Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Letter From Mahavatar Babaji

The “lion of winter” is a metaphor for the basic need of survival for man. The primary needs of the physical body are food, clothing and shelter. For these man spends much of his waking hours accumulating. The way to attain this in love, peace and contentment is through dedicating all action, karma yoga, to the Divine. Chanting the name of the Divine is the Royal Road to Enlightenment and easing of the burden man has carried for eons in survival mode.

When the time comes for one to begin the journey to enlightenment, one will recognize his teacher from the heart. The mind continuously doubts but the heart knows. It is at this Divine timing that the journey begins from the head to the heart. A baby needs the mother for the first years of life for its very survival, as it is not equipped to handle life itself in the baby physical form. One is blessed if one is born into a family where love is genuinely intertwined with the care. So it is that a spiritual teacher, a Guru, comes to those who are newly awakening into Cosmic Consciousness.

When such a teacher comes into view in your awareness remember to treasure this time with him. It may seem as if this is a nugget of spiritual gold suddenly appearing to sustain your spiritual journey. This experience is like gold that may sustain your physical survival in obtaining what you need to maintain your aliveness in form. Be alert, for these spiritual Masters are all around you in the present cycle of man’s evolvement and survival. This Universal Law still stands: “When the spiritual aspirant is prepared, the Spiritual Master materializes”. Fruit falls from the tree of life when it is ripe; the Divine has designed life in this holy way. Let It Be So. -Babaji

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Deva said...

Thank you Mahavatar...Harii Boool !!!