Monday, September 10, 2012

The Teacher Who Comes Once In A Lifetime

Behind all our actions, behind all that is happening, there is God's Grace.
 And if we start seeing it in this way, we will be very happy. 
–Sri Swami Vishwananda

The Teacher Who Comes
Once In A Lifetime

This most surprisingly and miraculous 

Spiritual Teacher came my way one fine day!
May you all be blessed with such a wonder.
Later, I asked Him the first question: 
“I saw this great golden light 
While meditating and chanting your name.
Did you send the light?”

He said very lovingly, and simply getting acquainted
As to the way of His teaching…
I think…
 "I accept and perceive your request,
But I can not answer your questions now,
Because the right time has not come yet. 
Please, perceive me in your heart.
There shall you find answers to your questions, 
And they will come to you in the moment when it’s
Important for you to know them.
Let’s accept gifts of Light and His (The Divine’s) 
Blessing with an open heart and open intellect. 

"Let´s keep in our hearts such Love, which has no 
Boundaries and which includes 
All spiritual Teachers and Masters, 
Behind which is one Light – Unity for all. 
Let’s accept the blessing which we receive on the levels 
Of our physical and subtle bodies. 
Thankfulness is an aspect which brings us to 
Full realization of Paramatma. 
It is not important to know who is helping us.
Let’s be thankful to God for everything, because it’s only 
Him Who stands behind everything.”

This was my first lesson from this Teacher.
To this day, I adore His enlightened answer!

The spiritual life is filled with bumps and 
Obstacles along one’s long pathway.
These clear the karma and lighten your 
Footsteps as you forge ahead in life’s buffet.
One day… just when you think you are settled for life 
With the Guru safely in place and secure in your heart
Like an explosion out of nowhere, it seems,
Another teacher may suddenly, miraculously and
Magnificently appear to teach 
You some specific ways and means
Of reaching the higher vibrational field of the Divine.

It’s all karmic patterns woven in the soul’s inherited
Gene pool of one’s energetic field, you see?
Confusing to the max, at first, it becomes clearer with 
Love, Patience, Unity… and the Teacher’s Divine Love.
What to do? Where does one’s loyalty lie and why 
This sudden infusion of new spiritual energy into your 
Very cells the spiritual aspirant asks… sincerely?
It feels like Hanuman when he said that every hair on his head
Vibrates -- "Ram, Ram, Ram!"
Well, the Guru says: “Each teacher has a particular
Mission in the way He teaches and each can reach areas 
Of the ego-self that perhaps another cannot reach at the time 
It specifically is needed to climb Jacob’s Stairway
To Heaven as his prophetic dream portrayed."

When the light is offered in any form sent straight 
From the Divine Itself, “the time for hesitation is over,”
Take the reigns as they are offered and listen to what the
Teacher provides in the form of Spiritual Prasad.

A lowly merchant by the side of the sea sells his fish 
And wares to any passerby, but a Teacher who is sent 
From the Light of the Highest Heaven, must choose his students 
With whom He passes on His mantel of wisdom as he teaches 
Very carefully and according to one’s readiness to receive in 
God’s Holy Light of Time, Space and Love Divine!

So, if and when this happens to you, tighten your seat belt, 
Fold your hands in prayer and get ready for one of the greatest rides
Of your life. And remember to leave behind your 
Pride, Envy, Jealousy, Lust, and
The bevy of latitudes wound around your Heart, 
In order to free it to soar with the Eagles and the Teacher 
Who chooses you when the time is ordained by the 
Holy Most High when you are ready to remove
The chains of ignorance, this binding rope tied tightly 
To your heart which you weren’t even aware was there
Until the Teacher appeared and lovingly revealed 
The Face of God Within you… reflected in His own 
Beautiful face, soul, words and voice.
And more relevantly… in the Divine Energy
Of the silent space between His words
And His mantle of blessing, ensconced in His
Presence in your lifestream.
Om and Amen


Vishwananda-Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama said...

Ramayotee wrote:
"Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring poem." (Somehow the comment was lost).

I just wanted to say thank you, Ramayotee, for the beautiful flowers you send in appreciation of the poetry I am inspired to write, from beyond the consciousness mind on this blog. And the I.O.U. of a special poem, just for you, will come soon!

Someone wrote recently to me: "Gratitude is a beautiful aspect, through which we can achiveve the highest goal. Gratitude is aspect, which unfolds Bhakti in ourselves fully. Gratitude is an aspect, which opens our hearts with no limitations in a way that everybody and everything can fit inside of it. Gratitude is an aspect, which teaches us to say thanks for all creation, for all worlds and universes, for lifes and experiences which have experienced and we are experiencing. Gratitude is an aspcet, which gives us naturally tears into our eyes, because we are feeling bliss. Gratitude is an aspect, which gives us fullfilment without limitations. Gratitude is an aspect, which removes our fears, doubts, judgement. Gratitude is an aspect, which brings us to peace with all which is. Gratitude is an aspect, which won´t let start fire of conf usion in our minds. Gratitue is aspect which gives Me hudge fullfilment of knownig that Narayana is here - Swami Vishwananda, Mahavatar Babaji, who is my beloved Satguru, as well as Yours.

love, swamini lakshmi

Anonymous said...

This poem answered my doubts that I was currently facing!Thanks a million!