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Golden Lingam (Hiranyagarbha Lingam) Swami Vishwananda Births 11 30 09

Drishti Kindly Sent from Springen, this Photo of the GOLDEN LINGAM (Hiranyagarbha Lingam) that Gurudev Swami Vishwananda birthed today, November 30, 2009. It is Heart touching that it is with Babaji's Picture ! ! !

GOLDEN LINGAM (Hiranyagarbha Lingam) Gurudev Swami Vishwananda Births TODAY NOV 30, On Mahavatar Babaji's Celebration Day


Golden Lingam (Hiranyagarbha Lingam)

Dear friends, dear family – liebe Freunde, liebe Familie

Around 2 pm today November 30, 2009 on the Celebration Day of Mahavatar Babaji, Swamiji gave birth again to the Hiranyagarbha Lingam. It will remain with us till Midnight. Anyone is warmly welcome to receive its Darshan.

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In addition, you may want to read this interesting article, which was published a few months after the first Golden Lingam appeared in November 2005:

Honoring Mahavatar Babaji on His Celebration Day NOV-30

Mahavatar Babaji Mantra
OM Mahavatara Yavigmahe
Kriya Yogi Dheemahi
Tano Babaji Prachodayath

What entry on Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda Blog for Mahavatar Babaji’s Celebration Day will honor Him and the great blessing that He lovingly provides for those of us who connect with Him; I wondered in meditation? Many of us meditate with Him, do his Atma Kriya as taught by Swami Vishwananda, and we read His letters in this website. Unexpectedly and immediately, the Great Being of Love, Compassion and Humility that Mahavatar Babaji truly radiates, simply suggested that I give the following examples of His Teachings.

Mahavatar Teaches (Etheric Energetic Form) conjointly with Swami Vishwananda in His Atma Kriya Initiations and OM Healing Circles. Babaji recently transmitted the following:

The Sound of OM
"Future flowers like the eternal rose will flourish in tune with the harmony to come worldwide. Likewise, man will bloom like the rose within his heart space wherein harmony resonates to the sound of OM, the creative force. Let it be so, that the OM Healing Circles of Swami Vishwananda radiate the sound of OM into the Earth's energetic grid system helping establish harmony in now time.

Atma Kriya
So it is that in the present age of Kali Yuga the Divine has given Kriya meditation as a vehicle capable of raising one's consciousness into higher levels of vibration. Now is such a time when Kriya will take one to the heights of the Gods as has been recorded in scriptures left on this planet by the Gods who come to live among man to assist in his awakening in each age. -Babaji Link:

Swami Vishwananda giving arati to Mahavatar Babaji Murti
In the Babaji Cave at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Springen, Germany

Babaji communicated that the following excerpt from a story that Swami Vishwananda recently told demonstrates the value, the blessing, and the eternal resonance of the heart and soul between the Guru and the disciple. A disciple is one who is loyal and devoted to the Guru, no matter what!

Swami Vishwananda’s tells the following Story: Once there was a man. He was always searching for his Sadguru. So he went everywhere, and he met many masters, but yet his heart was not satisfied. He asked a holy saint once what to do about this. The saint told him, “On that mountain you see ahead, many holy men live there. Take two twigs from the mango tree, and say to each of the holy men, “Tell me dear Sir, to which tree do these twigs belong?" And no matter what tree they say the twigs belong, you say they are from the pipil tree. If there is a Satguru among them, when you say the twigs are from the pipil tree, he will say, “Yes, the twigs may be from the pipil tree.”

The man invited all the holy men to his place and prepared a feast for them and treated them like beloved honoured guests. The man showed the holy men the twigs of the mango tree and asked each of them, “Dear Sir, tell me to which tree do these twigs belong? Name the tree.” One after another, the holy men all looked at the twigs and said “The twigs are from the mango tree.” As instructed by the saint, the man said each time, “No, the twigs are from a pipil tree! And the holy men, one after another, became angry and said, “No, the twigs are from the mango tree!” And then the man, who was searching for his Satgugu, asked the same question of the last holy man who was sitting by himself, quietly eating his food.

Swami Vishwananda tells the end of the story like this: “This last saint, who was a true Satguru, said: Well, it can be possible that the twigs are from a pipil tree.” Very calmly and very serenely, with a smile, the Satguru said this. You see, the quality of calmness is very important. How can a Master guide, if he is not calm? And this is the greatness of a Satguru; no matter what happens, he will always stay calm.”

Mahavatar Babaji is Swami Vishwananda’s Guru!


From Unity With the Divine, Babaji’s transmittted
book to his disciple, Utpalavati:

Forty Day Meditation:

For forty days consecutively, I invite you to rest awhile in quietness as I lead you in meditation to attune you to my vibration. Therein, only Divine Light registers upon any third dimensional instrument that presently has the capacity to identify vibration or movement of light upon the sound and material waves which comprise the elements of matter or form.

My invitation requests that you meditate with me rather than on me. At any time after the first of the forty days following the meditation given below, you may feel free to attune to my vibration quickly. Simply focus on the third eye briefly and see me in your heart chakra taking only a few seconds and I will be with you. You will know what timing is best for you. Also you may invoke as many spiritual teachers as you please along with my vibration.

One: Sit at your altar or in a place of solitude and quietness with your spine straight, even if sitting in a chair. If you can sit in the yogic posture, please do so, but it is necessary only that your spine be straight.

Two: Close your eyes and focus your physical eyes and attention on the Ajna chakra or third eye. Allow your mind to have any thought it wants to bring into your awareness and do not hold onto the thought. Simply allow thoughts to come and pass effortlessly out of your consciousness like a traveling cloud on a beautiful and quite summer’s day.

Three: When your mind is stilled somewhat, gently move your awareness to the heart chakra and then focus your consciousness into the spiritual heart which lies in the vicinity of the physical heart.

Four: Know, feel or see a sphere of light in the spiritual heart and take your time to nurture the light through feeling your connection with my vibration.

Five: See me sitting in yogic posture in the middle of the light in your heart center. However you are aware of me is how it is for you and there is no right or wrong. I may appear to you as vibration, light, or physical form or as you wish.

Six: Many of you will see my form as it has been presented to you through various picture reproductions from those whom I have chosen to come into contact with me in the Himalayas. It is all good.

Seven: I now hand you a tulsi leaf, holy basil, which is not physical, but simply is a vibration of light which I use as a symbolic gesture of friendship now as we meditate together. Meditate with me for 10 minutes minimum and optimally one hour or longer each day for 40 consecutive days. If you choose, it would please me greatly if you meditate one hour or longer each of the forty days.

Eight: I have projected Atma Kriya into your world in golden ray techniques of light through the teaching of Swami Vishwananda. Those of you who have taken the Atma Kriya Initiation and are practicing it may incorporate this time of meditation with me into your regular practice by using 10 minutes minimally of that time for this method.

Nine: I send my love to you eternally. I am at your service and await you at the time of your decision to sit with me in meditation ten minutes or one hour and more for forty successive days. —Babaji

Those of you who have not taken the Kriya Initiation that Swami Vishwananda gifts mankind, I invite you at the end of the forty days of meditation with me to read Appendices I and II of these epistles and determine if Atma Kriya is the path you wish to follow. (Unity With The Divine)

Note: It is not necessary to obtain a copy of Babaji's book to find information about Atma Kriya - Link: Pertaining to Mahavatar's invitation herein: Babaji says He will be with each of you who diligently practice the meditation for forty consecutive days. And just do it, those of you who are guided, you don’t need to concern yourself about if you are doing it correctly or not. Babaji will be with you and there really is no right or wrong way and these instructions are only His guide! -Utpalavati

Unity With The Divine, Babaji’s book, English Version
Available at:

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God is Fair - He Always Gives

During a Satsang Swami Vishwananda was asked: "We say God is fair, then why is it that we see good people suffering and bad people happy in their lives?"

Swami Vishwananda in India healing baby in Bhakti Marga’s
1st Free Medical Camp May 2006
Swami’s response: Each person born brings karma with him into this world, and thereby each has a certain destiny. When someone is doing bad things and is thinking that is the reality, do you think he will want God? It will be greatly difficult for this person to move away from all those things and realize God. Whereas good people who are always suffering, continuously focus on God and pray, “Oh God, please make my suffering go away.”

Do you know Krishna? He’s next to Jesus (Krishna came in the linage of the Great Masters and Jesus came next). Krishna lived about 5000 years ago. Similarly, the Hindus have Krishna and the Christians have Jesus. Krishna had an aunt named, Ghandari. There came a time when there was a big war in which all the sons of his aunt were killed. After that event, Krishna came to his aunt and said, “What do you want?” Do you know what she answered? “My Lord, give me many problems so that I always will remember you.” So, when people have everything and are always happy, they forget about God. But when problems arise again in the life, they run again to seek the Divine help. As you said, “God is fair,” and He always gives.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Letter from Babaji: You also are Immortal

Babaji appeared and handed me a seashell, shiny and with brown spots scattered across its convex surface. As I look at its simple and perfect form and beauty, Babaji Says: I will show you something. He instructs me to place a certain paragraph on VBV today excerpted from the story Swami told recently of his cousin seeing the Nine Forms of Durga, Divine Mother. -Utpalavati

[Paragraph Babaji instructed we place here] Swami Vishwananda: You don’t know when the Divine will come to you and which form the Divine will take. We think in our mind that the Divine has to come only in the form that we imagine. No, the Divine will rarely come in that form. In your inner self, your heart shall recognize the Divine Mother. So many times I have seen the Divine coming in different forms. And when I was ready to act, She stopped me and said “Keep quiet.” And this connection that we all have to God should be there. It’s not a connection with your mind, that is trying to understand always, but the heart to heart connection to the Divine. You heart, your consciousness will know about the Divine. So every day, you do have Darshan of God. "

Mahavatar Babaji: Divine Beings, albeit in disguise, when the Earth was formed in its beginning without end, the Divine Sound of OM resonated throughout creation that also was erupting like a volcano of friction, spark and fire. The intensive fire-heat of the creative force brought forth upon this land the creatures and all the life you perceive in its infinite variety. And so it is.

When time is no more as you know it, still the pattern of creation’s force will exist in the ethers ready to spring forth in newness of life evermore. This simple seashell held in the hand of my co-worker has a life of its own, and simultaneously is connected to the Divine pattern of all life. Coming from the great ocean which spawns life in different variety than the land you know, it gives its lifeforce to return to the greater awareness when it leaves the ocean for the shore, the land. And so it is that we all are connected to the Creative Force in a never-ending chain of events and styles of form.

Let it be said, my dear Internet friends, that you be ones who recognize the Divine in everything, in all thoughts and in all of your actions. Where does the Divine Live? There is nothing that is not Divine. And even in the “nothingness, the void,” therein the Divine resides also. So in the brown “eyes of the seashell” rests the pattern for the whole of creation. In your eyes also is eternity. You may ask, why then do I only see eternity in the eyes of my Guru and not in my own eyes or those of others I know and see? It is simple! You must develop the “eyes of the heart” as Swami Vishwananda teaches you. Become a reservoir of knowledge and Divine Love. See the Divine in the all, and you will be as free as your Guru is free to reveal eternity to others in the versatility of the Creative Force of nature, of sinew, of blood and bones and of the Divine immortal souls of all mankind.

I am Babaji, Immortal, even as you are Immortal, dear Internet friends—that is in the greater sense of the word.

Note: Virtual Babaji Blog of November 17, 2009 published a picture of Babaji along with the letter he transmitted. The picture was very familiar (the face) but the hair was different. I, Utpalavati, thought I had seen it on the endless pages of information about Babaji on the Internet (probably because of the face being so familiar). I apologize that I did not actually check this out! Apparently someone, with good intent, had worked with the familiar photo we have of Babaji in photoshop and Emailed it to some of us. So please dispose of any copies you may have made of that photo of Babaji we published November 17, 2009. We have replaced the photo on that VBV entry with the one below which comes from Swamiji in Springen.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Here I Am

Swami Vishwananda: Meditate and sing the name of God. There are many ways you can reach the light. Like all the rivers flow back to the same ocean, the same is within all of you. All of you will flow back to the same ocean.

Do you want liberation? Make liberation strong in your mind. Make it strong deep inside your heart. Let it reach fulfillment outside. You are this light. And you all can merge back into this light. You have to want it very, very strongly. It has to be the most important thing in your life.

One day you will surrender completely, saying, “Open my heart. Here I am; I surrender to You. My body, mind and soul are Yours! Do whatever you want to do." First you should realize love for your own self. Start loving yourself but not in an egotistic way. Some people think loving one’s self is very egoistic. To love the Self is not to love the body. Loving one’s self is transcending the physical aspect. Through love, you will develop trust and patience. If you have these three: love, trust and patience, you have everything else.

And one day you will surrender completely!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Everything Originates With God

Swami Vishwananda: People offer a lot of things to please God, such as big, big things on the outside. Everything originates with God and therefore is from Him. It is God who gives.
We are just taking what is given by Him, and then offering it back to Him. Whereas, this love, which we have inside is also Him. But it’s upon us to develop it or not; it’s upon us how we handle it.

We can go and do service on the outside. We can give to many organizations that buy a lot of things and give them to the poor countries. Does it mean that this is service? You can always put a hundred Euros every month aside, and give it to an organization account saying, “That’s service.” But the moment the money is gone, you don’t even know what is happening with what you have given.

When you yourself go and participate in the actual service work, it creates joy for you. And that’s the joy that God wants you to develop. People say, “Yes, but I don’t have time to go and serve.” In the mind when you talk about service, people think that you have to go to India or to Africa to serve. But here where you live, your neighbor is dying or the neighbor by your side is hungry. You’re thinking of India but you may see the same road everywhere. Offer from deep within your heart the flowers that you have inside. Offer it to Him. In this way, you don’t even need to sit to pray because He always will be with you.So, open up your heart. And serve whenever you can. Help whenever you can. Service starts near and around you.

From Utpalavati With Love: Gurudev did not have this in His talk, but a reader suggested it and it is timeless truth. St. Paul wrote in His First Epistle to the Corinthians: l CORINTHIANS 13:4-8

Love is patient,
Love is kind and is not jealous;
Love does not brag and is not arrogant,
Does not act unbecomingly;
It does not seek its own,
Is not provoked,
Does not take into account a wrong suffered,
Does not rejoice in unrighteousness,
But rejoices with the truth;
Bears all things,
Believes all things,
Hopes all things,
Endures all things.
Love never fails.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wake Up

Swami Vishwananda: We identify ourselves very much with the body and the mind. The rest of the power inside us remains in silence. It remains sleepy.Do you want to wake it up? Do you really want it or not? You think you are not sure about it. It’s when you really want something that you must have the power to say, “Yes, I want it!” Not only, “Maybe I want it, maybe I don’t want it.” Because then you are not sure about what you really want. In one way human beings want realization, they want God. In another way they say, “If I have the complete realization of God, will I stay the same? Will I see the world in the same way?” But with this way of thinking it will never happen. Try as much as you want.

Let it be said: “You can’t serve two masters at a time!” You can’t have the complete realization of God and at the same time say that you want the material world. I tell you something: in the completeness, in the Divine consciousness, everything is present. Where else than in the mere mind of man can one just see what these two eyes perceive? On one hand there is everything and everything means also the material part. On the other hand there is just the material part and illusion. You meet people, they try to see what is beautiful, and they get attached to it and keep it. It’s our own happiness that arises in our life, from deep within where we receive the goal. But something is missing; it is not complete.

Swami Vishwananda in Rishikish, India 2008
Speaking o
n Divine Love

You think, “Now I have gotten this beautiful thing that I desired so much. Now that I have it, I don’t have the same love for it. I don’t have the same enthusiasm about it.” What does the mind do? The mind tries to find something else to hold onto, but as long as man tries to hold onto a material thing, he will always stay on the material level. If you turn inward and focus on the Divine within the Self you will feel great happiness and great joy. But for that you should secure your faith.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Narasimha - Man's Protector-Destroyer of Evil Forces

Narasimha: Part Man - Part Lion Incarnation of Vishnu-Narayana, The Supreme Lord"Only our ego becomes frightened of Narasimha but for the part of us that is love, that part that loves God, a great attraction is felt and gratitude is felt for His strength and protection.”

Narasimha was the fourth incarnation of Vishnu, an incarnation in some ways quite distinct from the other incarnations. Usually Vishnu incarnates for all of mankind to set right some dharmic imbalance, when righteousness is on the decline and ignorance and violence have taken over. In the case of Narasimha the main reason for his manifestation, was out of love for the sweet child devotee Prahlad. That God came for one sincere devotee is the unique aspect of Narasimha’s incarnation.

Narasimha’s story is told in the Srimad Bhagavatam, Sri Vishnu Purana, Padma Purana, and the Narasimha Upapurana. Once the four great sages, Sanandana and his brothers, went to Vishnu’s abode in Vaikuntha to pay their respect to him. The four were the first sons of Brahma, who had created them so they could be the progenitors of all mankind, but the boys refused and sat only in meditation, because of which they remained ever young and like young boys.

Due to their youthful appearance the gatekeepers of Vaikuntha – Jaya and Vijaya, did not recognize them and refused to let them in. The sages cursed them that they should lose their place in heaven forever and be sent to earth. The gatekeepers were so upset they ran to Vishnu and asked him to remove the curse. Vishnu said he could not do that, but he would give them a choice, they could be reborn one hundred times as good devotees of his, or they could be reborn three times as asuras who hated him and he would descend to earth personally to destroy them.

The gatekeepers immediately chose the latter option because they would return more quickly, with the added bonus of being killed by God himself, which would ensure liberation. Their first births were as Hiranyaaksha and Hiranyakasipu, whom Narasimha killed, in the next birth they were Ravana and Kumbhakarna, whom Rama killed, and the last birth they were born as Sisupaala and Dantavaktra, whom Krishna killed.

Hiranyaaksha and Hiranyakasipu were born as powerful asuras. At one point Hiranyaaksha took Mother Earth herself and pulled her down under the ocean. To free Mother Earth Vishnu took the form of a boar, Varaha, his third incarnation, and killed the demon, finally holding Mother Earth above water on his tusks. From then on Hiranyakasipu nursed a great hatred for Vishnu, because he had slain his brother. In order to obtain great siddhis he performed severe austerities and meditated for 25,000 years. The earth and heavens were being scorched by his penance and Brahma came to see Hiranyakasipu and told him to ask for whatever boon he wanted.

Hiranyakasipu asked that he should not be killed by any of God's created beings, nor be killed in the air or on the ground, nor slain at night or day, by man or beast or by any weapons. His boon was granted, and from that day Hiranyakasipu set out to put heaven and earth under his dominion. He threw out the Gods from heaven and sat on Indra’s throne. On earth he ordered that people doing spiritual practices should be killed and established that all negative acts be rewarded and all good acts be punished. However, to this great embodiment of asuric qualities was born a son named Prahlad. From his very birth Prahlad was a great devotee of God, he would sit as if dumb, with his eyes half closed while tears streamed down his face while thinking of God.

Hiranyakasipu thought that he should be sent to the gurus of the asuric race to learn the good demon ways. But, every time that Prahlad came back and was asked by his father what he had learned he would say things like, “I learned that all beings who suffer under the false ego of “I” and “mine” should go to the woods and meditate on Vishnu, the Supreme”. Hiranyakasipu was furious and scolded his son saying, “how can you say that Vishnu is supreme, I am the greatest, I am the most powerful. All the three worlds are under my control”. Hiranyakasipu sent Prahlad back several times to learn the proper ways of the asuras, but it never worked.

Finally, enraged, Hiranyakasipu ordered his guards to kill his own son. They tried to kill him in many ways, by fire, by poisoning, by drowning, by weapons, but every time he came out unscathed. Hiranyakasipu then confronted his son himself. He drew his sword and was coming to cut his son’s head off while saying “Why do you say your God is all powerful and everywhere? If he is everywhere, is he in this pillar”? As he said this he struck a stone pillar.

At that moment a huge sound split the air and out of the pillar emerged Narasimha, with the body of a man and the head of a lion. Narasimha, in a furious, unstoppable rage grabbed Hiranyakasipu, pulled him to his lap, tore open Hiranyakasipu’s body with his claws and garlanded his own neck with the asura’s intestines. It was all over in a few seconds. Narasimha, who was neither man nor beast, killed Hiranyakasipu on his lap, which was neither on the ground nor in the air. He came out of an inanimate pillar and the time was during twilight, neither night nor day, and he killed him with his claws, not a weapon. Thus, the demon’s boon was circumvented.

Everybody was scared, no one dared approach Narasimha, so fierce was his form. But his great devotee prostrated at Narasimha’s feet. The Lord lovingly picked up Prahlad and at Narasimha’s touch Prahlad had all sense of remaining egotism erased and attained self-knowledge. Narasimha then installed Prahlad as king and returned to Vaikuntha. His appearance on earth very short, but intense.

So who is Hiranyakasipu? He is only the ignorant ego. The ego that thinks it can do anything it wants, it thinks it is all powerful, it thinks that it is God, or even greater than God. Surely we are all God, but the ego is not. The ego tries to take that for itself. The ego even goes to the extent of trying to crush that which is good and pure, Prahlad symbolises love, devotion, surrender and all good qualities. The part of us that knows the highest truth and wants to serve that and become that.

But how does that small part of us grow? We are constantly being harassed by the demon ego, Hiranyakasipu. Moved by compassion, God himself comes and destroys that thing that has caused us so many problems – the ego!

The word asura is usually translated into English as demon. However in Sanskrit “sura” means intelligent or learned, “a” means not. So, asura means ignorant. In fact, many of the asuras were very accomplished. Ravana was a master of the veena, and Hiranyakasipu was capable of intense meditation. Also the brothers were the gatekeepers of Vishnu in Vaikuntha, and they voluntarily chose to be enemies of Vishnu so they would return in three births instead of one hundred. These are not qualities usually associated with demons as we think of them in the West.

Some people’s reaction to Narasimha is that he is violent and terrifying, but if you see him as your protector, as a destroyer of hostile forces trying to harm you, how could you feel that way? If you identify yourself as Hiranyakasipu, then you will feel fear. However, if you identify with Prahlad you will only feel God’s compassion everywhere and in everything. Narasimha’s action was really a burst of compassion, not of violence. Only our ego becomes frightened of Narasimha but for the part of us that is love, that loves God, a great attraction is felt and gratitude is felt for his strength and protection.”

Note: This version of the Narasimha story was sent to us by one of Gurudev's Polish devotees. It was published on the Polish Blog around the time Swami was in Poland last week.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Darshan Springen Saturday Night

Swami Vishwananda at Darshan, November 21, 2009 Swami Vishwananda held Darshan at Springen Saturday night. One devotee who was at Gurudev’s Darshan Emailed: “We had a beautiful Darshan, as always, with some truly nice bhajans and kirtan. Guruji was resplendent in robin's-egg blue brocade. Blues are his best colour, I think! [sorry for the Divine Mother sentiment all you guys out there]. Some Croatians came to Springen having driven 22 hours just for the Darshan!"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Questions Concerning Loving God Recording

Dharmananda, a friend of Gurudev and a professional musician, arranged one of Swami's talks to music. You may listen to Swami's wonderful talk on "Questions Concerning Loving God" by clicking on the link below:

Often we ask the question, "Why can't we just love God?" Actually, to love God is the most simple thing you can do. But yet, the mind always asks questions. There is such a love that you are just loving without knowing why you are loving. And in such love you are loving God. -Swami Vishwananda

"So many questions" (Click on link to hear music and Swami Vishwananda's talk.)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Letter from Babaji - Photos Darshan Gdansk Poland

Swami Vishwananda in Gdansk Poland







Baby in

Praying to
Mother Mary

To Saint

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji

Greetings one and all: I am Babaji of the honored tradition of the sages of the High Himalayas. I come in peace and gratitude to the ones who carry my message of Living Light to those of you in present day who wish to advance into light body. From time immemorial, I have rested my feet and soul here in the high regions of Earth’s Himalayas. Do you think it is possible for God to be grateful?

When the mind filters language, any language, from the Ethers as this one does now taking my dictation, it must be purified through the fires of life to be a pure and receptive vahana for thoughts or words which come from the Source. Still, the minds of those reading such words and language must filter the messages of truth and apply them to the lifeforce which is encased in the individual physical form at any given time.

Then let it be that those of you who resonate with my words and with my truth, in this form, continue to progress into light through diligent sadhana. Take account of your assets and liabilities in an honest tally of how it is you spend your days. Choose the Higher Light way. I come to you continuously to encourage you and inspire you to grasp the golden ladder as Jacob did in his dream as written in the Christian Bible. Read that story and comprehend what the dream actually meant in Jacob’s day. In the same way as you interpret Jacob's story, dare to interpret your own life story and what has brought you to reading on the contemporary Internet, in conjunction with ancient scriptures, in order to sustain and nurture your spiritual energies and attainments into light.

So let it be that I come to you who are willing to work, to engage in sadhana and make room and time for going within your heart of hearts as you read my words in this language and on this day and at this time. Let it be that you connect with higher vibrations such as Swami Vishwananda continually pours forth in his darshans, his Atma Kriya teachings and all the spiritual activities he makes available to you who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Let the Christ of modern day lead you to understanding that Divine Love remembered is simply the absence of fear. And embrace that truth in your meditations and in your life in everything, in every thought, in every action, in every word, and in every language. [Reference today's post at for an excerpt of Swami Vishwananda's talk on "Love is the Absence of Fear."]

We write these things, not to inflate anyone's ego or pride; we write to share from our hearts and to provide a teaching tool for those resonating hearts who read this vahana.

So let it be, my dearest Internet friends. I am Babaji and I come in truth and light. Amen and OM.

From Utpalavati with Love: Last night, I was listening once again, for the countless time, to Ben Kingsley reading the 33rd chapter of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi entitled Babaji, Yogi Christ of Modern India. Since meeting Swami Vishwananda in March of 2006, I go to sleep most nights listening to that chapter. I do not know exactly why that is! However, last night as I was listening, a beautiful young man with long dark hair and beautiful face with black mustache, somewhat in shadow and not totally distinguishable appeared in my Inner Vision. He was dressed completely in black. I knew him, and yet I could not readily remember from where I knew him.
I clearly knew that he was a light being and I wondered, how is it that such a one is dressed in black? As I had that thought, the man seemed amused and smiled broadly as he crossed his arms across his chest. I thought, well, that gesture means that whoever he may be is standing firm on something! Yet, when I asked him: ’Who are you?’ he would not say a word.

The mysterious, but familiar figure, just stood there smiling for the longest time as Ben Kingsley continued reading Chapter 33 on the playing CD. My mind tried to use logic: black clothes, mustache, etc., who is he? I know him. From where do I know him? And that smile, I know it well. Why can’’t I remember? Like that my mind went on for at least 10 minutes. Finally I just dropped my mind and “felt” who he was and the realization came instantly: I knew then that the man was Babaji in disguise and shadow, and he was just playing a game and finding it amusing that after all this time I did not recognize his vibration in the shadows he had placed around himself. Actually, when I realized the Mysterious figure was Babaji, I felt about five years old. And I wondered if this is the spiritual teacher version of hide-and-seek like we play with our children. And isn't it delightful, none-the-less? And, I am ready to grow up; how about you?

Only when I realized who he was did Babaji speak. He requested I take his dictation, and we have printed above Babaji's Letter.

Hmmmmmmmmm. . .Gurudev arriving in Gdansk,
Dressed in black, hands folded across chest,
Smiling. . .Hmmmmmmmmm

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jay Gurudev from Gdansk (Danzig) Poland

Gurudev's Darshan Yesterday, Thursday
Gdansk (Danzig) Poland -- Pictures To Come Later
Today, Below Picture - Autumn Sunset at Gurudev's Springen Center

Dakshesh kindly sent us an email sharing the joy and blessing of Gurudev's Darshan in Gdansk (Danzig) Poland yesterday. We share it with you below:

Jay Gurudev from beautiful, sunny and warm Gdansk (Danzig) Poland:

Yesterday Guruji (Swami Vishwananda) had His first ever Darshan in Gdansk. We started shortly before 8 pm and finished around 0.30 am. It wasn’t as long as in Warsaw but still some 500 people attended. The Darshan was shorter, but really different than in Warsaw. Most of the people came for the first time, but yet they all clapped their hands, sang bhajans with us and had really great fun. During the Darshan Guruji asked Pramod to lead OM Healing and we formed 2 big circles. For 45 minutes there were no bhajans but only Ommmmmm, Ommmmmm, Ommmmmm, and Angels joining in singing (yes, some claim that they heard Their voices).

After Guruji finished the Darshan, as it was just after midnight, Guruji greeted the new day by singing several beautiful bhajans which turned into a kirtan. Everybody who was still in the hall joined in and started singing, dancing and jumping to the sky!After the Darshan Guruji said that the Darshan was nice. He really liked it, and wanted to come back to Gdansk.

And, again, “Unity with the Divine” was the best seller. I am waiting for some pictures from yesterday and I’ll send them asap.

Much love from Gdansk. Dakshesh

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Swami Vishwavijayananda with Swami Vishwananda

Note: Gurudev in Warsaw, Poland [From Drishti in Springen]
Two days ago Gurudev Swami Vishwananda had a Darshan in Warsaw, Poland with about 900 guests attending. It lasted until 3 o'clock in the morning. Yesterday, Swamiji did a Kailash Puja in the Narashimha Temple. See pictures of the Warsaw Narashimha Temple on Flickr: Today Gurudev and group traveling with him fly to Danzig for Darshan tonight.

Swami Vishwavijayananda in Mauritius in 1999 with the then 21-year old, Swami Vishwananda, tells the following divine story: During my stay in Mauritius in 1999, I was alone with Swami Vishwananda in his room and we were talking. Suddenly he lifted his eyes and they stayed fixed at a point at the top of the wall. I quickly ran to get my camera which was in another room.

When I came back Swami’s arms were open and he fell straight on his bed with his eyes still focusing on the apparition he was seeing. Blood started to flow from the palms of his hands and from his feet. The ecstasy lasted half an hour.

When Swami regained consciousness, he had to rest lying on his bed. I gave him some water and when he sat down I could see the letters JHS were written in blood on his pillow.

(JHS: The symbol, derived from the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus is transliterated as JHS)

(Stigmata: marks on the hands and feet resembling the wounds from Jesus Christ's crucifixion)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Light Is Yourself

Image of Light Around Human Finger
Swami Vishwananda: Nature is doing its work and man can learn so much from nature; you can learn even from a rose. The rose is not expecting anything, but what do humans do? Instead of putting their lives into right action, humans are wasting time, expecting always and bringing misery on themselves. And then what do people say? “Oh God! Why do you send misery to me? I have always been well with you. I remember you always.” But on the other hand, people are always expecting.

In this game that humanity is playing, people forget about their true nature. They forget about why they are here, and they like it, you know. They like to say, “Oh, I’m the poor one!” They don’t say, “I am the Divine, I am the creator of everything.” They like hanging around for the future, for what is to come in the future or what has been done in the past, they keep bringing it up all the time. Do you think this will bring happiness to humankind? No! This choice of behavior will bring only misery.

Swami Vishwananda
Even when people sit for meditation most expect to see some light, to see God in front of them. But I tell you, even this is an expectation and with this expectation in the mind, you will never see the light; you will never see the Divine. Only when you let yourself say, “God, I have tried everything and now I completely abandon myself to You along with all my expectations.” Then, you will see the light. The light will reveal itself to you because the light is yourself.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji

Jagadguru Mahavatar Babaji Mahavatar Babaji: “May you fulfill your heart’s desire to experience the Divine facets of creation through conscientiously following life experiences, one by one, to the fullness of completion — Unity With The Divine.”

Babaji says today: My dear Internet friends let it be so that you realize that the loneliness you feel will never be eradicated until you reach the state of consciousness that is known as surrendering or merging with The Divine! Know ye that at one time on this great and beautiful jewel called Earth that state of being did indeed exist. What happened to the pristine creation of God the Father Mother? It is simple. Humanity in its devotion to the ‘I’ or the ‘ego’ came to know of himself as the creator without remembering that creation on Earth is a co-creation between the Creator and the human being. In other words, the illusion of separation from the Oneness, the Divine Supreme Being came about. And that known as loneliness came to be experienced within the mind and physical emotions of man.

My Dear Friends let it be so that you are one who will help remedy this situation that is a great part or the main component of the self-created chaos on this once balanced planet! Let you be one that connects back into the oneness of the One, The Divine. How? Know that with Swami Vishwananda as your spiritual teacher, you have the opportunity every day to move closer and closer to the remembrance of Oneness. He offers you the Divine Tools that have the potential to take you home to Oneness! And you have His Grace! Accept the Grace He gives so freely: Do the Atma Kriya meditation He teaches, pray, study the lives of the saints He brings to your attention, and follow in His footsteps into Divine Ecstasy. You may have it also, and you are blessed to have the Grace and Divine Love He showers upon the heads and hearts of those who are receptive. For you all know that it is your receptivity, your open Heart that allows Grace to descend upon you.

At the cross of Christ Jesus, there was only one disciple and Mary Magdalene. Why? The others had not surrendered completely to The Divine, The Oneness, that is all! All the disciples, your ancestors of Earth, were prenatally blessed for their role in that Earth drama. And they each played it as the Divine willed. What happened after the Cross? Jesus resurrected, became in front of their eyes, A Divine Light Body. Why? To show the generations to come, you, that “As I Am, so are you!

Swami Vishwananda is your living example of that Divine Principle, an Enlightened Master. He is in Light Body in Darshan, appearing physical. And you all know it, those of you who Love and who have opened your hearts. My dear chelas take the cup that is offered to you by your spiritual teacher and drink of the fruit of the Divine Vine, the nectar of the Gods, that your teacher brings from realms that the human mind can imagine only! You are truly loved and you are Divinely Blessed. So, let it be.
I go in peace. -Babaji

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Evening At the Opera With Swamiji

On this special impromptu evening at
Springen Center with Swamiji, we celebrated
Dharmananda’s Birthday (Nov. 14)
As a group of us were walking from the chapel on our way to dinner, Swamiji came up to Vishnupriya and handed her a bowl of flowers. Swami informed her that it was Dharmananda’s birthday and that now we would celebrate it. When we reached the reception area, surprising everyone, Gurudev suddenly turned and looked at Dharmananda and sang in a operatic, high soprano voice: “Ittttttttttttt Isssssssssssssss Yourrrrrrr Birthdayyyyyyyyyy. Dharmananda, being a professional musician, followed Swami’s lead and jumped into Swamiji’s play. He knelt before Swami singing: “Yeees, Oooh Lord, pleaseeee blessss meeeee!”

We all laughed very much and Swami’s play turned into a prolonged, spontaneous songfest. Pritala joined in as baritone from time to time and we laughed until the tears flowed. At some point we also sang “Yesterday” and “All You Need Is Love.” There was nothing to do but marvel at Swami’s ingenious ability to stage the birthday play so spontaneously, which created joy for all of us.

Drishti writes: “Words cannot convey the true exuberant joy of the experience. Perhaps the pictures will show more of our joy in Swamiji’s play (especially Vishnypriya’s face lst pic. above).

Gurudev’s Birthday Blessing Mantra
Om Karam Pranam Yaham, Janam Deena bhinan Danam
Kamadam mookshaha Danam, Janam deena bhinan Danam
Pashye maa sharada shratam, Jive maa sharada shratam
Om, Swasti,Swasti, Swastii Om Swasti, Swasti, Swasti

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Focus on Simplicity, Become Love

Swami Vishwananda: One major factor that stops mankind from becoming love is the mind. To overcome the mind, chant any Divine name. When you practice this regularly, the mind will focus on simplicity.

After the battle of Kurukshetra, Arjuna and Krishna were walking together in the fields. Krishna raised his hand and said to Arjuna: “Look at these birds in the sky how nice they are!”
“Yes, the birds are nice,” answered Arjuna as he looked into the sky.
“There are no birds flying in the sky,” said Krishna.
“No, there are no birds in the sky,” answered Arjuna.
“Look how nice these birds are,” again said Krishna. “They are really magnificent.”
“Yes,” said Arjuna; “these birds are really magnificent.”
“Why are you always repeating what I am saying?” asked Krishna. “There are no birds in the sky.”
“Yes, it is true,” said Arjuna. I don’t see any birds in the sky, but I know that you could manifest these birds at any moment and let them fly in the sky.”

Arjuna had total faith in Krishna and had totally surrendered body, mind and soul to the Divine. He did not trust his mind or his eyes, but he trusted every word from his Divine Satguru.
It is the mind that stops man from becoming Love.

Swami Vishwananda Singing Bala Mukunda
Mukunda is one of the names of Krishna

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Incarnation of an Enlightened Master

A close disciple of Sri Swami Vishwananda once told this story: I was walking down the street one day and ran into an old acquaintance. We hugged each other and began to speak about the years in between then and when we had last seen each other. That meeting reminded me that it is like that also when I kneel before Gurudev Swami Vishwananda in darshan. Whether I have my eyes closed or whether I am looking into His fathomless eyes, I feel like I know Him from a long ago time and now we simply are becoming reacquainted in our present forms.

Once, I was in darshan and all that was in my mind during the long wait in line before it was my turn to kneel in front of Swami for His blessing was: “Gurudev is an incarnation of a certain Enlightened Master I know in etheric form.” A scene with that particular Master appeared over and over in my mind and heart. And over and over this thought or knowing filled my mind and my heart with the truth of it.

Finally, it was my turn to receive the blessing of Swami Vishwananda. As I knelt before Him, He looked into my eyes with a radiant smile that filled my already full heart to overflowing! Incredibly, Swami leaned toward me with His eyes displaying the depth of eternity, and luminosity like a million stars shining brightly. His face came very close to mine; He looked into my eyes and said, emphatically: “Tell Me!” I leaned close to His right ear, cupped my hand over my lips, and said, “Swami, I was thinking you are an incarnation of this Enlightened Master I know in etheric form, and I named Him. Gurudev sat back in his chair and then dipped his head way down as if bowing and raised his head back in a graceful, grand gesture of assent, yes!

Being omniscient and thereby knowing my thoughts, Swami confirmed in a beautiful and loving way what I had been thinking during that long darshan line, and what I already knew in my heart was the truth! - Disciple of Swami Vishwananda

Friday, November 13, 2009

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji

Journey Into Light
Beloved Friends, Come with me on a Journey Into Light and into the remembrance of who you really are, where you came from, what you are doing here and where you will return. So it is written and so it is!

Light As Love Is All There Is
– Mahavatar Babaji

Journey Into Light Meditation

Should you have available the OM Chanting CD of Swami Vishwananda, please have it playing softly near you as you follow me in this meditation. By the Divine Grace of OM we all have our being!

by closing your eyes with intention.

Take a few moments to quiet yourself and find a measure of peace.

Intend to bring light into your form with all your concentration, commitment and Love.

Remember to Love yourself, and the all, as we take this
Journey Into Light.

From your Heart, see me as you normally see me internally from your heart.

Know that I am with you always as is the Supreme Divine Without Form. You are never alone.

Please take my hand, feel the warmth, know I am with you, and remember The Light.

Fill yourself with light. Feel the light flooding all your cells from your crown chakra to the tips of your toes.

Walk with me.

Ahead you see a great luminescent light. It fills the whole vision as far as you can see.

As we come closer to this light, know that you may look into it as we have adjusted your ability to do so through the energy you are perceiving through our connection of holding hands.

The Light now changes to a iridescent, vibrantly alive beautiful violet. It is the light of Divine Love as you realize you are perceiving that this Light is a form of the Supreme Being. . .

If you freely choose
, please Bow with me to the Light of All That Is. Realize and Remember that you know that Light is Everything . . .All That Is.

Rest yourself within this light and allow the Gods to wrap you in a blanket of Love which is forever available to everyone. You must make this connection with the Gods in order to enjoy the Love they so readily wish to share with you, please understand!

So it is written and So It Is: You have made this connection with me through this meditation and through holding my hand and you have traveled, thereby into Light, and now you are resting securely within the Divine Love of Narayana, The Supreme Being.

It is not as difficult as many imagine, is it?

Believe ye that it is so as the Christ said, “As a man thinketh, so is he?”

This is truth, this is Love, and my Beloved Internet Friends, Light as Love is All There Is!

- Babaji

Note: Regarding the new Bhajan Book With Chords as we informed you about on this blog yesterday: It will be available in the Bhakti Shop at an estimated time of Christmas 2009. Check with the Bhakti Shop at that time please. Thank you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New "Bhajan Book" - Swami in Brazil

Announcement From Springen Center, Swami Vishwananda's International Spitirual Center, Germany

"With great joy we announce the completion of the new Bhakti Marga Bhajan Book With Chords. The book has over 480 bhajans, with chords for guitar and keyboard instruments.

"Swami Vishwananda has sung more than 230 of the book's bhajans recently. Of these 230, most are not included in our existing bhajan book. Also included are 125 pages on the A4 format with alphabetical order at the end. Wish you all much bliss and love through singing - Chaturananda"

Bhajan Book With Chords will be available at the Springen Bhakti Shop estimated time of Christmas 2009. Please check with the Bhakti Shop at that time. Tel: +49 (0)178 - 32 04 809 Email:


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Only Path is to Love and Be Love

Swami Vishwananda
In Babaji Cave Springen Center
Swami Vishwananda: You are all here for one truth. This truth is love, equal in all of you, and present in each one of your hearts. This love is waiting to come out and to express itself. But so often there is a blockage. So often there is a wall that stops man from loving unconditionally. When you realize that the only path is to love and to be love, you realize how much God loves his creation. The same way God loves, the same way you can love. All other kinds of love are secondary, because all of you are here to become love.

To become this love there are many obstacles you have to overcome. People think to love God is to love something separate from them. Like whenever we pray, we pray to the outside. We should stop separating the Divine and us. Try your best always to pray. It doesn’t matter which kind. When you talk with God, talk with the True Self inside you. Do it from your heart.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Kinds of Love

Swami Vishwananda: Often we ask ourselves, “How can we please God? In which way shall we please God? How can we make God happy?” There are many ways that God is happy with us. But the best way to make God happy is to be happy ourselves. God is happy when we are happy. It’s because our happiness is His happiness; because we are part of Him.

How we make ourselves happy is through serving and helping others. The greatest happiness is derived from serving. The more you help, the more you will make somebody else happy. You will then see that the happiness you have inside of you will grow and grow. But the more you stop helping others, the more you push yourself backwards on the spiritual path. You will become untruthful towards yourself the more you say, “No, why should I help?” And when you become untruthful towards yourself, you stop the heart from opening up. The more this happens, the more you become miserable.

Christ said: when you help others, it must be unconditional. After we help, we should forget about it. We should love and forget. We don’t expect anything when we love someone else, do we? Well, there are two kinds of love. There’s a love on the outside, where you always expect something in return, but there’s also another type of love, where you will do anything for this person. You will do anything just to please this person. But even that kind of love is still divided into two: unconditional and conditional. Whatever is done unconditionally will always make you happy. But what is done under a condition will always make you unhappy. And to awaken this unconditional love, to make this love grow greater and greater is not that difficult. Like I always say, “You only need to want it.”

Monday, November 9, 2009

No Greater Love. . .

Master Christ Jesus
“No greater love hath any man than he would lay down his life for his brother.”

Swami Vishwananda:
Once a teacher said to his disciple, “My dear disciple, now it’s time for you to find God fully and to realize yourself.” Actually that's what we all are here for. In the Hindu tradition we have four questions in life that we ask ourselves:

· Where do we come from?
· Who are we?
· Where are we going?
· Why are we here?

Swami Vishwananda & Brother-Cousin Ravi
in Vrindavan, India 2008

If you can answer only these four questions, you are fully realized. So the Guru said to the disciple, “Now it’s time for you to fully realize yourself. Come.” The disciple said, “My dear teacher, I love you so much, but my wife loves me very much, and she will be really unhappy.” So the teacher thought for a while and said, “Okay, you really think that she loves you that much. You are perfect in yoga. Here, take this pill." The teacher gave the disciple one pill and told him, “Next Monday, before you go to bed, take this pill.” Afterwards, you will appear dead on the outside, but you will hear everything.” The disciple said, “Okay, let’s try it.” When Monday arrived, the disciple took the pill at night and he slept.

Normally the disciple would wake up early. The morning after he took the pill, his wife saw that he was not getting up. She was asking herself, What is wrong?” The wife started to push the husband saying, "Hey, get up.” There was no reaction. Then, the wife started screaming so loudly that the neighbors and people came. Everybody was crying, “Oh, why have you left us?” The wife threw herself on the body and said, “Oh, why have you left me alone here? We are here for each other.” There was big crying.

The son came and said, “Father, why have you left us?” The mother came and said, “Oh my son, I should have died before you. You are so young. You still have your full life in front of you." At that moment the teacher, the Guru came and said, “Why are you calling everybody?" And they said “Oh he has left us; our father, husband and son has left us.” Then the Guru said, “Well, I have a solution. I see that all of you love him so much.” The wife said, “Oh my dear husband, I should have died in your place.” The mother said the same thing. Then the Guru said, “Well, I have a pill here. Whoever will take this pill will die in the place of my disciple, and thereby he will be revived.

So the Guru turned to the wife and said to her, “Mataji, respectful mother, you were just crying that you should have died in your husband’s place. This is what a good wife will do. You love him so much. Here take this pill.” That moment the wife stopped crying and said, “Why are you saying that? I have little grand-children. It is his bad luck that he died. I can’t do that.” He turned to the Mother “Mother you were just saying you are old, you can take the pill.” The Mother said “Well, it’s his Karma. I can’t do that. I still have my grand-children to look after.” So everybody said the same thing.

At that moment, the Guru took some water and threw it on his disciple’s face. The man woke up, looking at everybody. Having heard everything while everyone thought him dead, he was thinking of how great they were expressing their love, but in the time of sacrifice no one was there. And that is what Christ said! A true friend is ready to sacrifice everything. And love is that sacrifice, actually. If you truly love, you will sacrifice everything.