Friday, November 6, 2009

The New Reality

Swami Vishwananda: Your mind tries to separate things, but look behind what only your physical eyes can see. Look at the light. This light which you all reflect, which everybody in this world reflects; this is the new reality. When you achieve this level, know that you have come to the point of complete realization. Keep practicing; make this goal your daily sadhana.

Mahavatar Babaji: A visual example of how the third eye [ajna chakra] sees higher vibrations can be comprehended by using the electric fan of the material world. When the fan is not plugged into an electrical outlet or not switched on, your physical eyes clearly see the fan blades as solid mass. When the higher vibration of the fan, caused by electrical current speeding up the rotating movement of the blades is present, the physical eyes see through the blades. You do not see the individual fan blades but only a movement of light. Where do the blades go? Logic tells you that the blades are still there but your physical eyes do not perceive them but see only vibrating light.

And so it is with the spiritual eye, it simply has the capacity by Divine Design to allow you to see the higher light vibrations. That is how the One taking my dictation sees me as both physical form and as light. Why do you not see the spiritual eye, [ajna energy center] with the physical eyes? Logic informs you that first you must become conscious of the third eye itself, and then you may see the higher light vibrations that the third eye itself exemplifies. [Excerpted from: Unity With The Divine]

Ajna Meditation [Seeing The Light]
This Meditation came from another source
Other than Gurudev or Mahavatar
I feel it is powerful and beneficial.
In the Ajna meditation, you will get in touch with the quality which harmonizes everything within you. To begin the Ajna meditation, find a comfortable position with your back straight. Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply through your nose without separation between inhalation and exhalation, and feel yourself relaxing. Take your time and become conscious of your body by following your breath for about five minutes. After five minutes, bring your attention to your sixth chakra, between your eyebrows. Then bring your breath to your sixth chakra. On each inhalation feel the energy centered in your third eye grow stronger. You will feel it as a heat and intensity which will grow stronger on each inhalation.

As it grows more powerful, visualize the energy there as a ball of indigo light. Experience and visualize it growing stronger and brighter for about two or three minutes. Then feel your consciousness move upward until it reaches a point between your eyebrows and feel your consciousness centered in the ball of energy. Then become the ball of energy and feel yourself radiating from that center through your body and into the outer environment.

Feel yourself as the union of selves. Feel your mind radiate in all directions simultaneously and feel yourself fill the room with your consciousness. Pay attention to how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. The more you are centered in the third eye, the more complete will be the union between consciousness and unconsciousness. In this condition you may feel what seems like an electrical current running through your physical body, and your entire head may begin to glow with the center of this fire being the third eye.

Take at least ten minutes for this part of the meditation. After ten minutes, or when you are satisfied, take a deep breath through your nose and as you exhale mentally repeat, “Every time I come to this level of consciousness, I learn to use more of my mind in more creative ways.” Then let your breathing return to normal, release the ball of energy by your sixth chakra and the imagery associated with it and mentally return to the room and relax. After a few moments begin to count mentally from one to five and when you reach the number five, open your eyes. You will feel wide awake, alert, physically grounded and perfectly relaxed.

My Guru Dev Swami Vishwananda


Anonymous said...

Dear Utpalavati, how should one imagine the ball of indigo light?
like in the following color chart, but translucent?
Indigo is a rather intense dark blue color, isn´t it? But yet it is light in this case...JGD

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

" should one imagine the ball of indigo light?...'
My experience wth seeing the indigo light is that, for me, it varies in shade,in tone, in intnsity. in depth, in movement, sometmes people and scenes in it, sometinmes it looks like indigo fog, sometimes it seems like indigo lightening, etc. For me it is delightfully a new experience and never boring in its ever-changing light show. From that, I think it is probably like that for everyone. But then, I have learned it is best not to have any expectations and just let the Divine Within run the show. I imagine many people see this light in a completely different way. It must not have a right or wrong way but rather an individual way. I suggest you go with what your heart tells you, what you feel is your way to see it. And if you just can't seem to settle on one way, simply choose somethig perhaps from your chart and begin and see what happens without a specific expectation. Again, there is no one way to see I think. And I would not presume to say that anyone has to see it any particular way. Happy seeing the light : )

Anonymous said...