Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sing" I Am Love"

Offering Ariti to Swami Vishwananda
Darshan September 22, 2012
Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

Start every day by saying, “I’m God’s child and I have to be like the child of God!” Do this for yourself, for your own growth. You know what is good for you, so try your best to change. Take this strongly inside you; put it in your mind. Throughout the day keep remembering that you are love, you are trust, you are peace, you are unity, you are joy! There’s no greater mantra. Just sing, “I am love!” By singing, “I am love!” you will always remember that you are a part of God.

Swami Vishwananda

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

A river takes it course but at times, as evolution rolls ever onward, the river changes its course many times. So it is that crossroads come in life. It is best to pray and meditate at each crossroad without the need to carry the burden of making a hasty decision you may regret later. Be at peace no matter what is happening in the world around you.

Mahavatar Babaji 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maha Lakshmi's Prasad - A Gift

At 2 a.m. this morning I was praying for my lovely daughter-in-law who has Multiple Sclerosis. She was diagnosed in college with this illness 10 years ago. Her father is a doctor and he, along with a specialist doctor in this illness, advised her to use a newly developed medicine. She did this and her illness went into total remission - that is, she had no symptoms.
Then 4 years ago, she discontinued taking the medicine to have a child. This process took over a year. She had mild symptoms during and after the pregnancy for a short time. After the baby boy was born, she soon began taking the medicine once more and was symptom free again. Then over 2 years ago she stopped the medicine again to have a second child. Her symptoms returned – that is numbness in various parts of the body which skipped around from place to place during and up to this time two years later. She has now been back taking the medicine since the child was born 18 months ago.  Her outside work is as a Dental Hygienist and now this numbness in her hands affects her work as well as at home and with her children, driving a car and all actions in which one uses the hands. Of course, her family and friends are concerned and are praying for her.

This daughter-in-law is a wonderful, gentle, kind and loving person. She is an excellent wife and mother. And she is a faithful, devout Christian.

As I prayed to Divine Mother In the aspect of Maha Lakshmi, I was with Her in the etheric, kneeling in front of her, seeing and hearing her. I asked Her: “Divine Mother, as you know, my Satguru Swami Vishwananda told us in one recent Guru Purnima: “If you pray to Divine Mother in My Name, and if it is beneficial, she will answer your prayer and give you what you ask.”  Now, in the name of Swami Vishwananda, I respectfully and humbly ask You to heal my daughter-in-law of this disease, who is like You, beautiful inside and out.”

Maha Lakshmi made her right hand into a fist and placed it at my crown chakra and tapped very strongly three times. I felt something growing out of my crown and stretching upward and then it stopped. Divine Mother took this object from the top of my head and clasped both of my hands around a beautiful pristine, white Easter Lilly, which was fresh with water droplets that glistened in Her Light. I thought: “How is it that Maha Lakshmi is giving me this Easter Lilly as it is associated with Christ Jesus and Her flower is the lotus flower?”

Divine Mother Maha Lakshmi smiled at me and said, in gentle chastisement: “When you pray for this daughter-in-law, you pray in the name of Jesus Christ.” (Please remember I said this daughter-in-law is a devout Christian).  I then remembered that Gurudev has taught us: “When you pray to Jesus Christ and if Nrsimhadev would show up, you know what will happen!” And then I understood Divine Mother’s strong tapping. I should have remembered this.

Then I heard the OM in my ear and I trust this to be a sign that Divine Mother Maha Lakshmi will heal this beautiful young woman, my daughter-in-law, in the name of Jesus Christ. In essence, aren't Jesus Christ and Swami Vishwananda one? However, some do not comprehend this and we tend to pray to the deity of our choice, as Gurudev teaches us.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Solve a Problem

You see a problem can be very small like this, but you can stretch it and make it long. That’s what you do always, or you can let go of it completely and leave it in the hand of God. He shall take care. He gave it and he has a solution for it; trust into that. 

Sri Swami Vishwananda

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mahavatar Babaji Tells A story Today

Mahavatar Babaji Tells A Story Today
Once there was a spiritual teacher who had disciples and devotees who followed his teachings.  One day one disciple decided to test the teacher’s ability of omniscience. The disciple held his head under the water with firm intent to keep his head under the water until his Master answered his telepathic call. So the disciple set up the intent with calling telepathically to the teacher: “I am just around the bend from you in this Sacred Ganges River and I will hold my head under the water until you come to me.” 

Well, you know what can happen, the man drowned; he was dead and other disciples pulled him out of the water and laid him on the bank of the Ganges. 
A few moments later the teacher came strolling slowly by and asked, “What has happened here?” When he was told the story, which he already knew, he knelt down to the now dead disciple and touched him on the forehead and heart saying a mantra, “Om Namo Narayana.” The disciple sat up, wiping the water out of his eyes and asked the teacher, “If you can bring me back to life, surely you have the power to have come to me before I died. Why didn’t you come before I died?” The teacher said, “You foolish disciple, you gave your precious life for the wrong purpose. This life was given to you for the sole purpose of attaining the Divine. Now I have answered your question. It was I who was testing you. I wanted to see how far you would go for such a foolish way of obtaining this information about me.  Now that you know this, be wise and diligently take my lessons to heart so that you, too, may be free and attain the Divine Within yourself.”

Be wise with your teacher Swami Vishwananda and follow his teachings. I tell you truly; He can take you Home, which in your Heart you do remember.

Mahavatar Babaji 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Realizing Service

Through service, you realize that you are serving not out of ego, not out of pride, but you´re serving through your Heart. Of course, when you start to serve, there´s always the pride in it. You are proud of how much you are doing. You say: “Look how much I am doing". The “I”, the big “I” is always there, and you are forgetting that´s only Him who is doing through you. The more you serve, the more it comes to a point where it is transcended. Then you start to realize that whatever way you are serving, you are serving only Him, and it´s only Him who is serving.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

Love is like a whisper in the ear of the Beloved,
Ever welcomed and it is Love for Love’s sake only.
When it rains, Love does not cry with the rain.
Love cries when the flame of light stops
Burning and brightly shining Within.
Movies depict Love as an emotion of one
Human Being for another of humankind.
In the grand scheme of things, it is not like that.
Love is the never-ending, forever,  Heart of the Divine
Plan of the Whole of the Cosmos of Creation. 
Love is Love because God is Love.
And God is All That Is!

Mahavatar Babaji

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Falling in Love

Swami Vishwananda looking like a Maharaja of Ancient India
(Maharaja means Great King)
You know how beautiful it is? For sure you know... all of you have fallen in love, haven’t you? Haven’t you? (The audience laughs). But none of you have answered me. Have you really fallen in love? (Audience: “Yes, but it was terrible“…laughing). Yes, you see, as long as love is with expectation, it will always be terrible. But when you love, when you realize yourself being the source of love, it’s not terrible. It’s the most joyful thing, the most beautiful thing. Still, love is just a word that I say to you. It’s up to each one of you to experience it, like a small child. If a small child came walking into this room, he would just experience love; he wouldn’t bother about anything around.

Sri Swami Vishwananda

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama: It can be that when one meets the heart Guru, one "falls in Divine Love," which is different, but even more exhilarating, than "falling in love," in the human love stories. Have you ever wondered, as I have, that until enlightenment, this exhilaration of the time of "first falling in love with the Guru," is the source of so-called "Guru-hopping", just like changing partners in human love?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mahavatar Babaji Mantra and Slide Show

This video is of a slide show movie created to support a bhajan sung and composed by Bhadrananda. I was with Paartha who did a Radha Krishna Yagna and puja at Bhadrananda’s home this weekend.  I assisted Bhadrananda’s sister who did an abhishekam to Radha Krishna. Paartha and I did a Satsang after a delicious dinner including dishes brought by each guest. If you have an opportunity to visit Bhadrananda’s chapel for a liturgy and a puja or abishekam in his temple in Switzerland, please do so. You will be rewarded with a very high frequency of spiritual energy built up through the blessing of Swami Vishwananda and the continuous care of Bhadananda and his family.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guru Stotram for Swami VIshwananda


Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Mother is the Supreme Mother

My ["birth"] mother is not my Mother.  My Mother is the Supreme Mother. You see, to manifest, I had to take a body. So, I just need the body, nothing else. And also, I took the body from My Will. Well, it is possible. This is true. You see, if you are born to somebody, there are certain karmic things that a person is connected with. I will talk a little bit about my mother and my parents also. In a previous life, they did lots of penance, and I promised them I would be born to them. That´s why I took birth. And I said I came by my own will. It is true. 

-Sri Swami Vishwananda 

(From: “Just Love – Questions and Answers”)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Powerful Love in Gratefulness

It is possible to fulfill the purpose of your incarnation only if you surrender body, mind and soul completely to God. Let go of your identity, let go of this “I”, this egoism that causes you to focus only on the outside. When you let go of your identity, then the Divine will reveal It's-Self to you. Then you will see the Unlimited and you will feel the blissful happiness.
Our Dearly Beloved Swami Vishwananda seems, to me, to be saying, lovingly and in a light-hearted teaching way, from His expression and body language in this picture: “Oh, really! Don’t let your ego persuade you that you are telling me anything that I don’t already know! J

Per the poem that the "I" beyond the "ego I" wrote on Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda blog two days ago, The Teacher Who Comes Once In A Lifetime: Ramayotee wrote: "Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring poem." (Somehow the published comment was lost and I re-entered it). 

Due to something someone wrote to me today that is so beautiful that it brings "Bhakti tears of gratitude" to my eyes (see below) I want to say thank you, Ramayotee, for the beautiful flowers you send in appreciation of the poetry I am inspired to write, from beyond the conscious mind on this blog. And the I.O.U. of a special poem, just for you, will come soon!

Someone, very dear, wrote today to me: "Gratitude [being thankful] is a beautiful aspect, through which we can achieve the highest goal. Gratitude is an aspect which unfolds Bhakti in ourselves fully. Gratitude is an aspect which opens our hearts with no limitations in a way that everybody and everything can fit inside of it. [This is my emphasis, because I say this often about Love, as well. And I believe this person, who wrote this knows that!
-svl] Gratitude is an aspect which teaches us to say thanks for all creation, for all worlds and universes, for lives and experiences which we have experienced and we are experiencing. Gratitude is an aspect which gives us, naturally, tears into our eyes, because we are feeling bliss. Gratitude is an aspect which gives us fulfilment without limitations. Gratitude is an aspect which removes our fears, doubts and judgment. Gratitude is an aspect, which brings us to peace with all which is. Gratitude is an aspect which won´t let the fire of confusion in our minds start. Gratitude is an aspect which gives Me huge fulfillment of knowing that Narayana is here - Swami Vishwananda, Mahavatar Babaji, who is my beloved Satguru, as well as Yours." -A Teacher of Swamini Lakshmi

love to readers, svl

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OM Healing in Balkan Countries

OM-Healing in certain Balkan Countries
For a long time I had a wish to spread OM-Healing in the Balkan countries, which I considered as quite "poor countries." In June, 2012, I had the pleasure to introduce OM-Healing in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro.
During the trip I discovered that those countries are not poor at all. They have beautiful, untouched nature, old and mystical monasteries and recently discovered Bosnian pyramids that are considered to be as powerful as the Egyptian ones. The people are friendly and still have time for each other. Many of them offered accommodation in their homes just after a short talk. All this showed me that they [the Balkan countries that I visited and people I met there] have a rich culture and spirituality.
The first OM-Healing workshop was in Yoga Mandala Studio in Sofia. The people welcomed me with curiosity and started to ask questions like: "Did you really come from Germany to give this workshop? Tell us something about the Ashram life and Atma Kriya, about Swami Vishwananda?" It felt like being with close friends.
After introducing the meaning of AUM and the OM-Healing technique, we practiced together. The energy was strong and many mystical sounds could be heard. At the end of the session we enjoyed the silence and peace. A lady finally said: "This is a gift. Thank you for bringing it here! “After the OM-Healing our hearts were simply connected without knowing one another.
International Coordinator
Sri Swami Vishwananda’s Om Healing

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Teacher Who Comes Once In A Lifetime

Behind all our actions, behind all that is happening, there is God's Grace.
 And if we start seeing it in this way, we will be very happy. 
–Sri Swami Vishwananda

The Teacher Who Comes
Once In A Lifetime

This most surprisingly and miraculous 

Spiritual Teacher came my way one fine day!
May you all be blessed with such a wonder.
Later, I asked Him the first question: 
“I saw this great golden light 
While meditating and chanting your name.
Did you send the light?”

He said very lovingly, and simply getting acquainted
As to the way of His teaching…
I think…
 "I accept and perceive your request,
But I can not answer your questions now,
Because the right time has not come yet. 
Please, perceive me in your heart.
There shall you find answers to your questions, 
And they will come to you in the moment when it’s
Important for you to know them.
Let’s accept gifts of Light and His (The Divine’s) 
Blessing with an open heart and open intellect. 

"Let´s keep in our hearts such Love, which has no 
Boundaries and which includes 
All spiritual Teachers and Masters, 
Behind which is one Light – Unity for all. 
Let’s accept the blessing which we receive on the levels 
Of our physical and subtle bodies. 
Thankfulness is an aspect which brings us to 
Full realization of Paramatma. 
It is not important to know who is helping us.
Let’s be thankful to God for everything, because it’s only 
Him Who stands behind everything.”

This was my first lesson from this Teacher.
To this day, I adore His enlightened answer!

The spiritual life is filled with bumps and 
Obstacles along one’s long pathway.
These clear the karma and lighten your 
Footsteps as you forge ahead in life’s buffet.
One day… just when you think you are settled for life 
With the Guru safely in place and secure in your heart
Like an explosion out of nowhere, it seems,
Another teacher may suddenly, miraculously and
Magnificently appear to teach 
You some specific ways and means
Of reaching the higher vibrational field of the Divine.

It’s all karmic patterns woven in the soul’s inherited
Gene pool of one’s energetic field, you see?
Confusing to the max, at first, it becomes clearer with 
Love, Patience, Unity… and the Teacher’s Divine Love.
What to do? Where does one’s loyalty lie and why 
This sudden infusion of new spiritual energy into your 
Very cells the spiritual aspirant asks… sincerely?
It feels like Hanuman when he said that every hair on his head
Vibrates -- "Ram, Ram, Ram!"
Well, the Guru says: “Each teacher has a particular
Mission in the way He teaches and each can reach areas 
Of the ego-self that perhaps another cannot reach at the time 
It specifically is needed to climb Jacob’s Stairway
To Heaven as his prophetic dream portrayed."

When the light is offered in any form sent straight 
From the Divine Itself, “the time for hesitation is over,”
Take the reigns as they are offered and listen to what the
Teacher provides in the form of Spiritual Prasad.

A lowly merchant by the side of the sea sells his fish 
And wares to any passerby, but a Teacher who is sent 
From the Light of the Highest Heaven, must choose his students 
With whom He passes on His mantel of wisdom as he teaches 
Very carefully and according to one’s readiness to receive in 
God’s Holy Light of Time, Space and Love Divine!

So, if and when this happens to you, tighten your seat belt, 
Fold your hands in prayer and get ready for one of the greatest rides
Of your life. And remember to leave behind your 
Pride, Envy, Jealousy, Lust, and
The bevy of latitudes wound around your Heart, 
In order to free it to soar with the Eagles and the Teacher 
Who chooses you when the time is ordained by the 
Holy Most High when you are ready to remove
The chains of ignorance, this binding rope tied tightly 
To your heart which you weren’t even aware was there
Until the Teacher appeared and lovingly revealed 
The Face of God Within you… reflected in His own 
Beautiful face, soul, words and voice.
And more relevantly… in the Divine Energy
Of the silent space between His words
And His mantle of blessing, ensconced in His
Presence in your lifestream.
Om and Amen

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hanuman Sankirtan with Sri Swami Vishwananda 2012

Devotee quote - yesterday’s “Love’s Pearls of Wisdom” from Mahavatar Babaji:
What a wonderful message from Mahavatar Babaji today !!! The goose bombs covered my whole body and tears of Joy and Love appeared in
my eyes.

One late night in January 2012, Sri Swami Vishwananda went through the halls of Shree Peetha Nilaya awaking people and gave a Sankirtan where Hanuman appeared and blessed special water for healing the waters,  Earth and illnesses.
We sang many bhajans and the sankirtan was ecstatic, so much so, that Guruji went into a deep state of consciousness after which he asked everybody to create a big circle. He asked for a bowl of water and some earth to be brought and to be placed in the middle of the circle.
Gurudev asked everybody to sing Ram’s name infusing the power of His name into the water which was mixed with Earth. He said it will change the karma of the Earth. We sang “Rama Krishna Hari” on and on. After a while Guruji said that Hanuman had blessed the water and that we should distribute water to everybody and pour it in all rivers and lakes of the world.
“I would like you all to take this water and put in in all the rivers, put even one drop of it. … It can be mixed up as much as we want with any other water, and it will help create positivity in this world. So spread it as much as possible.”

Swami explained that the Hanuman blessed water can help in many ways, including the curing of illnesses. One could see so much joy in everybody’s faces. It was already dawm when the group started to disperse. But many lingered on the site of the Great Night of Sankirtan with Guruji.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love's Pearls of Wisdom by Mahavatar Babaji

The Himalayan snows are falling on the highest mountain tops. The yogis are preparing themselves for the winter to come either by going further down the mountains or preparing their mental, emotional and spiritual states to withstand the harsh conditions of a winter in the high mountains. So it is that you must prepare for the storm of energy that will come to Earth in the days to come. Hold onto the hand and heart of the Divine and your Spiritual Teacher and you will be strong and helpful to others. Be at peace and remember to love unconditionally.

Mahavatar Babaji

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You Fear Death

God will send you a Master if you desire God, but if you have greater work to do, of course you need a Master who is sharp like an arrow to put you in your place.
After death, you have to go again through life, but there is always opportunity. There’s opportunity wherever you are, because when He puts you here He, also, always plans everything for you, but, also, you have your plan. That’s the difference. So why do you have to wait for dying? You can look for the opportunity right now. On this right moment you can look for opportunities and hold them, and rise, and let this Love guide you. Let your heart guide you. Don’t allow the mind to guide you, because the mind will always corrupt you.
-Sri Swami Vishwananda

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Circular Learning

You see Shree Peetha Nilaya between the words, Patience and Unity,
 and the 
Village of Springen below the word, Unity – 
Sri Swami Vishwananda’s Bhakti Marga “logo” words:
Love Patience Unity

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Master's Smile

When you desire God, God will send you the Master. And, if you desire God, but have a lot of work to do on yourself, of course, you need a Master who is sharp like an arrow to put you in your place, otherwise you will not do it. 

–Swami Vishwananda

The Master’s Smile
Satguru, Prema Avatar Sri Swami Vishwananda

The world does not come to an end when one
 “Falls out of love” in the human love
As it is expressed presently.
It does feel like all pleasure has gone away
Into the wild blue yonder, somewhere, somewhen.

Then one day the world seems to awaken
With a sunrise bursting upon our life
So unexpectedly that the gloom we felt
Yesterday and last night has disappeared
As mysteriously as it sprung into being,
All on its own it seems,
Suddenly, without our wish or approval.

For a moment. in time. it feels like that
When one discovers Gurudev has
Left the premises of Shree Peetha Nilaya
To do his holy work somewhere else.

Then, after a moment one is happy for
The people who will see Him,
Enjoy His Love, Grace and blessings
In a new place, in time.
And it is then, once again,
All is right with God,
And all is right with this world.

Still, the heart holds onto and remembers that
The Master's Form and His Love and Grace
Will soon, once again, come home
To His Earthly home, Shree Peetha Nilaya.
And His beautiful enigmatic smile soon
Will light up this world and
Our unified Love of beating hearts with
A common OM, OM, OM !

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

Sri Swami Vishwananda - Gurudeva