Monday, November 9, 2009

No Greater Love. . .

Master Christ Jesus
“No greater love hath any man than he would lay down his life for his brother.”

Swami Vishwananda:
Once a teacher said to his disciple, “My dear disciple, now it’s time for you to find God fully and to realize yourself.” Actually that's what we all are here for. In the Hindu tradition we have four questions in life that we ask ourselves:

· Where do we come from?
· Who are we?
· Where are we going?
· Why are we here?

Swami Vishwananda & Brother-Cousin Ravi
in Vrindavan, India 2008

If you can answer only these four questions, you are fully realized. So the Guru said to the disciple, “Now it’s time for you to fully realize yourself. Come.” The disciple said, “My dear teacher, I love you so much, but my wife loves me very much, and she will be really unhappy.” So the teacher thought for a while and said, “Okay, you really think that she loves you that much. You are perfect in yoga. Here, take this pill." The teacher gave the disciple one pill and told him, “Next Monday, before you go to bed, take this pill.” Afterwards, you will appear dead on the outside, but you will hear everything.” The disciple said, “Okay, let’s try it.” When Monday arrived, the disciple took the pill at night and he slept.

Normally the disciple would wake up early. The morning after he took the pill, his wife saw that he was not getting up. She was asking herself, What is wrong?” The wife started to push the husband saying, "Hey, get up.” There was no reaction. Then, the wife started screaming so loudly that the neighbors and people came. Everybody was crying, “Oh, why have you left us?” The wife threw herself on the body and said, “Oh, why have you left me alone here? We are here for each other.” There was big crying.

The son came and said, “Father, why have you left us?” The mother came and said, “Oh my son, I should have died before you. You are so young. You still have your full life in front of you." At that moment the teacher, the Guru came and said, “Why are you calling everybody?" And they said “Oh he has left us; our father, husband and son has left us.” Then the Guru said, “Well, I have a solution. I see that all of you love him so much.” The wife said, “Oh my dear husband, I should have died in your place.” The mother said the same thing. Then the Guru said, “Well, I have a pill here. Whoever will take this pill will die in the place of my disciple, and thereby he will be revived.

So the Guru turned to the wife and said to her, “Mataji, respectful mother, you were just crying that you should have died in your husband’s place. This is what a good wife will do. You love him so much. Here take this pill.” That moment the wife stopped crying and said, “Why are you saying that? I have little grand-children. It is his bad luck that he died. I can’t do that.” He turned to the Mother “Mother you were just saying you are old, you can take the pill.” The Mother said “Well, it’s his Karma. I can’t do that. I still have my grand-children to look after.” So everybody said the same thing.

At that moment, the Guru took some water and threw it on his disciple’s face. The man woke up, looking at everybody. Having heard everything while everyone thought him dead, he was thinking of how great they were expressing their love, but in the time of sacrifice no one was there. And that is what Christ said! A true friend is ready to sacrifice everything. And love is that sacrifice, actually. If you truly love, you will sacrifice everything.


Anonymous said...

I liked the latest entry on
very much.
(it is German, here an off the cuff translation)
sorry for any mistakes it might contain...
The homeless people project, 8th of November 09
Today, once more, like every Sunday, we went to Frankfurt to give food to the homeless. As meanwhile it has become rather cold, we decided to make a soup and take it with us. We´ve just bought a practical soup container, the kind of container that is also used by soldiers, and fixed it on our small trolley/cart. When opening the container in Frankfurt, there was not much soup left, as the noodles had absorbed all the liquid...
So we handed out hot noodles, much to the joy of the people sitting there in the cold...Moreover we had some bananas (meanwhile we have become famous for our bananas in the streets of Frankfurt) cookies/biscuits, cheese, eggs, sandwiches. We gave food to a man who was sitting on the floor in a corner of the street. He told us that a few days ago he had been knocked down by someone who had robbed him of 50 cent! He was suffering from concussion. He also said that at the age of 53 he could not find any job any more, and that the 120 € monthly welfare aid were not sufficient neither for food nor for accomodation.---One of the numerous people who are caught in the vicious circle of poverty, despite the public welfare system.
We put some food next to a drug addict who had just been giving himself a shot, so that he should have something to eat when coming back/waking up from his druggy state...We went on, to the places we usually visit, such as the public office/practice where drugs are handed out to drug addicts(e.g. Methadon) and the soup was quickly gone. The bananas too once more were very much "in demand".
Again and again, it is so good to meet these people. They are so grateful when getting some food, something we take for granted, but they have to struggle for their survival each day. Yet they are "alive", maybe more than many "normal" people are. ...

Anonymous said...

a different definition of "healthy": a great saint once said: There are four types of persons: the ‘dead’, who deny the Lord and declare that they alone exist, independent and self-directed; the ‘sick’, who call upon the Lord when some calamity befalls them or when they feel temporarily deserted by the usual source of succor: the ‘dull’, who know that God is the eternal companion and watchman, but who remember it only off and on when the idea is potent and powerful: and lastly the ‘healthy’, who have steady belief in the Lord and who live in His Comforting Creative Presence always”.