Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wake Up

Swami Vishwananda: We identify ourselves very much with the body and the mind. The rest of the power inside us remains in silence. It remains sleepy.Do you want to wake it up? Do you really want it or not? You think you are not sure about it. It’s when you really want something that you must have the power to say, “Yes, I want it!” Not only, “Maybe I want it, maybe I don’t want it.” Because then you are not sure about what you really want. In one way human beings want realization, they want God. In another way they say, “If I have the complete realization of God, will I stay the same? Will I see the world in the same way?” But with this way of thinking it will never happen. Try as much as you want.

Let it be said: “You can’t serve two masters at a time!” You can’t have the complete realization of God and at the same time say that you want the material world. I tell you something: in the completeness, in the Divine consciousness, everything is present. Where else than in the mere mind of man can one just see what these two eyes perceive? On one hand there is everything and everything means also the material part. On the other hand there is just the material part and illusion. You meet people, they try to see what is beautiful, and they get attached to it and keep it. It’s our own happiness that arises in our life, from deep within where we receive the goal. But something is missing; it is not complete.

Swami Vishwananda in Rishikish, India 2008
Speaking o
n Divine Love

You think, “Now I have gotten this beautiful thing that I desired so much. Now that I have it, I don’t have the same love for it. I don’t have the same enthusiasm about it.” What does the mind do? The mind tries to find something else to hold onto, but as long as man tries to hold onto a material thing, he will always stay on the material level. If you turn inward and focus on the Divine within the Self you will feel great happiness and great joy. But for that you should secure your faith.


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,How do we know which path we are on, service path, meditation path, bhakti path? and can this vary from incarnation to incarnation, and is Atma Kriya only for those on the Bhakti path? Thanks and Love

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

For 1st Comment:

Is your goal to serve people,society? Then you are on the path of service.

Do you find yoruself meditating continuesly in all that you do? Then you are on the meditative path.

Is your goal to love unconditionally and continusly?Then you are on the path of bhakti.

Even those who do not have goals or "paths" consciously have a path set before incarnation. Even these can perceive which path they are on by looking at the daily life. All of you may know which "path" you are on by watching your thoughts, words and actions.

Who you are in your thoughts, words and actions is not only who you are being but can key you into what path you have chosen for this incarnation. Pay attention to yourself!

Atma Kriya is available for everyone.

All of Swami Vishwananda's devotees and disciples know that! You know that!

Babaji of the Realms of Light from whence you all came and to which you all will return.