Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Light Is Yourself

Image of Light Around Human Finger
Swami Vishwananda: Nature is doing its work and man can learn so much from nature; you can learn even from a rose. The rose is not expecting anything, but what do humans do? Instead of putting their lives into right action, humans are wasting time, expecting always and bringing misery on themselves. And then what do people say? “Oh God! Why do you send misery to me? I have always been well with you. I remember you always.” But on the other hand, people are always expecting.

In this game that humanity is playing, people forget about their true nature. They forget about why they are here, and they like it, you know. They like to say, “Oh, I’m the poor one!” They don’t say, “I am the Divine, I am the creator of everything.” They like hanging around for the future, for what is to come in the future or what has been done in the past, they keep bringing it up all the time. Do you think this will bring happiness to humankind? No! This choice of behavior will bring only misery.

Swami Vishwananda
Even when people sit for meditation most expect to see some light, to see God in front of them. But I tell you, even this is an expectation and with this expectation in the mind, you will never see the light; you will never see the Divine. Only when you let yourself say, “God, I have tried everything and now I completely abandon myself to You along with all my expectations.” Then, you will see the light. The light will reveal itself to you because the light is yourself.

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