Friday, June 14, 2013

Mahavatar Babaji Letter to All

Dear Friends,

Now is the Time for Resolve.

All the time, let us resolve to become the best we can be.
Let us resolve to live our lives in attunement with Divine Will.
Let us resolve to run with the wind in freedom to be.
Let us freely resolve to soar to the heights of Garuda, Vishnu's vahana.
Let us love our fellow men as we love ourselves, and
Let us do unto our fellow men that which we would have them do unto us.
Both these things are as the Christ taught.

Let us walk on water, literally walk on water with the power of the Christ Consciousness.
Resolve to be at the consciousness all the time that has the ability to fly free as Vishnu's Garuda and to walk on Water like the Apostle Peter with the Christ.

How does one do this?
Your spiritual body can do these things when you set it free and become conscious of this inherent ability.
I wish for you that you resolve to be the best you can be and that is: A Divine Free Will Soul living the life on Earth as you were meant to be in Unity With The Divine!

Resolve to be free; be a Yogi all the time.

Remember that Swami Vishwananda has taught you: "Krishna said to Arjun: “Dear
Arjun, be free. Be like a Yogi and raise your weapon and fight.” When Krishna said that to Arjun, He did not say it only to Arjun. Krishna said that to all of us. We are all Yogis but we have to be free. Who is a Yogi? It is somebody who is free!"

 This is a letter from some time ago which was brought to my attention this morning. Mahavatar Babai has "edited" it and brought it to present time, as to dates and new insights for us to meditate upon. -Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Beautifil! Beautiful!
We should incorporate every sentence of this letter and read it
every day for our development into
real freedom.Every word like a pearl, every sentence like a gem, the whole letter like a Diamond of immeasurable value.
JGD Ramayotee