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Letter from Babaji - Photos Darshan Gdansk Poland

Swami Vishwananda in Gdansk Poland







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Letter from Mahavatar Babaji

Greetings one and all: I am Babaji of the honored tradition of the sages of the High Himalayas. I come in peace and gratitude to the ones who carry my message of Living Light to those of you in present day who wish to advance into light body. From time immemorial, I have rested my feet and soul here in the high regions of Earth’s Himalayas. Do you think it is possible for God to be grateful?

When the mind filters language, any language, from the Ethers as this one does now taking my dictation, it must be purified through the fires of life to be a pure and receptive vahana for thoughts or words which come from the Source. Still, the minds of those reading such words and language must filter the messages of truth and apply them to the lifeforce which is encased in the individual physical form at any given time.

Then let it be that those of you who resonate with my words and with my truth, in this form, continue to progress into light through diligent sadhana. Take account of your assets and liabilities in an honest tally of how it is you spend your days. Choose the Higher Light way. I come to you continuously to encourage you and inspire you to grasp the golden ladder as Jacob did in his dream as written in the Christian Bible. Read that story and comprehend what the dream actually meant in Jacob’s day. In the same way as you interpret Jacob's story, dare to interpret your own life story and what has brought you to reading on the contemporary Internet, in conjunction with ancient scriptures, in order to sustain and nurture your spiritual energies and attainments into light.

So let it be that I come to you who are willing to work, to engage in sadhana and make room and time for going within your heart of hearts as you read my words in this language and on this day and at this time. Let it be that you connect with higher vibrations such as Swami Vishwananda continually pours forth in his darshans, his Atma Kriya teachings and all the spiritual activities he makes available to you who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Let the Christ of modern day lead you to understanding that Divine Love remembered is simply the absence of fear. And embrace that truth in your meditations and in your life in everything, in every thought, in every action, in every word, and in every language. [Reference today's post at for an excerpt of Swami Vishwananda's talk on "Love is the Absence of Fear."]

We write these things, not to inflate anyone's ego or pride; we write to share from our hearts and to provide a teaching tool for those resonating hearts who read this vahana.

So let it be, my dearest Internet friends. I am Babaji and I come in truth and light. Amen and OM.

From Utpalavati with Love: Last night, I was listening once again, for the countless time, to Ben Kingsley reading the 33rd chapter of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi entitled Babaji, Yogi Christ of Modern India. Since meeting Swami Vishwananda in March of 2006, I go to sleep most nights listening to that chapter. I do not know exactly why that is! However, last night as I was listening, a beautiful young man with long dark hair and beautiful face with black mustache, somewhat in shadow and not totally distinguishable appeared in my Inner Vision. He was dressed completely in black. I knew him, and yet I could not readily remember from where I knew him.
I clearly knew that he was a light being and I wondered, how is it that such a one is dressed in black? As I had that thought, the man seemed amused and smiled broadly as he crossed his arms across his chest. I thought, well, that gesture means that whoever he may be is standing firm on something! Yet, when I asked him: ’Who are you?’ he would not say a word.

The mysterious, but familiar figure, just stood there smiling for the longest time as Ben Kingsley continued reading Chapter 33 on the playing CD. My mind tried to use logic: black clothes, mustache, etc., who is he? I know him. From where do I know him? And that smile, I know it well. Why can’’t I remember? Like that my mind went on for at least 10 minutes. Finally I just dropped my mind and “felt” who he was and the realization came instantly: I knew then that the man was Babaji in disguise and shadow, and he was just playing a game and finding it amusing that after all this time I did not recognize his vibration in the shadows he had placed around himself. Actually, when I realized the Mysterious figure was Babaji, I felt about five years old. And I wondered if this is the spiritual teacher version of hide-and-seek like we play with our children. And isn't it delightful, none-the-less? And, I am ready to grow up; how about you?

Only when I realized who he was did Babaji speak. He requested I take his dictation, and we have printed above Babaji's Letter.

Hmmmmmmmmm. . .Gurudev arriving in Gdansk,
Dressed in black, hands folded across chest,
Smiling. . .Hmmmmmmmmm


Tarun said...

how it´about me?

i am the black sheep of the family - try and error :-))).

Serious i don´t know what would happen with me if i would have the same experiences like you. Your experiences are wonderful, your work is wondeful.

My experiences are good for me because i feel that God, Swamiji, most from our sisters and brothers (who i know for years)love/like me.

On my way i see things which are beautiful and i feel in my age of 55 years like a child - wondering and not understanding most of it. This is fantastic - enough space for development.

Also i believe that God has a big heart for black sheep - not always but most of the time.

Thank you for your work,
thank you for everything.


Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Dear Tarun:
What we can say is...just be happy...God is Love and Joy!