Friday, February 15, 2013

Vishwananda, Nithyananda, Mahavatar and More

Vishwananda Swami Premavatar
Nithyananda Swami Paramahamsa
Kumbh Mela 2013

Vishwananda - Vishnu | Nithyananda - Shiva
Christ The Redeemer | Mahavatar Babaji - The Supreme
                     and more

The frog . . . that one loved and kissed by the princess,
Who turns him into a Prince, is a fairy tale of old . . .
That is . . . if truth be told!

Ram, the Great Avatar of olden times, showed 
His love in a different way.
He, who was Divine from the first day One,
Both pulled the bow from its firm holding place and
Strung Shiva's bow when all others from
The kingdoms all around failed in their daring
To try and perform this mystical, maha feat.
This was Ram's dharma and the Divine Plan
Which no other on Earth could withstand, you see?

Krishna showed His Love when he reproduced himself
Into numerous Krishnas and danced the Rasa Lila with all
The Gopis, simultaneously, in His day and His time.

Christ played the role of The Sacrificial Lamb
Teaching: "No greater Love hath anyone
Than the one who would lay down one's life for another."
These roles the Great Ones play are dharmic examples
Of the Greatest Love of All. . .
That is Unconditional Love Divine
Which resides in the Heart of each and every one, 
OM and Amen. 

Mahavatar Babaji showed His Great Love for humankind
When He informed that he would stay with humanity
Throughout all the Yugas until all truly are set free.

Premavatar Swami Vishwananda, our Belove-ed One,
Shows His Love in each Darshan
When upon His Heart and bodily form
He takes some karma from everyone
Who stands before Him, whether they are
Pure in Heart or not!
He does His duty and His Mission on Earth
Opening Hearts to Love Divine.
Ah, what a Master, this One of the heavenly, beautiful
Face, and the sweetest, most lovely smile,
That makes the hardest Heart melt into His Divine
Eternity Eyes and Heart, forevermore and forevermore !

Nithyananda Swami Paramahamsa, Shiva Incarnate...
So it is written and so it is said,
Kalki Avatar or not, only God knows !
Ah . . . that Nataraja dance in Los Angeles,
The City of Angels, USA ! ! !
Never to be forgotten by the 15 or so, who
Were fortunate enough to be there with HIM !
Nithyananda, the Great Paramahamsa,
Forgive us please, but in a mundane sense,
Can be likened unto a glass sphere popcorn maker
When plugged into that called by man . . . elec-tri-ci -ty . . .
Therein, clearly can be seen the popcorn going
Pop, pop, pop . . . and . . . pop, pop, pop.
He, who through His very own TV Station,
And the contemporary phenomenon of
That the populace calls . . . YouTube,
Takes the Collective Consciousness of mankind,
Who so attune to His Vibration,
To the very Face of The Divine, ItSelf.
Like the popcorn maker, in the glass sphere of YouTube,
One can plainly see the Universal Divine Energy
Through the Catalyst spark, Nithyananda Paramahamsa Swamiji,
Watching His disciples . . .not going pop, pop, pop,
. . . but rather . . . they go . . .
Hop, hop hop and hop, hop, hop . . .
As can be enjoyed by both the YouTube populace-at-large
And the delightful, heart-warming, infectious, hearty laugh 
Of Shiva-Nithyananda, ItSelf !
Ah, what a Master, this Nithyananda,
And please do forgive us once again . . .
Sri Hollywood | Bollywood . . . OR . . .Lord Shiva Supreme, 
Each must know for him/her own Self ! OM, OM, OM !

So is the fate of mankind today in this day and time.
And do not mourn this time of great op-por-tun-i-ty,
When each must remember this Divine Love in His own Heart
And give up the illusion of human love, which is limited
And secretly wishes to believe the frog can turn into a prince,
And, thereby, become a great, wealthy, handsome and kingly man.
No! Indeed, man is called today by the Masters
To Be what he is designed to be, a spark of God ItSelf, you see !

Bless-ed Be, the Masters say.
And so it is that the winds blow where they may
As mankind perceives the wind only
From the movement it makes as it whirls on by and
Throughout the illusion of time
Until the Sathya Age to come.

When your time comes to pull Shiva's bow from
Its very strongly held and patiently waiting place,
And Vishnu,simultaneously, opens your heart to Love Divine,
And believe it . . . you-me . . . your time most surely will come,
Be like the Great Ram who knew like
The Christ: "The faith of the tiny mustard seed
Will move a great Himalayan Mountain
When you trust in The Divine with all your Heart 
And all your Divine Soul."
Amen and OM and OM Amen, Amen, Amen.

Like Krishna stealing the butter, we may see,
This poem is both "in fun" and Divine Love and Truth, per se.
Which means: "by itself" without consideration of
Outside factors . . .
For one of us wishes to be considered 
Lord Vishnu's Contemporary Mirabai, per se !

Mahavatar Babaji Mahabharata
Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

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