Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Powerful Love in Gratefulness

It is possible to fulfill the purpose of your incarnation only if you surrender body, mind and soul completely to God. Let go of your identity, let go of this “I”, this egoism that causes you to focus only on the outside. When you let go of your identity, then the Divine will reveal It's-Self to you. Then you will see the Unlimited and you will feel the blissful happiness.
Our Dearly Beloved Swami Vishwananda seems, to me, to be saying, lovingly and in a light-hearted teaching way, from His expression and body language in this picture: “Oh, really! Don’t let your ego persuade you that you are telling me anything that I don’t already know! J

Per the poem that the "I" beyond the "ego I" wrote on Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda blog two days ago, The Teacher Who Comes Once In A Lifetime: Ramayotee wrote: "Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring poem." (Somehow the published comment was lost and I re-entered it). 

Due to something someone wrote to me today that is so beautiful that it brings "Bhakti tears of gratitude" to my eyes (see below) I want to say thank you, Ramayotee, for the beautiful flowers you send in appreciation of the poetry I am inspired to write, from beyond the conscious mind on this blog. And the I.O.U. of a special poem, just for you, will come soon!

Someone, very dear, wrote today to me: "Gratitude [being thankful] is a beautiful aspect, through which we can achieve the highest goal. Gratitude is an aspect which unfolds Bhakti in ourselves fully. Gratitude is an aspect which opens our hearts with no limitations in a way that everybody and everything can fit inside of it. [This is my emphasis, because I say this often about Love, as well. And I believe this person, who wrote this knows that!
-svl] Gratitude is an aspect which teaches us to say thanks for all creation, for all worlds and universes, for lives and experiences which we have experienced and we are experiencing. Gratitude is an aspect which gives us, naturally, tears into our eyes, because we are feeling bliss. Gratitude is an aspect which gives us fulfilment without limitations. Gratitude is an aspect which removes our fears, doubts and judgment. Gratitude is an aspect, which brings us to peace with all which is. Gratitude is an aspect which won´t let the fire of confusion in our minds start. Gratitude is an aspect which gives Me huge fulfillment of knowing that Narayana is here - Swami Vishwananda, Mahavatar Babaji, who is my beloved Satguru, as well as Yours." -A Teacher of Swamini Lakshmi

love to readers, svl

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