Sunday, November 15, 2009

Focus on Simplicity, Become Love

Swami Vishwananda: One major factor that stops mankind from becoming love is the mind. To overcome the mind, chant any Divine name. When you practice this regularly, the mind will focus on simplicity.

After the battle of Kurukshetra, Arjuna and Krishna were walking together in the fields. Krishna raised his hand and said to Arjuna: “Look at these birds in the sky how nice they are!”
“Yes, the birds are nice,” answered Arjuna as he looked into the sky.
“There are no birds flying in the sky,” said Krishna.
“No, there are no birds in the sky,” answered Arjuna.
“Look how nice these birds are,” again said Krishna. “They are really magnificent.”
“Yes,” said Arjuna; “these birds are really magnificent.”
“Why are you always repeating what I am saying?” asked Krishna. “There are no birds in the sky.”
“Yes, it is true,” said Arjuna. I don’t see any birds in the sky, but I know that you could manifest these birds at any moment and let them fly in the sky.”

Arjuna had total faith in Krishna and had totally surrendered body, mind and soul to the Divine. He did not trust his mind or his eyes, but he trusted every word from his Divine Satguru.
It is the mind that stops man from becoming Love.

Swami Vishwananda Singing Bala Mukunda
Mukunda is one of the names of Krishna

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Anonymous said...

A saint said:One today is constantly fighting to give another less. You must know that when you give less, you will receive even lesser. You battle over who is richer, but tell Me, does money really make you rich? If this is the truth, then only the ones with no homes, no clothes, and no food must be around the Masters today. But such is not the case. The fears of the rich are the same as the poor. The worries of the rich are even bigger than the poor. You all look for one thing today, real love and peace. The rich waste their efforts in trying to buy love and buy peace; the poor, on the other hand, waste their time in being envious of the rich. The wealth of the universe lies in each one's very home, and yet each one of you has acquired the habit of being beggars, robbers, and peace breakers. Money is not evil, your idea of the usage of money is evil. Being rich is not evil, it is your greed for material riches that are evil. Being poor or sick is taken as a curse, but let Me tell you, that you will always find the footprints of the Lord in the homes of the miserable. Then think and tell Me, what is the blessing and what is the curse?