Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prepare by Opening the Heart

Mahavatar Babaji
“The firmament showers energy to you on the spiritual path as you are receptive to its vibration. Likewise the fish in the sea, the lion on the range and the birds in the air resonate with the nature of life. Open yourselves as if you were a silver chalice ready to be filled with the nectar of the Gods. Receive the love and the blessings of the Divine that are ever ready to rain upon you. You must prepare yourself and be ready to receive by opening your heart.” –Babaji

Swami Vishwananda
"If you shut the mind and be in your heart through love, you will see the kingdom of God inside of you. If you receive love with an open heart, it will grow always, but if you receive it with an open mind, it will have its limitation.” –Swami Vishwananda

Ring the Bells of Christmas

Run with the wind and fly with the Eagles
is a phrase that rings the Christmas bells of time.
Christ portrayed for the world to see
that the sins of life can be
transformed into Love and Compassion
when the heart is opened and true.

Registering this timeless message

into the brain waves and connecting
it with the heart beats of one’s own
true nature brings out, and
brings forth into the world of man,
the true nature of the soul, the atma, the true reality.

Chickens scratch in the dirt for their daily bread.

Man, in a sense, does the same in Earth time.
Now is the time for man to look
to the stars for the true
of the soul nature, the true reality.

Running through time is like water

spilling from a golden faucet.
Water flows naturally and at the speed and volume
according to how one opens the valves
that open the space for the water to emerge.

So it is with man’s wondrous adventure through life!

According to how one opens the valves of the heart,

the life flows in that speed and volume
through blood, sweat and tears,
and through joy, dharma, compassion and Love!
And So It Is; So Let It Be.
Let the Christmas bells ring throughout
your life and especially at Christmas time!
Amen and OM.



Anonymous said...

what a grace to be close to my beloved Babaji.
What a grace to be close to my beloved Guruji.
What can we say only

******* THANK YOU *******

Happy Birthday to you, Uptalavati

Tarun said...

Happy Birthday from some You know
Happy Birthday to You, Utpalavati

Thank You

Tarun said...

Dear Utpalavati,

it´s not easy - not - to think/feel about Shree Peetam Nilaya and Mahavatar Babaji and Guriji...

i thought i would be strong enough to keep my Love a little bit on distance...

Perhaps it was more my Ego...

Have a good night and i hope that you enjoyed your birthday

Much Love