Saturday, December 11, 2010


Mahavatar Babaji's Yantra
The Six Triangles Size Corrected by Swami

For those of you, who may use Babaji’s Yantra diagram in future, please use the one above.

Evidently we did not have the triangles in the Star of David exactly the same size on the original American English Edition of Babaji’s book Unity With The Divine. When the German edition of Unity was printed, Swami requested: “…
Swamiji asked that the Yantra on the cover ‘ of Unity With The Divine (Babaji's book) be drawn 'properly’. At first it was not understood, but Swami explained: ‘…all the triangles have to have the same size’”.

This instruction by Swami reminded me of the story Swami tells us of the first time Mahavatar Babaji appeared to him and asked him if he saw the light behind him (Babaji). Swami told Babaji, “No, I don’t see any light.” Babaji then asked him to look “properly”. Swami tells us that when he looked “properly” he saw a light like the sun behind Babaji. Mahavatar then told Swami that the light was him. And Swami says at five years of age you don’t understand these things.

Maybe the diagram of Babaji’s Yantra was like that for me! Then the Master corrected me so that I now understand. However, everything in Divine timing being an eternal Universal Law, Swami only let me know about this correction last night. Thanks Swami.

Also, the person who constructed this corrected Yantra diagram for Swami produced the colors in the Yantra deeper, richer and more pleasing to the eye than the original diagram, I think.


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