blow where they may
As mankind perceives the wind only
From the movement it makes as it whirls on by and
Throughout the illusion of time
Until the Sathya Age to come.

When your time comes to pull Shiva's bow from
Its very strongly held and patiently waiting place,
And Vishnu,simultaneously, opens your heart to Love Divine,
And believe it . . . you-me . . . your time most surely will come,
Be like the Great Ram who knew like
The Christ: "The faith of the tiny mustard seed
Will move a great Himalayan Mountain
When you trust in The Divine with all your Heart 
And all your Divine Soul."
Amen and OM and OM Amen, Amen, Amen.

Like Krishna stealing the butter, we may see,
This poem is both "in fun" and Divine Love and Truth, per se.
Which means: "by itself" without consideration of
Outside factors . . .
For one of us wishes to be considered 
Lord Vishnu's Contemporary Mirabai, per se !

Mahavatar Babaji Mahabharata
Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Is In The Air - Love's Pearls of WIsdom - Mahavatar

“Love is in the air,” it is said on Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14.
Let Love fill your Heart every day and share it as your Teacher,
Premavatar Swami Vishwananda teaches you always.

-Mahavatar Babaji

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kimbh Mela 2013

Swami Kuru writes writes from there :” Many historic things are happening: it will be the first time a group of westerns is allowed to bathe with the nagababas and - the first time that women can join!
And also the very first time ever that the lowest cast can bathe in the ganges!...JAY HO GANGA MAIYA

Friday, February 8, 2013

Gurudev and Swamini Mohini Kumbh Meela 2013

Swami Vishwananda 
in India
Kumbh Mella 2013

Swamini Mohini from South Africa
Leaving for Kumbh Mella 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

Transmitted from Mahavatar Babaji
Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

Mahavatar Babaji communicated to Lahiri Mahasaya: "When one Realizes His Unity with mankind, all minds become transmitting stations with whom He may work through at will."

Mahavatar's meaning of "Walking dead" is like that of Wikipedia (in a spiritual context): "The term [walking dead] is often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person
bereft of . . . Self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli."

The "walking dead" are “hypnotized” by maya, illusion.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vision of Lord Shiva – Devotee of Swami Vishwananda

Vision of Lord Shiva – By Devotee of Swami Vishwananda (Greece)
Note - Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama: A friend wrote a narration of the following Vision. After reading it, and while receiving Lord Shiva’s shakti continuously, Shiva appeared, both in the form of Shakti energy and in His Etheric Form, and said resoundingly: “Dearest Lakshmi, please lightly edit, as it is written to you, this Vision I have given this blessed person, and send it to your friend requesting permission to publish it with or without the name as the person so wishes. Please communicate that I, Shiva, Love, without reservation, the one who saw this Vision for all eternity, even as I Love all of mankind.

For this purpose of communicating my Love and this Vision-Message to the disciples and devotees of Premavatar Swami Vishwananda and any of mankind on Earth who resonate, I am requesting this Vision-Message be published on Mahavatar Babaji and Swami Vishwananda’s blog [ ] and the social networks, where appropriate. This message is to be shared freely.”

 –Shiva, the Transformer

Vision of Lord Shiva

After almost two years of playing hide-and-seek with me, I finally saw Him! – Lord Shiva!

Approximately two years ago I visited Mauritius with Premavatar Swami 
Vishwananda and an awakening happened inside me. During this last year, following my Mauritius visit, I very much have wished to see Lord Shiva. I began singing Shiva bhajans almost continuously [chanting the name of The Divine continuously as Swami Vishwananda teaches us]. Today [the day of the Vision] I left a building after finishing an errand, I was thinking about now I have my airline ticket to Swami Vishwananda’s ashram in Germany for Shivaratri 2013. As I walked along, I spontaneously said: “Shiva here I come!”

Returning home after my errand, I felt like resting in bed. Precipitously, a Vision appeared. Since Shivaratri is near, I have been singing Shiva bhajans continuously. While resting, I was not sleeping but in the in-between state of wakefulness and sleeping.

Vision Appeared
Shiva was sitting in the lotus yogic asana, high up in the air with the sea below Him. Lord Shiva began churning the sea and the sea began rising in circles around His form. As the sea continued to rise higher and higher, it became a turbulent, torrent of swirling, spiraling water mass. Once the sea water reached His face, the turmoil within the fast, spiraling, turmoil of water could strongly be felt.

At some point the turbulent water reached Shiva’s head, [one would fear a human being in this situation would soon be drowning], when, unexpectedly, the sea water began to softly flow like a fountain, peacefully and beautifully all around Shiva, this majestic, beautiful powerful God-in-form. In wonder and awe, I heard Lord Shiva say:

Lord Shiva Spoke
 “It’s like this with humanity, once they reach their peak
 [of turmoil, the way the world and humanity are today] 
things become peaceful again.” 

It became apparent that Lord Shiva was informing me,
and thereby all mankind, as He said:  

Now on Earth, the material world and humanity 
are at their peak of disturbance and all present
such developments will soon transform into positive
manifestations of good, and real hope for mankind.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Become One With The Creator - Swami Vishwananda

Premavatar Swami Vishwananda
Blessing Cloth Used in Darshan

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Behold, Sathya Is Coming


Mahavatar Babaji, The Immortal,

Rocks this world like a mother 
Rocking her children in the cradle of life.
The mirror He reflects to his roving hoards
Is likened unto Krishna and His Gopies
And the Cowherd Boys of yore . . .

And likened unto Christ and the five thousand

That He fed with two fishes and five loaves of bread . . .

And, also, likened unto Premavatar Swami Vishwananda,

Whom, in Sathya Truth . . .
Mahavatar and He are One. . .

He, who Ordained his Vaishnavi Swamis, both female and male . . .

And then country coordinators, He appointed one by one. . .

All these, Premavatar has entrusted with the

Sacred task of helping to gather the people
Whom He will take to The Divine. . .

Through time, all this we faithfully have recorded

For future time when there is No-Time,
Reflects the numerous lives
Each has lived in time, while waiting,
Unknowingly for most, for the time of No-Time,
The Sathya Age, the Golden Age of Truth

Ribbons of time flutter in the winds of lives spent 

In each lifetime of both hell and heaven on Earth.
Resonance with the brothers and sisters of Earth . . .
And above with the Gods in No-Time . . .
Revolves around this wheel of time and karmic patterns
Woven into the scheme of Time and No-Time,
Like a weaver places pieces of wool together
In a pattern that makes all the pieces of woolen thread
Into a carpet which looks like One . . . 
Circle, rectangle or square.

Water flows from the melting snow of the Himalayas

In springtime, where the heavenly multi-colored orchids 
Peek up from the freezing, glistening, white snow beneath,
Then runs down the mountains irrigating crops and 
Providing water for the populace along its way to the 
Great Sacred River Ganges,
Far, far, far away on the valley floor, remotely below.

In this way,  life is like the numerous droplets of water

That gather together into the rushing, gushing, torrent 
Of the Sacred Ganges River flowing throughout India,
Made whole from the melting snow of the Mighty Himalayas,
Standing as sentinels of Love from the Heart of the Divine 
Rushing up to the feet of Mahavatar Babaji’s children of Earth
To kiss their feet like the disciple kisses the feet of the Satguru 
In Sathya-Truth of devotion and Love.

“So it is my beloved children of Earth,” 
Says the Unfathomable Mahavatar BabajiOn this day of February 3, 2013 As time on Earth flows into the Sathya Age to come,That mysterious, magnificent promised age of No-Time,Ringing like church bells throughout All-Time . . .Sathya, Sathya, Sathya. . .Truth, truth, truth.

“Behold! Sathya is coming; be ready, my beloved children.”

By Mahavatar Babaji         


Friday, February 1, 2013

Podcast - Worthy of Love - Swami Vishwananda

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As a continuation of yesterday's initiative, here is another question presented during the most recent Satsang given by Sri Swami Vishwananda at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Swamiji's international centre in Germany, on the 25th of January.
In this question Swamiji discusses how one becomes truly worthy of the Lord. What quality must we cultivate more than any other? What can we do to help ourselves to attain this? Listen and find out!
Bhakti Marga (meaning path of devotion to God) stands for a family of individuals from all over the world who dedicate their life foremost to God. The main centre is located in Springen, Germany.
Sri Swami Vishwananda is a spiritual master from the island of Mauritius and founder of Bhakti Marga.
For more information visit