Thursday, November 12, 2009

New "Bhajan Book" - Swami in Brazil

Announcement From Springen Center, Swami Vishwananda's International Spitirual Center, Germany

"With great joy we announce the completion of the new Bhakti Marga Bhajan Book With Chords. The book has over 480 bhajans, with chords for guitar and keyboard instruments.

"Swami Vishwananda has sung more than 230 of the book's bhajans recently. Of these 230, most are not included in our existing bhajan book. Also included are 125 pages on the A4 format with alphabetical order at the end. Wish you all much bliss and love through singing - Chaturananda"

Bhajan Book With Chords will be available at the Springen Bhakti Shop estimated time of Christmas 2009. Please check with the Bhakti Shop at that time. Tel: +49 (0)178 - 32 04 809 Email:



Anonymous said...

So excited about the new bhajan book! Sing the name of the Sweetest One HARI BOL!!!! :) Jai Gurudev

Anonymous said...

aww such nice pictures

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Note: Regarding the new "Bhajan Book With Chords" as we informed you about on this blog post today: It will be available in the Bhakti Shop at an estimated time of Christmas 2009. Check with the Bhakti Shop at that time please. Thank you.