Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OM Healing in Balkan Countries

OM-Healing in certain Balkan Countries
For a long time I had a wish to spread OM-Healing in the Balkan countries, which I considered as quite "poor countries." In June, 2012, I had the pleasure to introduce OM-Healing in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro.
During the trip I discovered that those countries are not poor at all. They have beautiful, untouched nature, old and mystical monasteries and recently discovered Bosnian pyramids that are considered to be as powerful as the Egyptian ones. The people are friendly and still have time for each other. Many of them offered accommodation in their homes just after a short talk. All this showed me that they [the Balkan countries that I visited and people I met there] have a rich culture and spirituality.
The first OM-Healing workshop was in Yoga Mandala Studio in Sofia. The people welcomed me with curiosity and started to ask questions like: "Did you really come from Germany to give this workshop? Tell us something about the Ashram life and Atma Kriya, about Swami Vishwananda?" It felt like being with close friends.
After introducing the meaning of AUM and the OM-Healing technique, we practiced together. The energy was strong and many mystical sounds could be heard. At the end of the session we enjoyed the silence and peace. A lady finally said: "This is a gift. Thank you for bringing it here! “After the OM-Healing our hearts were simply connected without knowing one another.
International Coordinator
Sri Swami Vishwananda’s Om Healing

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