Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Atma Kriya

Why has Mahavatar Babaji given Atma Kriya to the world?

Babaji, the fountain head of all Yoga, has adapted the teachings of Yoga at different times in our history. He has now given us the gift of Atma Kriya because he wants people to experience unconditional love and devotion in their life.

Atma Kriya shares the essence of other Kriya Yoga's, but the Atma Kriya techniques have been adapted and simplified for our times. Atma Kriya has a strong emphasis on developing Bhakti, which is unconditional love and devotion to the Divine. Through the practice of Atma Kriya, we can experience unconditional love and unite with the Divine in one lifetime.

Mahavatar Babaji has made a vow to stay on Earth as long as there are people who have not realised their true nature. Babaji's sole interest is the spiritual development of all the people on our planet and he has given this yoga and meditation system to bring us closer to the truth within ourselves which is the Atma.

Mahavatar Babaji is also the source of the energy that is given to all students during initiation, called Shaktipat. This energy speeds up spiritual progress and Kundalini awakening in those who practice Atma Kriya. During initiation, many students feel a deep inner peace, a shift in consciousness and an opening of the chakras - these are all signs of the Kriya Shakti that comes from Mahavatar. Through the practice of Atma Kriya, it is possible to connect with Mahavatar Babaji and if you ask Him sincerely; he will become a guiding force within your practice.

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