Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji

Jagadguru Mahavatar Babaji
From time since the beginning, that in essence truly is without beginning and without end, we have stood with humanity as you strive to reach the highly elusive Oneness Consciousness. To reach Oneness and be aware of The All, Omniscience, and to know that you are a measure of the Infinite One as Divine Love, who survives and lives forever is the highest formula for living on Earth. This is universal and is not distinguished as exclusive for old or young, aware or unaware, tired or energetic, beautiful or not-so-beautiful, good and not-so-good, Enlightened Master or struggling and unemployed house-holder, or all of the duality contained in the World View of Consciousness.

To the one who wrote a comment here asking for guidance as to the best way to live in this world: May I urge you to place action and commitment into your words and into your writing thoughts. To progress further on the spiritual path, one who actually is writing a true longing to progress spiritually, to grasp the greater truths must go within the Self, understand what one needs to do to accomplish what one seeks and then place that into life, into daily actions, thoughts, and words. Just begin!

Let your mantra and prayer be:
This day, Oh Lord of Life,
help me to live what I long to become.
Let me become, this day,
the higher teachings in my life
and in my being.
Let me become Divine Love
and express it to the All,
all the time.
May I be committed,
and take responsibility,
for my own progression into Light,
now and forevermore!
Amen, OM, OM, OM

This is truth: None of your teachers or spiritual guides can create this Oneness Consciousness for you! We can help; we can freely give you Divine love from our hearts, spiritual teachings, and even high vibrational energy that you physically may feel. What you do with all this love and assistance is up to you, personally. So, take action, and move yourself forward.

To all of you: Of course, all the above applies to everyone. Choose not to stay stopped or stagnated any longer. Take inventory, connect with the Divine Love in your Heart, and then take action to become the Light Being you truly are and always have been!

Babaji, One Who Is Eternal Light and Realizes That You Also Are Light


Anonymous said...

Yes, but the Grace you grant us -eases our way, helps us to Listen...

And to be in Shma (Listening - receivership)

Certainly Your Grace is required...combined with our Longing!

Oh my aching Heart long have i watched for thee!

This World now needs a Thousand Amma's. Please Dear One - grant us the Blessing to be truly That for all we come in contact with.

To ease their Pain, to Open their Hearts and to Heal their wounds.

Please Dear One - Grant us This.

Help us all to shine with the Light of a Thousand Suns and Moons!

Please Dear One - Grant us This.

That the Light radiates around and through us...that we be rierepragents of Divine Healing and Grace.

Not for our own glory, not for our own aggrandizement, but for the sake of All Thy Children who long for re-union.

For the sake of Unification - L'shem y'chud! Of the Yod with the Hay and the Vav with the Hay.

Hari Aum Tat Sat! Baruch Hashem!

Please Dear One - Grant us this.

May we still the angry heart.
May we close the open wound.
May we open the closed mind.
May we remove the veils of seperation.
May we speak only Truth.
May we be fully Liberated so that we may Liberate others!

Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi!
Lokah Samasta Sukinoh B'Vantu.

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, as for Oneness-Consciousness, I guess that it is also for the sick and the healthy alike? In our world most people tend to think that only health is good and sickness is bad. That doubts are bad and so-called negative thoughts. But then Swami Vishwananda, I remember Him talk about Gandhari and say that sometimes calamities make people think of God much more than a happy life. - also e.g. I remember when the diary of Mother Theresa was published after her death. And then people said, oh, she had so many doubts, how can she have been a saintlike person? But then she did so much for the poor d e s p i t e her doubts. Is it not that which counts? Seems the old and the sick do attend OM Healing more than the young and healthy perhaps. So it is not always a blessing to be young or to be healthy...It is much more the old and the sick perhaps who remember God...Jai Gurudev

Anonymous said...

a touching OM Healing testimonial:

Tarun said...

Unconditional Love - two words - just two words - who are able to change live. What a chance?

Doubt - Crisis - Surrender - Trust - Patience - Happiness

Two words which are only to understand with Uncoditional Love