Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

From Swami Vishwananda’s Darshan Talk December 26, 2010
A new year is coming; every year there is a new year coming. It’s the same; it’s just the calendar that changes. Every year people always take resolutions in life saying: “OK, this year I will be doing this or that”. What would be nice is to take the resolution that, firstly, you will change the mind even if it is not that easy. You will try your best to do it because to change the mind is quite difficult. It’s easy to change somebody but to change yourself is more difficult. Start to tell yourself, then, in place of going around and telling somebody: “You have to change something”. No, say it to yourself before you go around telling somebody else: “You have to change something”.

Once you have changed yourself and you have gone above that, then you can tell somebody as a help. Then it will not be personal. It will not be out of the pride or the ego but it will be out of love because you want that person, also, to reach that level. If somebody is doing something not good, you will tell them: “Look, you can do it like this or like that. And I wish you all a Happy New Year 2011. It is not yet 2012, so it’s good. Jai Guru Dev.

Christmas 2010 at Shree Peetha Nilaya - Swami Vishwananda

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Swami's Seva Society Kenya Update

Work of Swami Vishwananda’s Seva Society, Kenya, Africa
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"We are a group of volunteers based in Nairobi who have formed a Seva society. Our vision is to serve the needy children, the less fortunate, and to create a better environment for them. We believe that through love and selfless deed (service) we can make a difference and create a life-change for the less fortunate.

"Our Focus and Commitments
We are committed to serving the less fortunate children by visiting homes in Nairobi and offering them assistance such as Food, Wheelchairs, etc. …"

Mahavatar Babaji Quote of the Day
“Running a marathon does not apply to the spiritual path. In running, you could miss something along the way and have to run back to retrieve it. You may tire of this kind of force approach after some time—from all the energy you expend in the running. This cautions you to peacefully move forward, and do not place pressure on yourself to advance on your spiritual path any faster than is afforded you the energy to move forward. You must learn the lessons divinely planned for each step along your way. Therefore, take your time and do not attempt a marathon approach to spirituality. It won't work! And you will just have to go back and pick up the lessons you missed on your run, see”? –Babaji

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Atma Kriya

Why has Mahavatar Babaji given Atma Kriya to the world?

Babaji, the fountain head of all Yoga, has adapted the teachings of Yoga at different times in our history. He has now given us the gift of Atma Kriya because he wants people to experience unconditional love and devotion in their life.

Atma Kriya shares the essence of other Kriya Yoga's, but the Atma Kriya techniques have been adapted and simplified for our times. Atma Kriya has a strong emphasis on developing Bhakti, which is unconditional love and devotion to the Divine. Through the practice of Atma Kriya, we can experience unconditional love and unite with the Divine in one lifetime.

Mahavatar Babaji has made a vow to stay on Earth as long as there are people who have not realised their true nature. Babaji's sole interest is the spiritual development of all the people on our planet and he has given this yoga and meditation system to bring us closer to the truth within ourselves which is the Atma.

Mahavatar Babaji is also the source of the energy that is given to all students during initiation, called Shaktipat. This energy speeds up spiritual progress and Kundalini awakening in those who practice Atma Kriya. During initiation, many students feel a deep inner peace, a shift in consciousness and an opening of the chakras - these are all signs of the Kriya Shakti that comes from Mahavatar. Through the practice of Atma Kriya, it is possible to connect with Mahavatar Babaji and if you ask Him sincerely; he will become a guiding force within your practice.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Swami/Babaji Heart/Ego Attunement

Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji speak about attunement to ego or Heart:

Mahavatar Babaji Quote of the Day (A New Year’s Resolution Possibility)
: Winning is everything in the game of life in big corporations of current day. The goal is to become CEO of the largest company in one's field of endeavor in the workforce. Why? In today's world, this attainment is the mark of the highest success. Do you take the title, the prestige, the wealth, the sense of accomplishment with you at physical death? You take only the goodness with which you served humanity with you out of all of this. If this attainment was undertaken only for selfish reasons, you have lost valuable time in this life on your road to attaining that elusive goal of Unity With The Divine. Assess your life and change that which needs to change. Atma Kriya with Swami Vishwananda is one way to make these assessments of your life processes and goals. –Babaji

Babaji transmits today: Beloved friends, look to the Divine for your heart connection to winning in life. From this attunement to Divine Love you will create quite a different lifestream than when connected to ego attunement. Swami Vishwananda speaks about the power of the ego in the following Satsang video. This video is a tool which the Divine uses in modern day since the world is attuned to video watching and you do indeed connect to the speaker’s energy when viewing. It is to your greater advantage also to experience the energy, the love, which radiates from Swami Vishwananda in his physical presence. So let it Be, accordingly, as you will it from the ego or from the heart as Swam Vishwananda teaches.

I am Babaji who is ever at your side, in your heart and mind and eternally with you on your evolutionary path back to the Divine from which your Lifeforce first came into being. -Babaji

Why does the Ego perceive itself to be so powerful?