Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The Golden Lightbody

Mahavatar Babaji speaks about the Lightbody in his soon to be released book: “Bhakti Sutras of Mahavatar Babaji: Journey To Freedom".

Ascension is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ascension raising the vibrational frequency of all lower bodies into a unified field of the love-light field. (Ascension is like the Hindu teaching of Yoga: unifying body, mind and soul thereby attaining God, Enlightenment). We are ascending from one dimension of reality to another. We are less concerned with physical survival and more attentive to raising our vibratory form to that of Lightbody.

When we consciously maintain a loving vibration we experience a rising vibrational frequency that activates and re-awakens our atomic cell structure and we begin to in-body qualities of love and creativity.

LIGHTBODY (one minute viewing this video may be sufficient to get the Golden Lightbody activation picture).

Mahavatar Babaji Quote Of The Day
"I am Babaji, one who stands with you on Earth in this day and this time to guide you home. I serve as your homing beacon, like the lighthouse for the sailor, Garuda for Vishnu and the ever-loving grace of the Divine. It is He who sheds His Love and Grace on all alike, even as the sun shines on the enlightened and unenlightened equally. Come Home; (to Lightbody) It is time." -Babaji

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