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Who Was Swami Vishwanada In Past Lives?

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Music Concert Day 1 SPN Opening

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New Video SPN Opening June 2013 and More Opening Pictures

USA Swamini newly initiated picture and SPN Opening Celebrations

Newly Initiated USA Country Swamini
Third from Right

Swamini Vishwajaninnanandanima. 

Shree Peetha Nilaya Yesterday
Sri Swami Vishwananda Premavatar
Satsang with Swami Sri Siva ArumugaPaskarakurukalem . He is the head priests of the largest Hindu temple in Europe, with thousands of devotees who visit it every yearSwami also led to an invitation Gurujiho in the Ashram opening ceremonies .

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US Country Swamini Initiated Today

Swami Vishwananda Premavatar

Swami Vishwananda will initiate twelve Swamis, Himself, into the Bhakti Marga order of His Ramanuja Swami Order. Sri or Maha Lakshmi began this Order of Swamis with Ramanuja.

Subsequently, those twelve Swamis will initiate other Swamis to serve in each country of the World.

Swamini Vishwamohinianandama of South Africa, assisted by Swamini Vishwakarunanandama of England, initiated a United States of America Country Swamini today at Shree Peetha Nilaya, the Ashram of Sri Swami Vishwananda Premavatar. The long-awaited Spiritual Opening of Shree Peetha Nilaya is underway June 19-23, 2013.

The US Country Swamini was given the name, Swamini Vishwajaninnanandanima. 

(Pictures to follow) . . .

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Spiritual Opening Ceremony SPN

Swami Vishwananda watching with guests
Swami Siva Sri Arumuga Paskarakurukal and Swami Atmananda Ji Saraswati

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Have you ever felt like The Gods are Celebrating and have forgotten you exist?

Have you ever felt like the Gods are Celebrating and have forgotten you exist? Have you ever had a "dark night of the soul" that seems to go on and on and on. It seems the Guru has “stopped” almost everything in your life and that you are in a kind of “no man’s land” and banished into the outback. The Guru seems far away? Where did He go? – you ask yourself. And why did he take all others and everything in your life that gave you joy along with him? 

You boldly, not caring that he may think you weak, and perhaps a bit resentfully, you ask him, "Why is this happening this way?" And he answers, "I planned it this way." And you, literally, do not know whether to laugh or cry or run away, hurt and feeling so alone, so abandoned, so unloved. 

Yet from the strong inner core, the spiritual heart mummers like an echo and "whispers from eternity,": God is Love; this, too, shall pass.

Then, one fine day you wake up and discover that it all was maya and it was all about the Guru giving you a beautiful gift of learning detachment and remembering Divine Love.

Satguru’s Gift

Whatever it takes to break the Human Heart,
And thereby inflame the Heart Spirit,
Is Divine Grace.

From the moment of birth in physical form
A tiny babe has been born from
The Holy Grail of woman.
And the seed of man is placed
Into conceptual, fertile space and time.
Once transference has taken place,
A soul divinely comes into alignment
With material, third-dimensional form.

A Satguru from beyond time and space,
Seemingly, is born into physical form.
In actuality, Satguru never is born nor is he physical,
A mystery from time out of mind…Divinely So!
Satguru appears from the divine nature of God
For only one purpose. . .
It is not for himself that he comes or goes.

The Satguru transcends
Time and space and light and dark,
As a gift from the Divine,
To awaken the divinity within all those who
Resonate with his heart, his form, and
His timeless message of Love forevermore.

The Satguru has a heart full of Divine Love
And a mind that has been cleansed
Of darkness,
And thereby registers
Only Divine Light Form.

Krishna’s cattle-herder’s dog wanders
On the mountain landscape of life.
He tends the cows and herds them home.
Eventually, the cattle-herder—the man
Listens to the voice within,
The Voice of Mahavatar Babaji,
Sri Swami Vishwananda Premavatar,
Narayana-Vishnu—the Supreme,
Calling him home to higher vibration,
Calling, calling, calling him home.
And so it is with dog and man,
In this day and this time!

 The Satguru comes when Divine Timing
Transcends space and time
For one purpose only—
To tell all those who have the
Eyes to see and the ears to hear. . .
It is time, my friends,
For dog and man to become
One Egoless Yogi,
And transcend time. . .
It is time, it is time, it is time.

Whatever it takes to break the Human Heart,
And thereby inflame the Heart Spirit,
Is Divine Grace.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Spiritual Birth and Message from Mahavatar

Lana Kali's Birth

Mahavatar Babaji - Message from Mahavatar to All today:

Beloveds, birth into the physical body is a blessing in disguise. Those who realize this are blessed indeed. There is abundant mystery as to the “why” of the suffering of mankind.  The mind does not easily comprehend this life blessing in the physical. Without the pain and suffering humanity has brought upon itself throughout time and the forgetting to remember the Great Edict that The Divine is within all of creation, misery comes as Swami Vishwananda Premavatar has taught you. Beloveds, remember you are loved from “On High” beyond your wildest dreams and wishes. So it is written, and so it is. –Mahavatar Babaji

Swami Vishwananda Premavatar:
“There are three kinds of Love. When we talk about love, we say “I love you”, always. Have you ever written an SMS to Krishna, to God? Do you say, “God, I love you and I miss you so much”? No, you never have! But to all the people you say “I love you, I love you, I love you.”. Imagine how much love that He has for you. And yet, you forget about it. You are mostly concerned about human love, relationships and all this, which will last only for some time and finish, and then you jump again on another thing. Misery, misery, misery, misery, misery, misery, always misery! Your soul aim is to attain "just love" through service to Him."

Lana Kali's Birth (from Bhakti Marga)
If you have had special experiences with Sri Swami Vishwananda, we very much welcome you sharing them by sending us an email. Kindly please send your contribution to Many thanks!

Lana Kali's birth on 12/04/2013 by Alice Beins / Kusumitra, Guatemala
The birth of my fifth child Lana Kali was under a special star and under the protection of my guru Sri Swami Vishwananda.

I noticed the pregnancy only at the end of the 5th month of pregnancy. Although I had "suspicions", I ignored these, because I was very sick, especially in early pregnancy. I had parasites and consequently iron anemia. So I noticed my pregnancy only when the stomach started to grow and I felt the first movements of Lana. Although I was worried because I had been so sick, I was delighted and immediately saw her pregnancy as a gift from God.

I immediately had the feeling that she was protected by Sri Swami Vishwananda and Maha Kali. 
The pregnancy was not easy because I felt sick the whole pregnancy. The parasites and iron deficiency seemed to follow me and I got gallbladder problems. Finally, I found out that I have a gluten intolerance and that was why I was carrying all these health problems with me. Lana Kali seemed to bring all this to the light.

I tried to enjoy my pregnancy, which was not always very easy, because we had huge financial problems and did not know how to proceed. But everything got better when Robert started to work as a partner in a cafe and I began to cook and bake alongside my work as a mother and housewife for the café as well. It was at times very difficult, as I often felt weak and sick.

The little Lana Kali however always seemed to be strong and healthy, she was moving a lot in my belly and I enjoyed it to feel her growing inside of me.

The pregnancy seemed to fly by and about 2 months before the birth, I suddenly had some feelings of panic. I was not prepared for the birth! I always had so much to do that simply was no time left. I started to read all of my birth books  whenever I had a spare minute, trying as much as possible to meditate. Many feelings came to the surface in the pregnancy and I tackled with these feelings.

A month before the birth many fears came up. I suddenly put myself under pressure. Since I had already experienced incredibly easy births and I always made me strong for a spiritual and unassisted childbirth, I asked myself now, to surpass my last birth ... But at this point came the fear. What if this time everything would go wrong, if the baby would be sick, or something would happen? Daily new fears arose. My brother helped me a lot, especially in the last 2 weeks of the pregnancy, when the fears were even stronger, we meditated every 2nd day. He helped me and supported me to let go and  helped me to realize more and more the cause of this fear  and to trust in my guru Sri Swami Vishwananda.

Two weeks before the birth my brother went to a Darshan of Swami. Andi was taking a picture of me and my family with him and asked Swamiji to bless me and the baby for the birth. Swami told Andi:. "Please tell your sister that I think about her every day," When I heard this news, I cried. I had felt so lonely the last few weeks, but now I felt much stronger. 
Even after this message many feelings came up, but I also knew it had to be like that. Only when our feelings come up and we look at them, we can finally let them go.

On the day of birth, I had slight contractions in the morning. I had previously thought that our child might come that day. It was the energy E 12, according to the spiritual Mayan calendar. The day of fortune and fate. The fear came on this day with full force. Suddenly, I thought again of all the things that could go wrong when you're scared .... So even more fear came. I tried, but I couldn't let go of that fear. I wrote an email to Swamiji and asked him for his help. Then I wrote to my brother. He told me I should give everything to Swami and accept it as it is.

Finally, Robert came home in the afternoon and calmed me down. I ... got calmer and calmer. I decided that I would have to accept now. My daughter wanted to come and I had to let go now. I had my first labor contraction immediately after this decision. I went to Robert and there came an even stronger contraction. I asked him to carry the old pillows up in the meditation room. He helped me and I told him I would call him, if I needed him.

I prepared the pillows on the floor and put clean towels over them. I sat on a plastic tub and there was another contraction. Immediately afterwards followed a very strong contraction in which I felt that the head of Lana coming down. Immediately my water broke and emptied into the tub. The next contraction came and I felt a slight need to push. With the next contraction I abandoned myself to the pushing urge. During each contraction I chanted "Om" and looked at the picture of Sri Swami Vishwananda.

I rose from the tub and set it aside. I sat in front of my altar and had my left hand on the altar... The next contraction followed, I continued chanting "Om". I vibrated internally and externally, and also my voice vibrated with the "Om". I was sure that this was the Shakti energy that flowed through me.

The next contraction came and I could feel her head on my hand. During the next contraction she slipped out. I saw her face and called Robert. Another contraction followed and she was there! She lay on the pillow and I took her. She began to cry. Robert came in and helped me to place her on my belly. The crying stopped immediately and I stroked her head. As soon as I brought my nipple to her mouth, she began to drink and looked at us attentively. The children came up and were pleased with their new sister. After 30 minutes, Robert cut the umbilical cord and dressed the little girl.

I am very grateful for the very spiritual birth experience. I know we were blessed by Kali and Swami. I was only 15 minutes in my meditation room. The entire birth took less than 30 minutes! I know I was protected, as well as my baby.

After 3 hours I went to the toilet and right away my placenta slipped out. In the evening we held a Mayan fire ceremony and gave the placenta back to the four elements and asked for protection and blessing for our daughter's life. Today, 2 days after birth, the day I'x - the day of Mother Earth - we handed over the ashes to the Lago de Atitlan - the heart of Mother Earth.

Lana means "light" and Maha Kali is the dark Divine Mother.

"Only if you really and sincerely surrender and you surrender to your way, you surrender to what you really want, then you will reach your goal."

Sri Swami Vishwananda

This applies to all aspects of our lives - even for the birth. When I surrendered myself to the birth, everything went so fast. I let my body lead. Our bodies know what to do - instinctively.

Today, the 23rd of April I am writing this and I am still so thankful for this experience. Last weekend my brother went to Swamiji´s Darshan in Springen and again he had a message for me. He said, that my brother should tell me that he loves me and that he is reading all my letters. I was so happy and thankful for this message. I know, even if it is not possible to see Swamiji personally (I never did), he is with me all the time.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mahavatar Babaji Letter to All

Dear Friends,

Now is the Time for Resolve.

All the time, let us resolve to become the best we can be.
Let us resolve to live our lives in attunement with Divine Will.
Let us resolve to run with the wind in freedom to be.
Let us freely resolve to soar to the heights of Garuda, Vishnu's vahana.
Let us love our fellow men as we love ourselves, and
Let us do unto our fellow men that which we would have them do unto us.
Both these things are as the Christ taught.

Let us walk on water, literally walk on water with the power of the Christ Consciousness.
Resolve to be at the consciousness all the time that has the ability to fly free as Vishnu's Garuda and to walk on Water like the Apostle Peter with the Christ.

How does one do this?
Your spiritual body can do these things when you set it free and become conscious of this inherent ability.
I wish for you that you resolve to be the best you can be and that is: A Divine Free Will Soul living the life on Earth as you were meant to be in Unity With The Divine!

Resolve to be free; be a Yogi all the time.

Remember that Swami Vishwananda has taught you: "Krishna said to Arjun: “Dear
Arjun, be free. Be like a Yogi and raise your weapon and fight.” When Krishna said that to Arjun, He did not say it only to Arjun. Krishna said that to all of us. We are all Yogis but we have to be free. Who is a Yogi? It is somebody who is free!"

 This is a letter from some time ago which was brought to my attention this morning. Mahavatar Babai has "edited" it and brought it to present time, as to dates and new insights for us to meditate upon. -Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swami had SPN residents Chant Mantra 12 Hours

“Bhaja Nitai Gauranga Radhe Shyam Japa Hare Krishna Hare Ram”
At the end of May, Gurudev asked all residents, people living in Springen and guests to chant a certain mantra for 12 hours continuously each day, taking turns of 15 minutes each person. After the evening prayers last Tuesday Guruji came and joined us and we started all to sing the mantra. It was a real nice and joyous atmosphere and we sang until our little BalaKrishna had to go to bed (because he really gets put to bed in a pyjama). Guruji said the following about the mantra chanting:

Why “Bhaja Nitai Gauranga Radhe Shyam Japa Hare Krishna Hare Ram”? You see “Bhaja Nitai Gaur”“Bhaja” here stands for seva. It stands for the service one is rendering. It´s not a physical service, but it’s a service to the world through vibration.

The aim of human life is to attain pure love, so that you can truly say that you have loved God. Like I explained in the satsang: there are stages to reach sacred love - prem. In this yuga they say always “chanting the Divine Name one achieves that level”.

So why Gauranga? Gauranga is a combination of Radha/Krishna, so that’s why we are singing “Bhaja Nitai Gaur” – service to Nitai and Gauranga, which is service to RadhaKrishna. At the same time “Japa Hare Krishna Hare Ram” – at the same time you are chanting the mahamantra also. So how you will reach the love is by chanting and through the grace of Prabhu Nityananda - and Mahaprabhu can give Himself. Because if Nityananda Prabhu says something Mahaprabhu can´t refuse. It’s the same if Radha says something to Krishna, Krishna can´t refuse. That’s why it is said that Radharani is more wonderful than Krishna Himself.

There are three kinds of Love. When we talk about love, we say “I love you”, always. Have you ever written a sms to Krishna, to God? Do you say, “God, I love you and I miss you so much”? No, you never have!

But to all the people you say “I love you, I love you, I love you”, you know. Imagine how much love that He has for you. And yet, you forget about it. You are mostly concerned about human love, relationships and all this, which will last only for some time and finish, and then you jump again on another thing. Misery, misery, misery, misery, misery, misery, always misery! Your soul aim is to attain,just love, through service to Him.

By chanting “Bhaja Nitai Gauranga Radha Shyam Japa hare Krishna hare Ram”, these 15 minutes that you give of your time is a great contribution. Because everything is vibration, you know, everything vibrates. When you concentrate and when you are chanting, he is here. And that's what the mantra awakens, the knowing that He is the Lord that governs everything. He is the Lord that governs your heart and He is the Lord of your heart and nobody else. In the Gita, it says “All the names that you chant are mine, all the forms are just inside of me, not out of me. Nothing can exist out of me.

You can say, “Yes, God is there, outside”, but the whole universe is inside of Him. How can you be out of Him? Without Him you would not be here. You can´t exist without Him! So that is what you have to realize: Even if in His cosmic form, He is deep inside everybody, He is in everything, but yet we are all part of His cosmic body. What you see outside is the yog-maya, which catches everybody, which veils everybody through ignorance. But it is also His maya. His maya also catches Him. And His maya is Radharani – He can´t escape Her. He can´t escape because Radharani is completely fully in love.

“Bhaja Nitai Gaur”, oh Lord Nitai! How you surrender to Gauranga, how you surrender to love incarnate? Through the service I am giving." Make also this love awake inside of us, make us also part of this drama, make us part of this contribution that we can give to this world. That´s what “Bhaja Nitai Gaur” stands for, you know.

In the Narada Puran, Krishna Himself said to Narad Muni, “One can give big lectures, one can talk a lot, one can read a lot, but if they don´t have love inside their heart, it´s nothing.” So, it´s that which is important, to learn to love God. not superficial, but real. So, that’s in short what this mantra stands for.
Jai Gurudev!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let Truth Be Told About Atma Kriya Yoga

Let Truth Be Told About Atma Kriya Yoga
Mahavatar Babaji / Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

A man of God had a presentiment one day.
He felt a deepening call to take an
Atma Kriya Yoga course that
His wife had taken some time before.
At that time this man felt a small stirring within
But did not feel his Atma Kriya apple was ripe just then.

Some months after his wife had taken the Atma Kriya,
This same man f
elt a stirring, a compelling urge to take the
Atma Kriya Yoga, and this he did,
Taught by a dedicated teacher on short notice,
And within the busy life this one lived.

During this course to his joy and amazement
He received a subtle but great energy connection
Of Love Divine from Sri Swami Vishwananda Premavatar
The living Master who teaches his teachers of Atma Kriya
Given to him directly from Mahavatar Babaji,
Who exists in the Himalayas in this certain form.
Indeed, Mahavatar is both form and formless and exists
In all dimensions beyond space and time.
Mahavatar Babaji helps mankind find the Divine Within.
In the Himalayas and all over this Earth He will be,
And this He will continue to do. . .
Until God deems it to be the end of time as man knows
The illusion of time as the Great Einstein taught so well.

Some days later after his Atma Kriya course,
This man felt a Divine presentiment.
He felt a pain within his heart and he felt the call to Home.
Peacefully, like a baby suddenly ready to go to sleep,
He lay down where he was at this time.
He looked up toward the Ajna Divine connection just
Between the eyebrows in man
And this man, this child of the Living God, began his
Newly learned Atma Kriya Yoga practice.
Truly he had known this somewhere, somewhen . . .
Before . . .

Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning out of the sky
He saw a great white light and Light Beings
Standing within this luminous light.
He perceived a band of angels accompanying them therein.
And . . . Behold!
This man of God walked into the Light and was born anew
In another dimension of God’s Great Kingdom
Which was within him and is, indeed,
Within all mankind throughout the life of man.
For all are children of the One Great God,
The Supreme In-Form and Formless One!

Listen all ye dedicated teachers, take
Atma Kriya Yoga around this whole world
Says the Great One, Mahavatar Babaji.
Let Truth Be Told about Atma Kriya Yoga!
And let Love, Peace, Devotion and Unity
Come within the Sphere of one and all.
OM and AMEN.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Only Desire that will Ultimately Fulfill You

Say to the Divine: I’m an instrument in your hands. Guide me, be with me!” The only desire that will ultimately fulfill you is God, because he is unlimited in everything. In addition, in this desire for God, you will never have a question, whereas with the other desires you always have questions.

For example, if you start a business, the desire is great. You are very happy, because the main thing is to get money. What happens then? The question arises, how to get the money. When you get the money, the desire is still not fulfilled, because you will think how to get more. Then there will be other things, like how you will pay the people who are working for you, or how will you buy other things for your business to grow more? So in this game, you will always ask the question, how will I do this? You will never really be satisfied and really happy with yourself.

That does not mean you should stop your business or should stop your work. It is important that you work, but it is also important that you work with non-attachment, a non-attached feeling. Work and surrender to the Divine. In the morning, praise the Lord and say: “I’m an instrument in your hands. Guide me, be with me!” At the end of the day, before you go to sleep, surrender everything, every action, even if it was not a good action. Analyse it and surrender it to the Divine. Be completely detached from whatever you do, and focus your mind on the Lord.

There was a great poet, Adi Shankaracharya who said,“Bhaja Govindam, Govindam Bhajam Muramate.” Meaning, if mankind would realise how foolish mankind is... We do not realise that the Ultimate of everything is Govinda, is God. If man would realise that everything comes from the source, which is God, why not take the source itself? Why just want something that will be finished after some time?

In the same way, do not waste your time in wanting things that you know have their limit. Desire the Ultimate, and you shall have it.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wisdom of Love - Mahavatar Babaji