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Wisdom of Love

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Why Me Lord

Prema Avatar Sri Swami Vishwananda
In the Bible, Christ said: "If the Lord is giving the birds their food and is giving the ants their shelter, in His eyes do you need more?" God is ever looking after everybody. You have just to trust that He is looking after you. -Sri Swami Vishwananda

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji Tells a Story
Once there was a snake that lived in the Himalayas of India beside the Great Ganges Sacred River near a high mountain village. This snake knew his place in the life of the village and stayed within the boundaries of his given life. One day a small girl came to the Ganges close to where the snake lived. The snake became curious about this human person and watched from his secret place in the grass. The girl was about 9 years old. She decided to walk along the river’s edge. Then she waded out further and further and was suddenly swept away by the current. Managing to keep her head above water, she soon came to a large tree which had fallen into the river and then collected debris around itself forming a kind of barrier or island. The young girl grabbed hold of the tree and pulled herself up onto the little island. She sat there for a very long time as she was afraid of going back into the water for fear of being swept away and drowning in the strong current.

The snake had followed the girl along the banks of the river and suddenly he had a kind of inspiration from an unknown place in his being that he had never touched before. So, he went upstream along the banks of the river toward the village where he knew the people lived. He met a man coming along the river looking this way and that. Somehow, this new inspirational part of the snake blossomed into awareness that the man was looking for the girl sitting on the island in the Ganges River. So the snake slithered in front of the man and then went a little ways ahead. Then he slithered quickly in front of the man again and again until the man felt within his being that the snake seemed to be trying to tell him something. Being a simple man, he just felt this without any real explanation coming to him.

In this way the snake led the man to his daughter sitting on the tree out in the Ganges River. The happy and thankful father was able to swim to the girl and rescue her. This experience changed both the girl and her father forever. The girl became an instrument for the Divine through her evolved spiritual abilities that before had been dormant ready to be awakened in Diving Timing. This young girl began studying the ancient Veda’s of India and they very quickly became memories of spiritual texts that she had known before. In time as she grew older, she became a great Yogini. She inspired people of her village with her sudden awakening to higher light which had awakened into spiritual knowledge, wisdom and teaching.

Like this, life happens for everyone. The Divine gives countless opportunities for each one of you to awaken to your Divine nature. This happens naturally in the simple flow of life like in this little story. Your part to play is to be aware of these chances given to you by the Divine and then to take action in your life. Remember the material world will pass away but your consciousness, the Real Self is forever.

With love for you all,
I Am the Champion of the Whole Humanity
Mahavatar Babaji 
Mere Gurudev (My Gurudev)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mahavatar Babaji's Wisdom - Swami Video, Loving God

[There are] “so many questions in our minds concerning loving God.”  

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Guru Reveals Himself

Gurudev is allowing Swami Vishwalakshmianandama to offer Him the Ariti Light 
September 2012. And then some weeks later, he took me to a whole new level about 
the fear of offering Ariti.
This was to my chagrin, but to Swami 
and His devotees, it was hilarious.
But that is another story and simply the Guru doing his job!
At least I am happy to provide amusement for the Guru,
and especially at my ego’s expense – it’s an opportunity to learn something!

"Let the light flow through you, become the Self and realize it, and know that you are the Self, and that the Self is acting for you. And when the Self is acting for you, for sure everything will be perfect. There is no doubt of this with the power of trust you have in the mind. When you have this power of trust, this willpower, then you can create in the mind what you really want!"

-Swami Vishwananda

The Guru Reveals Himself
A true story by Swamini Vishwalakshminanda

The Navatri Celebration of the Hindu Tradition is in full-swing at Swami Vishwananda’s ashram, Shree Peetha Nilaya. The Divine Mother’s presence is more wonderfully surrounding us and entering the heart each night, tonight being the fifth night. Gurudev tells us the energy at pilgrimage places around the world build up to a high frequency from what we are commemorating there, itself, plus the loving, venerating energy the pilgrims leave there through the centuries.

Last Navatri at SPN, I was here also. During those weeks I was here Swami manifested a ring for me. Through the years, I would see a certain style of ring on a woman’s hand and think: “Well, one like that might be nice.” Then, as you know what the ego-mind is like, I would see the same ring on perhaps several different women who come from many countries to Swami. And at seeing many of the same rings, at some point, the desire-thought of ‘maybe that one would be nice’ would leave me. But I didn’t notice that at the time
In 2011 I designed a ring in my mind and thought that if Gurudev ever manifested another ring for me, I would like it to be a certain style and color. And, miraculously, one day during the weeks I was at SPN, which included Navatri, He said, “Give me your hand.” And then He manifested the very style and color of the ring I had imagined and placed it into my hand. Since it was precisely like the one I had designed in my mind, from sometime around Navatri, 2011 until a short time before Navatri 2012, I treasured, not the ring, itself, as much as I treasured the fact that “this ring is between Swami and me, and no one else has one like it because I designed this one and He took the design right out of my mind!” You see, I did not think this was from the ego, because truly, why should it bother me if Swami were to manifest a ring for every woman on Earth and it was different from all others and it was just between Gurudev and each woman individually. But then the ego is very clever and perhaps like me, you have noticed that the ego gets more and more subtle when you are sincerely on the spiritual path to freedom, the Divine.

The Guru’s job is taking the devotee, the disciple back to the Divine Unconditional Love in the heart, that place where God resides. Remember Christ said: “The Kingdom of God is Within!” The Guru takes His followers from darkness (ignorance) to Light (The Divine). Gurudev tells us that there is not a moment when He is not aware of His mission.

For a year Swami let me have this time of treasuring not the ring itself, but rather, that it was different from all the rest since He took the design right out of my mind and it was just between the two of us. But in the pleasure of my fulfilled desire, my ego slyly made me forget that Gurudev has the power to have placed that desire for that certain ring in my mind to see what I could learn from it. And even further than that, He may already have manifested rings like it around the world. In other words, His joke, or His lesson, He would reveal to be on my ego-mind.

So now it is Navatri 2012 and some weeks before this I came to SPN. At the first Darshan after I arrived, I was walking back to my seat and feeling very happy because I was seeing Gurudev in the physical for the first time in over a year. I think he might have smiled at me, like He does with everyone, but it makes you so happy, or perhaps he had said some little thing to me. At any rate, I was very happy and wanted to go sit quietly and enjoy this love connection with Him. Suddenly, a woman on an aisle seat reached out and grabbed my hand as I walked by, held up her own hand and said, “Swamiinieeeeeeeeeeee!, look, we have the same ring!

My ego-self was in shock, I went back to my seat and not to sit quietly now but to sit with my ego-mind in total confusion. After a few days passed, I realized that Swami gave me an even greater gift than the ring style that he took from my own mind. Gurudev revealed Himself as the perfect Satguru by taking away my ignorance (darkness) from the hidden desire for this ring that I designed myself, or so my ego thought.  Thereby, He took me to the Light (the Divine) through my detachment to the point that I can tell this story and laugh at myself along with the listener.

Remember in Autobiography of a Yogi when Mahavatar Babaji fulfilled Lahiri Mahasays’s long-forgotten desire to live in a golden palace? Since this was Lahiri's last desire, Babaji set Lahiri free at that time. Like that, when I saw the duplicate of “my ring my ego designed for me only,” Gurudev fulfilled his mission, at least for this ring manifestation, by taking me from my ignorance/darkness of my ego desire for a “different ring than all the rest” to realizing that He gave the greatest gift He can give through the illusion that the material ring really is in itself – He gave the Guru Mission of taking his devotees, his disciples from ignorance (darkness) to the Light (the Divine): Our beloved Swami Vishwananda took me from the desire for a different ring to detaching from both the ring itself and the hidden desire of having a ring that was “different” than all the rest.

Now I wear the ring, like at least one other person also wears, because He gave it and it serves as an energetic connection between Swami and my real Self which leaves the ego out of the equation. And I have to say: 'I dearly love Gurudev's impeccable and remarkably perfect Divine Timing'.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandma

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shree Shailaputri Devi - Navatri Day 1


Shree Shailaputri Devi destroys pride

Shailaputri is the first form of Durga. ‘Shaila’ is another name for the Himalayas, ‘Putri’ means ‘the daughter’. Shailaputri was born as the daughter of King Himavan, the Lord of the Mountains. She holds a trident in her right hand and a lotus in her left hand. She is mounted on an ox. She is the most powerful and glorified of all the nine forms of Durga. In the form of Shailaputri She destroys the pride of the Gods, which is none other than our own pride. (favorite Saree-colour: red)

Monday, October 15, 2012

How Do You Know This Inner Call

How do you know this inner call?

People have a house but they feel something is missing; they have this urge to know more. You buy one object after the other and you are not satisfied; there is always something lacking. This deep emptiness can be filled by everyone through the urge to know more. When you turn inwardly, you have this satisfaction inside yourself. One learns to observe and people feel it. When you take a decision in life, the first feeling you have is always the right one. But the mind comes and the reason tells you something else to do: “Oops, it was wrong.” The first feeling was right!

–Sri Swami Vishwananda

The Fullness of God-Realization

Presence of mind is being mindfully present to
Each water droplet that falls on your body-form,
Which comes with the first warm,
Refreshing shower of your God-given day.
Rainbows carry the seven colors of the
Spectrum of light woven into the scheme
Of Earth’s design and eternal plan.
Animals are present to each moment
As they know only that moment
In which they are living.
Humanity must become like that!
Life is lived in each present moment
And that is all the life you ever will live.

Energy of Love is all there is.
Things of material form come and go
But the energy of Love is eternal
And it has no beginning or end, you see?

A blade of grass waves in the wind
In the present moment of the viewer
And in the heart of God
Who knows all things, even such as
 When each small sparrow falls.

Let us trust in this God like a magnificent and  wondrous
Spiritual teacher recently said to me:
"Let's accept gifts of Light and His [The Divine's]
Blessing with an open heart and open intellect.
Let's keep in our hearts such Love, which has no
Boundaries and which includes
All Spiritual Teachers and Masters,
Behind which is one Light - Unity for all.
Let's accept the blessing which we receive on the levels
Of our physical and subtle bodies.
Thankfulness is an aspect which brings us to
Full realization of Paramatma [The Supreme Being - God].
It is not important to know who is helping us.
Let's be thankful to God for everything, because it's only
Him Who stands behind everything."

And, it is so that life is . . .
in the fullnessof God-Realization,
Oh Dearest Mankind.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Burning Karma Swami Vishwananda Video

All the exercises have been given for a reason [in Atma Kriya Yoga]; its not that they don’t contribute into that. But when we talk about the Main Kriya, we have to focus on that, the most important thing. -Swami Vishwananda

Friday, October 12, 2012


Remind yourself of the Divine continuously in whatever you are doing; that’s yoga. If somebody just meditates and prays to the outside only, without realizing that the Lord that they are praying to is seated inside of the heart of each being, then it’s of no use. -Sri Swami Vishwananda


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

Windsurfing Through Life
Mahavatar Babaji

Windsurfing brings the sea air, the physical prowess
And the human form into contact with the rig,
The sea water and the will of man.
Balance is the key to maintaining the sail’s proper balance
So that the person does not tip the rig and fall off
Into the water. 

Like that...Life is!
When the time comes to step into life and balance
The material world with the spiritual path,
Many fear that the life-balance will be so dangerously
Threatened that they will fall more deeply into the water,
That is the maya of this world and, thereby, become
Even more spiritually and materially off-balance.
In Truth, this is the state of most of humanity presently!

Actually, one should accept that imbalance is most often
unexpectedly and precisely what happens when one chooses
To follow the Spiritual Master, the Guru, who takes you from
Darkness (ignorance) into Light (unity with the divine).
The things and people in life, spiritually defined as attachments,
Must come unglued to the lifestream for one to become free.

Many times on the spiritual path, people and things come and go.
This is because in order to become free we must detach from the
Material things and people who bind us to the old ways of being
Where we Love conditionally. Then we move from the head, which
Rules conditionally, into the Heart where unconditional Love lives.

It is said: “Bloom where you are planted.” So, therefore, learn
To accept and detach from the material things and people
You cannot change to fit your new spiritually proper
Way of being and then simultaneously change the things
That need changing in your life which will set you
On the path of dominion, autonomy and sovereignty.
It is rightfully said, “Know thyself and be free!”

Mahavatar Babaji

Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. It consists of a board usually 2 to 3 meters long, with a volume of about 60 to 250 liters, powered by wind on a sail. The rig is connected to the board by a free-rotating universal joint and consists of a mast, 2-sidedboom sail. The sail area generally ranges from 2.5 m2 to 12. m2 depending on the conditions, the skill of the sailor and the type of windsurfing being undertaken.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Navaratri Tombola

Jai Guru Dev Friends and Family!

As every year, a raffle with many attractive prizes is taking place especially for Navaratri. By purchasing tickets for our Tombola, you will support the ongoing construction works in the Centre.

A partial opening can probably happen very soon, (Thanks for your help so far!) But in the meantime, there are still some things to do. According to our "Treasurer", in the last few months, very few or no donations were received.

Therefore, we ask you to please continue to help and to purchase many tombola tickets!

The English flyer can be seen in two seperate pages on the following links
Your Shree Peetha Nilaya / Bhakti Marga Team 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Saint From God's Point of View

What does it mean to be a Saint from God’s point of view? Well, I don’t think that God has a point of view of who is a Saint or not. A Saint does not depend on God’s point of view. It depends on each one’s point of view. Because, you see, it all depends on you, how much you long for Him.
-Sri Swami Vishwananda

What Does It Mean To Be A Saint

Monday, October 8, 2012

Once Upon a Time...Love...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FIRST Country Coordinator All-Devotee Event in Poland

(See Text Below Pictures)
Mahavatar Babaji Yagna
 Kalash Puja
 OM Healing
 Satsang Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama
Dakshesh Translating

Swami Vishwananda recently appointed Country Coordinators for each country he visits. Swami instructed the Country Coordinators to have at least one meeting a year for all devotees in their country. During September 29 and 30, the first such country meeting was held in Poland, near Warsaw. Perhaps now, other countries will be inspired to obey Swami’s wishes and follow Poland’s lead to begin to have at least one annual meeting of all Swami Vishwananda, Bhakti Marga devotees in their country. Dakshesh, Poland’s Country Coordinator gave a welcoming speech wherein he explained the Country Coordinator instructions of Gurudev.

Swami said, in the Country Coordinator’s instruction meeting, that he wishes each country to have a woman’s group, a youth group and a bhajan group. Gurudev said that the women devotees from each country should organize themselves into a group and choose a leader from among the group.
A Mahavatar Babaji Kalash Puja and Yagna were offered at the venue where this event was held near Warsaw, Poland in a lovely grove of giant elm trees, with acorns of the fall in progress, dropping all around. As one looked through the trees one could see a small lake nearby with wild ducks swimming around. This puja and yagna were beautifully offered by Dakshesh, Poland’s Country Coordinator, and his wife Lilivati. Also, an OM Healing was held each day.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama  offered a Satsang speaking about the Divine, Love, Swami Vishwananda, the Country Coordinator instructions of Swami, as explained by Dakshesh, and my spiritual experiences with Swami and Mahavatar. The questions also contained some about these spiritual experiences, which are within my dharma to speak about.
A lovely story from this event: There was a group of young children supervised by a nun, also on the grounds, where the event was held. A young child from this group would stroll by occasionally, followed by others one-by-one.  Eventually, the nun herself rode by on a bicycle to investigate. Perhaps she noticed the very beautiful altar arranged by some of the devotees with many long-stemmed roses, pictures of Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji. Also, beside the altar, there was a beautiful, life-sized photo of Swamiji which was taken in Warsaw last year and is portable by rolling smoothly into and out of a carrying tube and stand (also in clear view in the satsang picture). People brought their murtis of Babaji and placed them on the altar to be blessed by the puja and yagna. As often is the case when a Kalash puja is offered, it rained directly after the yagna was finished. Yagnas provide cleansing energy for miles or kilometers around which, in turn, brings a cleansing rain.