Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SHANKARA Sanskrit Chant: I Am He

Sanskit Chant by Shankara
Excerpt. . .

Mind, nor intellect; nor ego feeling;
Sky, nor earth nor metals am I.
I am He, I am He, Blessed Spirit, I am He!
No birth, no death, no caste have I;
Father, mother have I none.
I am He, I am He, Blessed Spirit, I am He!
Beyond the flights of fancy, formless am I,
Permeating the limbs of all life;
Bondage I do not fear; I am free, ever free,
I am He, I am He, Blessed Spirit, I am He!

Adi Shankara, also known as Adi Sankaracarya, was an Indian philosopher who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta, a sub-school of Vedanta. His teachings are based on the unity of the soul and Brahman, in which Brahman is viewed as without attributes. He hailed from Kalady of present day Kerala.

Shankara travelled across India and other parts of South Asia to propagate his philosophy through discourses and debates with other thinkers. He founded four mathas ("monasteries"), which helped in the historical development, revival and spread of Advaita Vedanta. Adi Shankara is believed to be the organizer of the Dashanami monastic order and the founder of the Shanmata tradition of worship.

His works in Sanskrit, all of which are extant (existing) today, concern themselves with establishing the doctrine of Advaita (Nondualism. He also established the importance of monastic life as sanctioned in the Upanishads and Brahma Sutra, in a time when the Mimamsa school established strict ritualism and ridiculed monasticism. Shankara represented his works as elaborating on ideas found in the Upanishads, and he wrote copious commentaries on the Vedic Canon, Brahma Sutra, Principal Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita, in support of his thesis.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Krishna Janmashtami September 1 2010

Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. He was born as the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva 5100 years ago at midnight. Krishna’s birthday falls on the eighth night of the full moon in the month of Bhadrapada (August / September). Further names given for Krishna’s birthday are Krishnashtami or Gokulashtami. The term Ashtami means the eighth day of the fullmoon. Gokul is the place (near Vrindavan in the state of India called Uttar Pradesh) in which Krishna grew up.

Krishna Murti at Springen 2009 Krishna Janmashtami

In truth however the heart of each one of us is where the true birthplace of Krishna is! Whenever we awaken the Love and Devotion in our heart Krishna can be born again. On Krishna’s birthday we celebrate the 5000 years since his birth and the birth of Devotion and Love in our heart.

During Krishna Janmashtami the temples and houses are creatively decorated with flowers in order to receive God befittingly. In the temples Krishna murtis are honoured, while in many homes puppets of Krishna are decorated in cradles. Candy, butter and cream (Krishna’s favourite foods) are given to baby Krishna. The path between the entrance of the house and the meditation room is marked with a child’s footprints by using flour mixed in water.

Feelings emerge as if Krishna himself has left behind his footprints. Everyone is singing and praying and is reciting the Bhagavatam (the Sacred book telling the life story of Krishna). Already eight days before Krishna’s birthday one begins reciting the mantra Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya unceasingly. Many devotees fast until the midnight hour – the hour when Krishna was born.

In many places the Dahi-Handi ceremony is carried out where a milk pot is broken. In his childhood Krishna and his friends would take the butter or sweet cream from the high up stored places where they would fall and often break.

Such pots (Dahi-Hand) are being filled on His birthday with yoghurt, butter and fruits and fixed high above the street on poles. People are permanently calling out “Govinda Govinda” and the younger boys make a human pyramid in order to reach and smash the pot.

More about Krishna Janmashtami at: http://www.bhaktimarga.org./newsletter/august-14-2010/index-en.htm

Darshan August 28, 2010 Springen Picture below and more at: http://swamivishwananda-info.blogspot.com/

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Master's Touch

When the disciple is really and sincerely ready,
a touch of the Master can give realization just like that.

-Sri Swami Vishwananda

The Touch of the Master's Hand

It was battered and scarred,
And the auctioneer
thought it hardly worth his while
To waste his time on the old violin,
but he held it up with a smile.

"What am I bid, good people", he cried,
"Who starts the bidding for me?"
"One dollar, one dollar, Do I hear two?"
Two dollars, who makes it three?"
"Three dollars once, three dollars twice,
going for three,"

But, No,
From the room far back
a gray bearded man
Came forward and picked up the bow,
Then wiping the dust from the old violin
And tightening up the strings,
He played a melody, pure and sweet
As sweet as the angel sings.

The music ceased and the auctioneer
With a voice that was quiet and low,
Said "What now am I bid for this old violin?"
As he held it aloft with its' bow.

"One thousand, one thousand, Do I hear two?"
"Two thousand, Who makes it three?"
"Three thousand once, three thousand twice,
Going and gone", said he.

The audience cheered,
But some of them cried,
"We just don't understand.
"What changed its' worth?"
Swift came the reply.
"The Touch of the Masters Hand."

And many a man with life out of tune
All battered with bourbon and gin
Is auctioned cheap to a thoughtless crowd
Much like that old violin.

A mess of pottage, a glass of wine,
A game and he travels on.
He is going once, he is going twice,
He is going and almost gone.

But the Master comes,
And the foolish crowd never can quite understand,
The worth of a soul and the change that is wrought
By the Touch of the Masters' Hand.

Myra Brooks Welch

Saturday, August 28, 2010

HUMILITY Virtue Most Pleasing to God

Swami Vishwananda: Once, a man came to visit a certain holy man, St. Sabbas, in his cave while he was meditating. When the Saint noticed the visitor, he became very joyful. He happily washed the hands and feet of his visitor. When the Saint looked up from washing the feet of the man, he realized that this visitor was Christ Jesus sitting there. The Saint felt such love that he started crying profusely and said, “Oh my Lord, You are here!” At that moment, the visitor disappeared.

A certain lady in Switzerland was walking down the street and a beggar asked her to give him some money, and she willingly gave him some money. The woman’s only reaction when the beggar asked for money was to take some money and give it to him. The moment the money reached the hand of the beggar, he disappeared on the spot. Very often she talked about this story.So like that I can tell you many stories, many facts that many people have told. Through charity, through service, through love they have experienced so much. And if you really want to experience the same thing, open up your heart and let Jesus work through you; let Krishna work through you; let God work through you. Through that you will realize His Love. You will realize that He is always with you. You will know how much He Loves you and how much you can love.

Utpalavati: Some of you personally may have heard the story of the beggar and the woman from Switzerland. All of you who know Swami Vishwananda have experienced that he is humility personified! He does not talk about himself and his spiritual experiences in great detail and only rarely. If you have read the book, Blossoming Of The Heart, you learn that in all the stories of devotees' interactions with Swami Vishwananda, again and again, he is always loving and humble.

Mahavatar Babaji once told Lahiri Mahasaya that the virtue most pleasing to God is the virtue of Humility!

It is in this divine humility that Swami Vishwananda refrains from telling a detail that the woman who had the experience includes as she tells the story of the beggar's appearance/disappearance: "The woman realized that It was Swami Vishwananda himself who appeared as the beggar!"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Experiences With Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji

Photo of Swami Vishwanada at a disciple's home in Kenya, Africa materializing vibhuti (holy ash) on 13 June 2010, the day of Swami’s birthday. The photo also materialized kumkum (red powder.Utpalavati: Mahavatar Babaji’s “Standing Question” for this blog is: “From your heart, will you resonate?” Please stand in the spirit of that question as I relate the following experiences with Sri Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji. Of course, it is all right for you to take or leave the experiences as you feel or wish to do. I am writing these experiences in the spirit of sharing our life journeys together in this blog.

Since 1986, inspired spiritual poems spontaneously have projected into my conscious mind. Once, in 2007, I was riding in a car with Swam Vishwananda and some others on our way to view some land high in the California, American hills. The day before, June 13, 2007, for his 29th birthday, I had written and given Swami a poem entitled, No Beginning, No Birthday, No End (reprinted below). Swami told me, “I like your poem. Write all the poems about the Guru and we will make a book.”

I asked Swami, “What is the source of the poems I write?” Noncommittally, Swami did not reveal the source but merely said, "They come to you! May I put them on the Internet?" Of course I was somewhat disconcerted, as I thought that perhaps he was teasing me, and had “read” my mind about my wish to publish some of the poems. And now, three years later, here they are appearing on His blog—the wonder of Swami! He obviously is omniscient and knows the future, and in my experience, rarely will reveal it obviously leaving us to live it in the moment.

In that regard, Mahavatar Babaji has begun a new phase of our relationship by prompting some of these poems by appearing and saying: We will write a poem now! Therefore, I have begun placing both Mahavatar Babaji's name, as well as my own, when Mahavatar is present and the two of us write the poem together. I can say that these times are most interesting experiences. When Babaji writes His letters and His books, it is dictation, through mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart communication—Mahavatar’s Imprinting Technique.

When we write the poems, it is not exactly like a friend and I would sit down and compose the poems together. It is a magnificent, awe inspiring, developing experience as if Babaji and I co-exist together or merge vibrations into one being, while I am still conscious of myself as Utpalavati. Actually, I cannot precisely describe the experience in words! It is this awe that prompted me to attempt to place into words for readers this experience. I pray that all of you are blessed with a similar experience of this vibration of Oneness (of course many, or all, of you already may have experienced this). Please know and be assured that it is Babaji who is instigating this merging experience; I am not capable of this myself as yet!

- Utpalavati

No Beginning—No Birthday—No End

Dedicated to Swami Vishwananda on his
29th birthday, June 13, 2007

An urn carries sacred ash of the Guru
Spun by his human arm,
Brought forth from the depths of his soul,
The essence of his Self.
No beginning—No Birthday—No end.

His devotees gather to partake
Of the Ash—the bounty of his wisdom.
The Guru’s Ash conveys the meaning
Of life, the everlasting Truth of Love—
Love is All There Is—the Divine.

Fish do not know the wisdom
Of the Guru’s Ash—
That they are One with the All,
In total unawareness,
They do not know that they are fish
Swimming through God.

Humans strive lifetime after lifetime,
Even a million or more,
To reach the truth that lies within
The wisdom of the Ash.

All material things, be it Guru’s body,
Or the Ash of Wisdom he conveys,
Eventually return to the eternal—
“Dust thou art, and to dust
Thou shalt return.”

But the truth of the Guru’s Ash
Stands as a sentinel of the Divine—
Like an urn full of water poured from the
Guru’s hand into the tranquil, celestial
Himalayan Lake Manasarovar,
Sending ripples of Love
To the shores of the Divine.

- Utpalavati

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Follow Your Heart Mantra

Sri Swami Vishwananda


“Follow your heart,” a certain teacher tells you.
You think: “How do I follow my heart
When I do not know where it is exactly?”
Then you wonder if this is just a cliché, and
Does this teacher know what he is talking about?

A snowball that rolls down a mountain
From a high Himalayan Cave,
Where Divinity lives and breathes,
Can become an avalanche, isn’t it? . . .
The teacher informs you one fine day.
This you comprehend,
Hold it close to your heart,
Silently shout it from the rooftops,
Lie in bed and think about it, and
Write books about it.

“Follow your heart,” he said,
With a radiant smile and sparkling,
Divine-Eternity-Love-filled eyes.
Does he mean, then, that if we
Take this tiny seed thought—
“Follow your heart”—
Literally to heart. . .
We may find our way to Divine Love,
Peace that passeth all understanding,
And Eternal Joy?

Your heart echoes:
Like the snowball that becomes
A thundering, powerful, magnificent avalanche,
Seedlings of the mighty oak begin
With a tiny acorn planted into Mother Earth,
Which into the maha oak tree grows.
Is “Follow your heart” like a snowball,
An acorn, a Divine seedling,
Indeed—a biija mantra –a seed mantra,
Leading straight to the
Supreme and most Holy Divine Narayana,
The home of all Earth souls?

Chant your mantas,
Oh Beloveds of Vishnu Narayana:
“OM Namo Narayana, OM.”
Walk your talk.
Lead yourselves out of the
“Eternal Damnation Mantra”
That one of misperception of Divine Law.
Rise in vibration into Eternal Love Divine.
It is your birthright.
Let It Be. It is Written. It is so!

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji & Utpalavati—One
Narayana Vishnu

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji: Our Homing Beacon

Mahavatar Babaji
Oh, I will do that chore after I do this or that,” we say when the time comes to do a chore which we have been postponing, or that we do not particularly want to do. Why is this, do you think? It is avoidance of our duty, plain and simple. We need to face ourselves as we are in this modern age when the world-at-large indulges itself and its whims to the maximum. You, who have Swami Vishwananda for your teacher, your Satguru, may look at his life and how He lives each day for your example as one who takes the emulation of Divine Laws of Lord Vishnu into His own life circumstances and employs the Divine command to obey God and dharmaic duty.

When you run away from your duty, your life becomes uneasy, fragile and fragmented in the mind and actions. Peace flies out the window of opportunity the Lord has given to each individual in life. What to do when you find yourself in the situation of shirking your dharmaic duty? It is simple, my children, go within and meditate and locate this seed crystal of dharmaic duty, which was given at birth, and let it shine outward into your life in all that you are and in all that you do each day from this day forward. You each have a Divine Plan for your life. Swami Vishwananda knows his plan and he implements it each day, come what may. Take his example and follow it; follow your teacher, for He knows the way from many lifetimes on Earth doing the Will of the Father-Mother God, Lord Narayana-Vishnu, The Divine Mother Lakshmi—One!
Do you wish to have this power inside yourself brought forward to be expressed from your inside world to your outside world? It is simple to do it, but many would say: “Oh, Swami Vishwananda has more power than we do.” I assure you that is a misperception of Divine Law, for we all are equal in the eyes of the Divine! Swami Vishwananda has remembered who he is, where he came from and where he is going—the eternal questions of mankind. It has been said that all questions reside within these three. It is true that if you will locate the answers to these from within your heart, you will remember your Divine Self exactly as Swami Vishwananda has attained in your perception, and precisely as he teaches you. Notice he does not keep it secret how he came to be an Enlightened Master; he shows you by his life lived in alignment with Divine Law! Why? It is because his very essence wills that he teach you the way to become that which you are as a light projection into physical form, an enlightened being, you, your Self!

In the Bhagavad Gita, responding to Arjuna's confusion and moral dilemma about fighting his own cousins, Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna his duties. ” It is better to do thine own duty, however lacking in merit, than to do that of another, even though efficiently. [Babaji references this “do the duty of another” as when we emulate "the other" as being “the world-at-large” in our modern day]. It is better to die doing one's own duty, for to do the duty of another is fraught with danger." –Krishna: Bhagavad Gita

"Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons. (does not show favoritism). Bible—American King James

What does this mean? It means that all are equal in the sight of the Lord. You have the same Divine Love within you that Swami Vishwananda has been demonstrating day, by day, by day all over this world of ours. Take Him to your heart of hearts and live the example He is showing you with his own life energy spent each day in your behalf. He is the Satguru who will take many of you home. If you wish to be one of these, do your duty each day as your teacher demonstrates.

I am Babaji, one who stands with you on Earth in this day and this time to guide you home. I serve as your homing beacon, like the lighthouse for the sailor, Garuda for Vishnu and the ever-loving grace of the Divine, who sheds His Love and Grace on all alike, even as the sun shines on the enlightened and unenlightened equally. Come Home; it is time. –Mahavatar Babaji

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inside of Us We Have a Very Great Power

Swami Vishwananda

Our thinking is so easy to become negative but very difficult to become positive. I have met many people who ask how to change that. You see if we analyze how quickly we can change ourselves that means that inside us we have a very great power. We have a great energy that can change from a minute, from a second, from positive to negative, from negative to positive. But why does one get stuck in the path of negativity? Do you think this great positiveness did this to you? No, it does not. when it doesn’t bring positiveness to you, it affects also nature, and when nature get affected, it affects this world, this surrounding we are in.

One person can change a lot. One negativity of one person, as you have seen it in the past itself, what this could do here— in Germany itself. But one person in India, you can say let’s take the example of Gandhi— just one person positive can change a lot also.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Masters Have a Solution for Everything

Masters analyze everything and they have a solution for everything. Only in quietness you will get a solution. Solutions are here always, but the mind is too busy to see them. When you have a problem, you look for a solution; you keep looking, looking, looking and get crazy about it. But at the end you say, “I am tired of it! Then you realize that the solution was there, but you did not see it. Then you ask yourself why you did not see it. Actually, it's because the mind was busy; the mind was too much in action. -Swami Vishwananda

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji—One drop of Blood

"Welcome to Sin City” a banner across a certain street read in a certain city in the west. A disciple, whom I have known for centuries, and in truth, forever, read these words as he drove into the town for his father’s funeral. His parent had lived out his life in this bustling city that people from all over the world visit for entertainment in the material, physical world. My disciple’s mind wandered back to his youth and when his father also was young. His father worked and lived out his life in the dross of souls seeking solace through drinking alcohol, eating more food than is good for the physical form, celebrity of-the-moment entertainment, mind-numbing gambling, and gratification of the senses to the maximum capacity in this city called by both the press and the promoters of the tourist advertisements—“Sin City.” Amidst all this, the father was a minister of the Christian Tradition.

Next, the three days before the funeral, as is according to tradition, the disciple went to the family home and began clearing out his father’s worldly possessions and sorting his father’s belongings to be given to relatives, charity, or sold by the estate broker. In a corner of the basement he found several boxes of letters from all over the world, all addressed to his father. As he opened, and randomly read a few lines from each letter, he determined these letters were from people to whom his father has given God’s service when they ran into trouble there in Sin City and in their lives. As he leafed through the last box, my disciple decided that they all should be placed with the household items marked, “Trash” as they would be of no further use to his father or anyone. My disciple knew for certain, in his heart, that his Earthly father must surely, even now, be basking in the light and love of his “Father Who Art In Heaven.”

My disciple’s eye caught one letter in this last box with the postmark and the address indicating it was from Rishikish, India. This is what was written to his father many years before:

My Dear Son,

The dawn breaks as you awaken and open your Bible, and I am with you.

The birdsong you hear at your window seems an echo of Celestial music you remember from before birth, and I am with you.

Your nine-year-old son comes and hugs you,
tugging at your heart strings,
and I am with you.

A knock at your door brings a bleeding one
from the city where you serve God
amidst the sick-at-heart and fearful ones
seeking solace in the five senses
of Earthly pleasures. . .and I am with you.

I send my love and blessings to
you for caring for these lost sheep,
and thank you for your love.
For you see, my Dear Son,
I know about it…for I am in your heart,
and I am in your every breath.

I hear your prayers. I feel your love,
and eternally I am with you.

At eventide, when your immortal soul leaves
this Earth, never fear. . . I am with you.

I am in your spiritual heart,
which never stops beating;
I am in your every breath!
My son, I love you.

Written at the bottom of this letter in his father’s handwriting, as was his wont to do when making notes for his sermons, my disciple read the following words:

(l) I don’t know anyone in Rishikish, India where this letter originated!
(2) What is this OM; what does it mean, really?
(3) Is it possible that God writes letters with paper and pen, and then actually mails them to people? We know God wrote once His Divine Laws on stone tablets with His Finger of Fire and gave them to His servant, Moses,to give to his people. Why, then, not pen and paper and the mail systems of east and west as servants?
(4) Remember to pray about this strange letter, from whom I do not know.
(5) From where did the one drop of blood come that appeared suddenly, liquid, fresh, and bright red? It dropped onto the page, as if miraculously sent from above somewhere of which I could not see the Source. This drop of life’s blood reminds me of the blood Christ shed on the cross of Calvary. This one drop of blood appeared on the word God, ever so peacefully, as I read: “A knock at your door brings a bleeding one from the city where you serve God amidst the sick-at-heart and fearful ones seeking solace in the five senses of Earthly pleasures. . .and I am with you.”

And with tears in his eyes, my disciple looked above in the letter written to his father dated the year he was nine years old. He noticed, what he had thought earlier as he read, was a small bit of soil, and indeed, he now perceived what could be a tiny drop of dried blood just above and bleeding into the word, God! And the letter was signed simply:

*I AM that I AM

And my disciple remembered me, His Satguru, as he carefully placed the letter in his pocket to keep in memory of his Beloved Birth Father!

And so it is with you all, my dear disciples and readers. I write letters herein, to send you my love, to inspire you to choose freedom from the bondage of worldly desires, to awaken your memory to the Celestial Song of your own Divinity that your heart remembers from a time long before time. So Let It Be. It Is Written and It Is So!

-Mahavatar Babaji

* I Am that I Am—Bible American King James: And God said to Moses, I AM That I AM: and he said, Thus shall you say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Omniscience of Swami Vishwananda

Swami's Vishwananda's Omniscience
A devotee of Swami tells the following story: . . . Once I went to Italy where Swami was giving audiences. I wanted to bow down to him but because of a knee condition, I was unable to do so. Immediately, he said: “I know; I know everything that happened.” He let me know with a reassuring gesture that we would not even mention my knee injury. He said, “Otherwise do you have a question?” In a flash the thought raced through my head: "He knows everything!". . .
At another time in my home, we were having tea in our living room. Swamiji was silent as were we. Along one wall there was a shelf on which books stood two rows deep in several sections. Breaking his silence, Swamiji told his disciple, who was with him, to remove the book from the left in the lowest section and hand it to him. Swami said, “This is the most read book in the house.”

The disciple placed the worn and well-thumbed book on the table in front of him as Swami had requested. As he leafed through the book, one could see how in some passages certain sentences had been marked in different colors. Without looking up, Swami repeated, still leafing through the book, “This is the most read book in the house.” Then he looked directly at me. This was my book of books, no one but I knew how often I had read it over the last fifteen years. The book was Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda. Swami had allowed me to experience his omniscience.

Utpalavati: In the end, everything is within, and we must have faith that it is omniscience that one perceives in such experiences and stories. They all can be explained away by the “stupid mind” as Swami Vishwananda calls it. One must experience the truth of such stories with the heart where God, one's own Divinity, is seated.

I have told this story of Swami’s inherent omniscience many times, and I take this opportunity again because I love telling this story. And in meditation this morning I felt inspired to write about Swami's omniscience here today. You may disbelieve my story, think it is just a story, or relate to it however your faith in Swami reveals itself, or however it is you are about such experiences: In 2006 I met Swami and went to one Darshan only, and three months later I stopped by his ashram in Germany for three days and then flew with him, through his grace, to his 28th birthday celebrations in South Africa. (The last two years 2009 and 2010 Swami has celebrated his birthday privately.) In those days in 2006, Swami and his disciples were in the throes of experiencing icon painting. Every night there was a wonderful atmosphere of spiritual celebration as He and His disciples painted happily away into the wee morning hours.

On one such night, I wanted to ask Swami a question, which I had been informed was within the protocol, at the time, if one could find a lull in his painting. I was so intimidated by his obvious spiritual attainment, and the thought of who he might really be in essence, that I could not gather the courage to ask my question. I truly believed that Swami was omniscient and telepathic, and I felt absolutely sure that I could ask my question silently and he would respond, perhaps internally. I can say that since birth, I have been blessed through God's grace, with many teachers in the etheric realms who work with me, and whom I can see and hear in the physical body and world.

At one point during a break Swami was taking from painting, he was speaking with a young man sitting on the floor looking up at him. After some time, I phrased my question in my mind and very strongly, and with absolute confidence, repeated the question three times silently, internally: “Swami please come over here to where I am sitting so that I may ask you a question?” I had unshakable faith that Swami would hear me, but did not know if He would act on what I was asking or not, and I knew that he might answer me in another way.

To my delight, at that moment
Swami casually walked over to me and stood looking into my eyes. I was mesmerized, as it seemed I was looking into eternity through his eyes. Also, I was as if paralyzed, as I simply could not say anything! Finally, I thought, “One of us should say something, because this is at the point of “an awkward moment.” Precisely then, Swami threw his arms out wide to his sides perhaps telling me that He had heard my silent question and was open to responding if I would ask the question verbally! At the time, Swami's gesture of open arms reminded me of Christ Jesus as He often is portrayed with arms open wide. Knowing Jesus as a life-long friend and spiritual guide, I immediately felt at ease with Swami as, with arms still open wide, He then simply and emphatically said: “What? I’m here!"

Be still, and know that I am God: . . .
I will be exalted among the heathen,

(unenlightened ones who do not acknowledge God)
I will be exalted in the earth.
Bible: King James

Be Still and Know that I Am God

Friday, August 20, 2010

Is this My Teacher Or Not

One has to feel, that’s why God has given mankind
a heart to feel and a mind to discriminate
whether this is my teacher or not.

Swami Vishwananda

It is not just to accept any teacher that comes in one’s life. One also has to have certain discrimination and really feel deep inside whether one feels good into that. If you feel good that this is your teacher, or that is your teacher, then wholly surrender yourself. Don’t think about it.

Swami Vishwananda: Is This My Teacher or Not?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Swami Vishwananda Prayers To Babaji

Every prayer, every thought, every action
vibrates on a certain level.
Raise the frequency of vibration;
raise it in your consciousness.
You are an instrument of the Divine.
Let us show that we are this instrument,
not just by saying it, also by our actions,
how we welcome everything.

Swami Vishwananda

Sri Swami Vishwananda Offers Prayers
To Mahavatar Kriya Babaji

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MAHAVATAR BABAJI Vibhuti Footprint

Mahavatar Babaji Imprinted His Divine Footprint
Into Sacred Vibhuti Water In South Africa
Guru Purnima 2009

Guru Purnima 2009 at the Maha Jwala Narasimha Temple in South Africa was one filled with pure devotion to Mahavatar Kriya Babaji. The temple had recently been inaugurated by Sri Swami Vishwananda a month before, and we were all eagerly looking forward to out first celebration in the temple, and as luck would have it, the first major celebration since Swami left was to be Guru Purnima.

It was a night filled with much devotion as we began the Kalash Puja chanting and praising. Then we moved onto the Yagna, where Mahavatar Babaji’s Gayatri mantra was chanted by over 60 devotees 324 times. The special moment came when we began to do Abishek on Babaji’s Stone that Babaji had given to Sri Swami Vishwananda and he in turn had passed down to me. The water in the Kumb was energized and we could all feel Babaji amongst us as we sang from the heart. After pouring water from the Kalash over the stone, Babaji’s presence amongst us exploded.

As is customary with a Homa, I began to mix the ash to bless the devotees. I had put too much water in the pot to mix the ash, and as I began to mix the ash and water, a large amount of it spilt. It kind of flew out of the pot a few feet away. At first I thought I had just made a mess and bent to wipe the floor, but just as the cloth hovered above the spill, I noticed a clear footprint. Shocked and amazed, I really got close to the print and noticed that is was going in the direction of the altar. Just to make sure I was not crazy and was seeing things I called another devotee over to make sure it was actually there. She confirmed it and word spread among the crowd that a footprint had materialized on the floor.

The footprint remains there today (Divinely Blessed and Preserved), as we have covered it with a glass frame and built a small altar above it to honor the wonder that Babaji Himself laid His beautiful print there for us.

Just after it happened Mahavatar Babaji said through His Disciple, Utpalavati (the scribe of Unity with the Divine):

“The footprint on the floor was formed by the devotion of people who were there and the power of the ash used in Dhanam Jay's celebration of Guru Purnima. The footprint was caused by me, Babaji. I aim to solidify my relationship in the eyes of the world as to its Eternal Link with my disciple Sri Swami Vishwananda in the next eighteen months of Earth time. There will appear many such evidences of my coming closer to the disciples of Swami Vishwananda. This will occur in meditations, dreams, visions, and in rare cases, some may perceive my seemingly physical form. IT IS TIME! As I asked my readers in Unity With The Divine, I ask sincerely: Are you ready?"

When I finally saw Swami Vishwananda at Navaratri in Springen 2009, he also confirmed that it was Babaji’s Footprint. (Reprinted from Atma Kriya Newsletter, Issue 3, July 2010)

- Dhanam Jay, Atma Kriya Teacher, South Africa

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DO NOT DOUBT: Use Mind To Achieve Higher State

Swami Vishwananda: Like I always say, have faith in your own Self. Have faith that what you are hearing within your heart is true. So many times you hear your heart, but you doubt it. You ask yourself, “Oh, is this really true or not?” You often have doubt like that. As long as you do not believe in what the Divine wants to show you, you will not advance. The moment you sincerely have faith in what you feel inside your heart, it will manifest in the outside world. Like I say, God gave man the power to create, to have power over everything. You have within you the willpower of construction that comes from the constructive willpower inside the mind.

Deep inside the inner Cosmic Mind, therein lies also the Divine. That is the point where we have to use the mind to achieve the higher state. Very often we say the mind is something apart, something which is very negative. It is true that very often the mind is negative, but we have within us the power to transform it.

As long as man tries to hold onto even one material thing, he will stay on the material level. If you turn inward and focus on the Divine Within [your cosmic mind], the Self, you will feel great happiness and great joy. But for that you must lock in your faith.

Lahiri Mahasaya, Mahavatar Babaji,
Sri Swami Yukteswar Giri

Mahavatar Babaji: The worldly man wants to realize God while continuing his daily life. But problems will arise for him, time is short. A simple, unostentatious and highly effective Kriya Yoga is to be taught to him.

Lahiri Mahasaya: Unless and until one humbles oneself, it is not possible to enter the spiritual realms.

Sri Yukteswar: Wisdom is not a mere exhibition in one's dexterity in giving a lecture. The average scholar studies Philosophy superficially and searches only the outward meaning. In this light University degrees and honors seem inferior and are almost trivial. True darshan (philosophy) means self-realization.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Want to Find God: It is this Way

At the Feet of the Guru
Swami Vishwananda Guru Purnima 2010

Swami Vishwananda tells the following story (in short): A teacher once was asked by a disciple, “How is it to find God?” The teacher dragged the disciple to a near-by river and held his head under the water. Finally the teacher released the disciple and asked him how he felt with his head under water. The disciple said, “I longed with everything within me to breathe some air; I felt like I was suffocating. "

You want to find God? It is this way. You have to try your best. When this longing for the Divine or for realization, God-realization, whatever name you put on it, really is like suffocating yourself, and when you can’t even breathe, then you can say, ”Yes, I’m on the way towards Divinity.” As long as this longing is not like that, you are still here in this world. And that’s how it is to find God. –Swami Vishwananda

Utpalavati: Reading the following verse from the Bible yesterday, this thought occurred:” If we all imbibed the true meaning of this verse as if its contents were nectar of the Gods filling a Holy Grail with the promise for successful human life, we all would be enlightened beings. If every thought, every word, and every action lived inside these nine energetic connections to the Divine, (nine is a most sacred number as you know), then we would be living inside God’s love, we consciously would be longing for God and in sync with His one heartbeat of creation and his Divine Principles that bring harmony, love, peace and enlightenment to life, Unity With The Divine. We would find God!

“But when the Holy Spirit (the heart, the Divine within) controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
Bible: Galatians 5:22

Swami Vishwananda Singing Bala Mukunda

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Letter from Babaji: Atma Kriya Questions

Comment August 12, 2010 "Controlling Mind: Humans Use Only 5%." Dearest Babaji: Please let me know if it makes a difference in focusing the mind on Atma Kriya or to focus the mind on my beloved Guruji? To feel the power of Atma Kriya, it is wonderful, but during the first step (Trinity Meditation), it is very difficult for me to do the next step as the meditation is deep in this part of Atma Kriya. Very often it is like this: (1) go into meditation (2) go out of the meditation for the next exercise.

How may we deal with this? Is this a deliberate technique of Atma Kriya? This is the reason [going in and out of meditation during Atma Kriya] why it is easier for me to focus my mind only on my Guruji.

Mahavatar Babaji: We are taught by many Spiritual Masters that staying in the present moment of life is more conducive to one’s well-being, happiness, and enlightenment process. The past is gone and will never come again, and the future never comes for there is only the present moment. The present moment contains everything: all time, all life, all of creation.

Let us view your questions from the understanding of the present moment: If you choose to focus the mind on the beloved Guruji, then do so whole-heartedly and completely focused on the Guruji. If you choose to do Atma Kriya, do it completely focused on the present moment of doing Atma Kriya. Those of you who have been given the Atma Kriya techniques have been taught the way Swami Vishwananda teaches Atma Kriya. Swami Vishwananda has spoken about mixing yoga practices. He teaches that when one is doing Atma Kriya, then one should do solely Atma Kriya and not mix yoga practices. ["When you mix Atma Kriya with other practices you create confusion in yourself." -Swami Vishwananda -- See Video below.]

The same as Swami Vishwananda teaches you not to mix techniques in Atma Kriya, we recommend that you follow the way you were taught Atma Kriya. It has been said, “Practice makes perfect.” There is a great truth in that statement, for what the mind focuses upon it will create. If your mind focus on, “Oh, I can’t concentrate on Atma Kriya beyond the Trinity Meditation because my mind focuses on my Guruji, that is what you will create. We suggest you commit to doing Atma Kriya in the present moment with a determined, committed mind, and in a long or short time, which is your own choice, you will create a fully focused mind in the present moment doing Atma Kriya. And this is one of the goals of Atma Kriya—controlling and focusing the mind!

In truth, you see, you can have it all, and you do not have to give up anything! How is that? Dearly Beloved, your Guruji will be present in the Atma Kriya even as your human mind will be focused totally on the Atma Kriya. How? Swami Vishwananda is omnipresent, even as your human mind will be focused on Atma Kriya, he will be there, and I will be there. All Enlightened Masters are capable of this! Do you understand? -Mahavatar Babaji

Mixing Yoga Practices

Friday, August 13, 2010

Letter From Babaji: Karmic Things

Comment Yesterday's entry August 12, 2010, "Controlling Mind: Humans Use Only 5%": Dearest Babaji, what about karmic things, which are awakening inside of us during the practice [of Atma Kriya]? I am trying not to hang on it and offer it to the Divine, but there is still pain in the heart, and tears are flowing incessantly... how to deal with this?

Mahavatar Babaji: Please allow me to congratulate the one commenting. You know that I know who my questioners are, and I know that you, in the vernacular of this time and place, “can take a compliment” with a pure heart! You have imbibed the lessons of your teacher, Swami Vishwananda, so well that you write your comment in the same terms he speaks his teachings! I hear you; I understand you and your question. I send my eternal love wrapped in disguise for you alone in the words on this page. Others will read their own message, for indeed, when I speak, it is for everyone! How can it be otherwise? My Father and I are One. You and I are One. We all are One.

“What about karmic things?” Indeed, an opening heart that is awakening to Divine Unconditional Love fully, often may cry bhakti tears when memory cells open to the True Reality. This purification of the karmic things is a process of opening the mind as well as the heart. For as Swami Vishwananda said in the VBV entry of which you speak: “…every day the mind is very much focused so that the focused mind makes it happen. This happens by learning to control the mind. It’s true that you create your own universe. You create your own world and your own reality, because this is the power of the mind.”

The mind is your vahana, even as Garuda is the vahana of Maha Vishnu, that conveys the meaning of life and the memory cells which can lead you to opening the heart to Divine Love. Appreciate the mind and be grateful for its service, and let it be your servant rather than your master. You must learn to control the mind to transcend karmic things and the cycle of birth and death. This is the true path of a Yogi, for controlling the mind is the royal pathway to the kundalini awakening in the Muladhara Chakra of the human spine, which, with the correct combination of Divine Love, Commitment and Intensity, becomes one’s vahana which conveys one through enlightenment’s door.

-Mahavatar Babaji

Bhakti Tears:
Transformation’s Firelight

Let the tears flow,
Let the heart pain come,
Oh beloved people of Earth.
Fly like Garuda, Maha Vishnu’s vahana,
Into the ethers of freedom flight.
And like the Phoenix rising from the ashes
Of Earthbound karmic bondage,
You may bring with you
Only that which has been purified
In the Fire of burning, stinging
Transformational Divine Light.

Rise to the height of Mt. Everest in the sacred
And royal Himalayan Mountain Range,
The highest point on this jewel called Earth.
And go beyond even that. . .
To Heavenly dimensions beyond
This world of strife and incredible beauty,
And wondrous, magnificent, golden, Divine Light
Secretly hidden in the heart of man!

These karmic things must be purified.
You decide by controlling your mind just
How long this journey’s embodiment will be,
And likewise the stinging, burning, bhakti tears
Your paining heart transforms.
Then let your bhakti tears wash karmic things
Into Cosmic, eternal Divine Light
From whence you came and shall Return. . .
One golden day, Somewhere. . .Somewhen.
It is Written—It Is So—Let it Be
Forever and Ever—Amen and OM.

-Mahavatar Babaji
with Utpalavatias One

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Controlling Miind: Humans Use Only 5%

Mahavatar Babaji
Swami Vishwananda
Controlling the Mind--Swami Vishwananda:If you really want something, the belief in it will make it happen. But the mind has to be focused and clear about it, because the mind is always jumping. Today you want this; tomorrow you want that. Then how will your mind ever be clear? When somebody really wants something, every day the mind is very much focused so that the focused mind makes it happen. This happens by learning to control the mind. It’s true that you create your own universe. You create your own world and your own reality, because this is the power of the mind. Like scientists themselves have said, and it also is written in the Vedas: “Human beings use only 5% of their mind, 95% is still dormant.” Imagine if you would use this 95% and the 5% would be dormant. It is sad that only a few people use 95% of their mind!

Controlling the Mind through Atma Kriya Meditation
Meditation means fixing the mind on an object of meditation, which could be a form of deity, a mantra or any other object of one's choice. Our mind is always in flux and thus going through different phases of turbulence and quietude. Our happiness and state of well being depends upon the state of mind because mind is that which controls the whole body. According to yogic philosophy body is nothing but an extension of mind and therefore dependent upon it. Meditation brings the turbulent mind to a focus thus saving its energy which gets dissipated in useless thoughts, monologue and unnecessary emotional outbursts.Meditation is compared to focusing the sun rays through a lens. the sun rays can not burn a piece of paper but if focused through a lens they ignite it. Similarly a focused mind gains power to do extraordinary activities.Thus by meditation one can control and harness the movements of the mind and attain peace and happiness. There can not be happiness in a disturbed mind.

Mind is the seat of desires, thoughts and emotions. If mind is out of control then we have no control on any of these things and thus on our very state of existence. Meditation calms the mind, and our whole system, leading to a state of steady health and peace. This has been verified scientifically that those who meditate have better immune system and respond to medicine better. Mediation supports medication. In fact, meditation can work as a medication also. By meditation we can also influence our digestion, blood pressure, heart beat and other such involuntary activities of the body.

Shaktipat: At the end of an Atma Kriya Yoga course the student receives initiation called Shaktipat. It is a transmission of spiritual energy that activates the techniques and gives the needed 'spark' to allow for a safe and swift journey on the spititual path of Atma Kriya yoga. The energy in Shaktipat is passed from Mahavatar Babaji to the teacher and then on to the student in a effortless initiation. [ More information about Atma Kriya--Link: www.atmakriya.org ]

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chanting Ram at Time of Death Liberates

Lord Rama

Battle of Rama and Ravana

Swami VishwanandaTalk -- Ram Navami 2010
Sri Ram manifested to kill the demon, Ravana. Ravana symbolizes the great pride, the great ego. Sri Ram is a manifestation of Maha Vishnu and Sita Devi is a manifestation of Maha Lakshmi. In short, Rama manifested himself to kill the demon. Ram is a manifestation of compassion; he was always compassionate with everybody. From early childhood you will see how he was with people, different from Krishna actually. It’s the opposite; it is the same incarnation but showing two different aspects of the Lord which makes him full in itself.

When we study the name Rama, it is a very powerful name; and all the Divine names are very powerful. The name of Rama is very special and it is said that by mere chanting of the name of Rama, this Divine name, one gets liberated from the cycle of birth and death. That is why this name is a mantra which can liberate someone. That is why when you see in the Hindu Tradition when somebody dies, they always chant the name of Ram, “Sri Ram, Sri Ram, Sri Ram.” The word Rama in itself is a fullness of two Divine names:

(Ra) which is taken from: “Om Nama Na(ra)yanaya” and (Ma) which comes from “Om Na(ma) Shivaya.” From the combination of Om Nama Narayanaya and Om Nama Shivaya comes the name Rama.

Swami Vishwananda

This mantra is not that easy to chant actually. If you say, “We will chant it like this: Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama. It will not be easy at the end of death if you have not learned to practice chanting. You see, at the time of death, very often you are so attached to the world, you are so attached to things or to people that to free yourself, even if you are well aware that you do not wish to take another birth, it’s difficult. Because the power that this generates at the time of that last image, you incarnate like that. That is why for attachments of human beings, very often when somebody is dying the attachment is so strong in the mind, that they have the image of their children or people that they like so much. The next life when they come they come again as a human being, but to finish the karmic things into that family.

Very often people ask if human can incarnate as animal. Well, in some possibilities, yes you can. You see you are the master. The soul which is inside of you is God and he can create an aspect. Say somebody is attached to a dog which is better than attaching to a human being actually because they are more loyal and more faithful, but it creates a problem. You see if you are attached to an animal, at the end of life when you die, what will be in your image? You will think of the animal, how much you will miss the animal, how much you will miss the dog. Imagine at that moment your soul has already created its next life, what it will be. So what will it be? It can’t be a human being; you will degrade yourself into an animal state. To degrade yourself into a lower state, that does not mean that whatever you have worked as a human being has disappeared; it’s still there, but it went dormant. The same thing when the animal looks at the human being they say, “Wow, how lucky is this human being.” When the human being looks at the animal they think, “How lucky is the animal.”

This is from where the Divine names come, and where the names can liberate oneself.

Note: From Blossoming of the Heart, Ravi, Swami's cousin writes: When I visited Mauritius, we always would have a lot of fun, get into a lot of mischief and play games. One of my earliest recollections was enacting the Ramayana [story of Rama incarnation]. Swami would play the role of Rama, his sister Tina was Sita and I was Lakshmana. We would make bows and arrows from branches and try to recreate the special effects from the Ramayana television series! Together we would fire the arrows with a fire cracker attached to the end and we would pretend to attack demons in my grandparents garden (Swami's grandparents as well).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be Humble Like Master Christ Jesus

Swami Vishwananda
This is life, actually, how each one is very egoistic, looking for oneself. Even if they are among a teacher, people don’t know the glory of it; they don’t know the blessing of it. Then afterwards [after the teacher has left Earth], they say, “Oh, how great it was.” When they read it in books, they say, “How great it was they were among this teacher.” …The teacher is a mirror so that you can learn something.

Swami Vishwananda: Be Humble Like Jesus

Monday, August 9, 2010

Listen to One who has Overcome

Swami Vishwananda
When the disciple comes into contact with the master, the disciple has to be loyal. The disciple must be loyal, not only towards the master, but loyal also towards oneself! It is only through loyalty towards yourself, that you will be able to be loyal towards your master and towards the outside.

The second thing you need is obedience. Obedience does not mean slavery because, often people think that to be obedient is just to become the slave of the master. No! It’s the opposite actually. Like I said before: 'It is not you, who is the slave of the master; but it’s the master, who is the slave of you.' But in the mind you have ignorance; you have pride and the ego. You have all these things. That's why you have to listen to one who has already overcome!

God will send you a Master
if you desire God,
but if you have greater work to do,
of course you need a Master
who is sharp like an arrow
to put you in your place."

Mahavatar Babaji transmitted the following shortly after I posted today's entry -Utpalavati: When the time comes for radiant light to pass from the higher dimensions of light into the world of darkness and strife, the Divine sends many Masters to fill the dark corners of time. Now is such a time as that! Many Masters fill the screens of your televisions, computers, iphones, and the items you use each day for informational purposes. It is now that you are inundated with spiritual information as never before. It comes side by side, and line by line, and picture by picture, and video by video to you in an instant all over the world simultaneously. Along with the stock market report of daily ups and downs, the face of Swami Vishwananda and a quote from one of his talks pops onto the screen of the small hand-held phone many stay glued to each day. Find the balance, my friends, find the balance!

I am Babaji who waits, watches, listens, loves, and prays for you all daily, my beloved disciples and friends.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Manifest What You Want

Let the light flow through you

become the Self and realize it;
and know that you are the Self,
and that the Self is acting for you.
And when the

Self is acting for you,
for sure everything will be perfect.
There is no doubt of this, when
you have the power of trust
in the mind.
When you have this power of trust,
this willpower,
then you can create in the mind
what you really want!

-Sri Swami Vishwananda -

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guru Dev: Prayer Places Harbor Energy

Mahavatar Babaji Cave at Shree Peetha Nilaya
People ask the questions: “Why do we have to go to temples? Why do we have to go to prayers to pray?” This is also a part of Sadhana. This is also why we go to

Shree Peetha Nilaya Ashram

pilgrimage places. These are places where energies are gathered in one place. When you go to prayer or when you go to spiritual places, to holy places, you are always going to gain something. You are profiting from all the prayers, all the vibrations, which have been collected in that place. When you go there your sadhana gets amplified. It becomes more intense and more powerful. It’s the same thing, like when you sit down [in meditation or prayer] in a place every day at the same spot and at the same time; you build up certain energy. When you chant the same Mantra, the energy gets built up. Don’t think that when you get up from that place the energy is dissipated; the energy is always there. It’s solely defined at that place.

Guru Purnima July 2010
Swami Vishwananda

Friday, August 6, 2010

Letter from Babaji: Conscious Contact

Sri Swami Vishwananda with Babaji Murti
Arati in Babaji Cave at Shree Peetha Nilaya--Ashram
of Swami Vishwananda
As often is the case, I have requested that my disciple quote your teacher, Swami Vishwananda, who often teaches you: "This love which is the presence of God Himself is ever brighter. It’s fully joyful. And it has eternal joy in it. But it gets shaded by all the karmic things that one has been doing in previous lives, also in this life itself. To get rid of all of this is only through devotion. When one attains bhakti, when one awakens bhakti within oneself, love starts to shine. But actually, if you can love God without expecting anything from Him, that’s the best. That’s real devotion. That is real bhakti." - Sri Swami Vishwananda –

Question on VBV Comments yesterday: “Dear Mahavatar Babaji, it is a deep wish from my heart to come into conscious contact with YOU. In your letter [VBV entry August 5, 2010], you indicate that YOU visit many of us during dream state or meditation. Although during prayers in the temple of Shree Peetha Nilaya and often during AK [Atma Kriya], I enjoy the gift of bliss, I miss the conscious contact to YOU. What`s wrong? What is my lesson? Thank YOU for your love.”

Mahavatar Babaji Response to Comment:
In so-called spiritual circles, you hear often: “God is joy," and "Follow your bliss.” This is truth: God is Love, Joy, Bliss. The one with these questions in VBV Comments states that s/he “enjoys the gift of bliss” during prayers at Swami Vishwananda’s ashram and during our Atma Kriya. Bliss is God, we have said, therefore, you are in union with God when you experience bliss; isn’t it? When you call a spiritual teacher, he comes, no matter what and whether or not you perceive him consciously! Christ said, “My Father and I are one. If you have seen me, you have seen the Father”. Like that, when you are in bliss you are in “contact” with me, Mahavatar Babaji, as I am One with the Father-Mother God. Yet the conscious minds of many who have achieved this high level attainment of bliss consciousness, yearn for a “conscious contact" with their etheric and Spiritual Teachers. Did not Krishna himself inform Arjuna when He showed Arjuna his Cosmic Form that the Gods, themselves, yearned for this vision of the Cosmic Form? This is understandable that even one who has achieved the high level of bliss consciousness also yearns, like the Gods, to perceive the forms and to have "conscious contact" with the Spiritual Teacher!

The Comment asks, “What is wrong? What is my lesson?” Absolutely nothing is wrong, please understand! Swami Vishwananda states above that “This love which is the presence of God Himself is ever brighter. It’s fully joyful. And it has eternal joy in it. But it gets shaded by all the karmic things that one has been doing in previous lives, also in this life itself.” This is one teaching that all of you may inquire within yourself if this is true for you and thereby may be a hinderance in allowing your conscious mind to perceive the Spiritual Teacher in form or to consciously be in contact . In truth, I am with all of you always. Many remember me, remember God, and therefore perceive me in dreams, visions, meditation and during Atma Kriya.

“Why not me”, some of you may be asking at this point? Refer firstly to Swami Vishwananda’s teaching above and inquire within yourselves. The solution for purifying this “karmic shading” Swami Vishwananda teaches: To get rid of all of this [karmic shading] is only through devotion. When one attains bhakti, when one awakens bhakti within oneself, love starts to shine. But actually, if you can love God without expecting anything from Him, that’s the best. That’s real devotion. That is real bhakti.

In my letter which you reference in your comment, I am encouraging those of you who wish to remember me consciously to “keep trying, and never give up.” Like Swami Vishwananda teaches also, “You have to sincerely and commitedly want something with enough intensity to create it; you have to want it enough." Think of a time when you embraced a desire to one-pointed, focused commitment and how easily you manifested it.

In truth, this is how you all manifested Swami Vishwananda in your lives, even if you consciously did not call him by name. You called a teacher into your life, even if you did not call what you wanted from God, "teacher." And the Divine sent you Swami Vishwananda. He found you, for your etheric call was like a vibrational beacon of light to one such as He! Remember that I informed my disciple, Sri Yukteswar, that I would send him a disciple to teach and spread the techniques of Kriya Yoga to the west. That disciple, Paramahansa Yogananda, began teaching Kriya Yoga in the west in 1920. I heard the people of the west calling me! It is the same with your desire to consciously connect with me or to manifest any desire--the teacher knows, the teacher hears you, God hears you!

Remember this portion of Swami Vishwananda’s teaching: “But actually, if you can love God without expecting anything from Him, that’s the best.” And at the same time, you can perceive your Spirital Teachers and have "conscious contact" when you want it enough; this is truth as I encouraged you in my previous letter you referenced.

I am Mahavatar Babaji, as you know me, and I am ever with you, one and all. You have only to want it enough to consciously perceive me. That is all!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji: Peace

Mahavatar Babaji:
The dove of peace hovers over your world in anticipation of the new age to come. Peace will come, for the hearts and minds of man feel weary of the centuries of bloodshed and heartache in life experience. Kneel down to the Divine within you and to your Guru, who represents and embodies the Supreme Divine Principle, and thereby, find this peace. As each of you finds peace, it will spread from one, to one, to one, until there is only One, in peace with your world.

I come in the night to many of you when your conscious minds are resting to help guide you in the waking state of your days. I come to shatter the illusion of our Earthly existence in time and space. I come in love Divine so that you may remember who you are in reality. Remember me as you remember the Self.

I am Babaji who comes to each one of the all of your world, your time and your places. So Be It!

Note from Utpalavati: Mahavatar came into my meditation and gave this transmission as I was in meditation between 11 and 12 midnight, my time last night. I suddenly saw a vision of Babaji in a beautiful, white and gold marble temple with the mystical, blue form of Lord Narayana standing, “over-lighting” or blessing Babaji from standing behind Him. Babaji was seated with many disciples dressed in white sitting around Him on the white marble floor as Lord Narayana stood behind Mahavatar Babaji.

During my typing this note to you, my CD player spontaneously came on playing Swami Vishwananda chanting, “OM Namo Narayanaya” 108 times! I thought, “How beautiful and timely!” It is as Babaji told me a year ago when this blog began: “I will continually show on this blog the eternal connection between Swami Vishwananda and myself!” And interesting about timing...I am inserting this after it happened! The chanting of Swamiji, “OM Namo Narayanaya” finished exactly at the moment I typed the word, receptive, the last word of this entry below.

I feel strongly that Babaji would like you all who read His words, herein, to pay conscious attention to His message that He comes in the dream state to many of us, even as He comes in our meditations when we are receptive.

Swami Vishwananda Speaks of Creating
A Relationship with Mahavatar Babaji
Through the Practice of Atma Kriya

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Simplest Path

There are many ways to realize divinity within oneself, like there are many rivers that flow to the same ocean. The main thing is to find the simplest form.

Swami Vishwananda
The simpler it is, the more you feel free in whatever path, in whatever way you are; that is the best way. I can’t tell you the way you will realize God and what way you will not realize God. God is sitting deep inside the heart of man and you just need to focus your mind on your heart. Try your best at all times to feel Him. The best way is to start loving, without thinking of loving, without asking the question, “How to love?”

Train your mind to focus on God and train your mind to focus on your Self. By focusing, take any divine name, take any divine aspect and keep chanting the name. Then you realize that you have become one with this name. It’s not the name apart from you, but it’s the name of your own Self. The more you think of yourself being human, which many people often think about, the more they become human. But the more you think of yourself being the Spirit, being part of Divinity, the more you will become the Spirit and Divinity.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Love Can Be Joy

Love can be joy; it's not hurting always only. There is a mystical joy, a mystical form of love that you can discover even in pain. This pain is not a pain of saying, “Oh, I’m having pain.” For example: ‘Yesterday I went to this place, I hit myself and now I have pain.’ It’s not a physical pain and it’s not an emotional pain that you create with your mind, saying,“Yes, I want to be painful today”. Pain of love is so intense.

- Swami Vishwananda -

The Saints know about it. Their hearts pain to be with the Divine. They cry for it. Read the life of St. Francis. Do you know how much he was crying always? But it does not have to be intensive always like that. Right now we are talking about the pain of love, but St. Francis also had great joy. This sensitivity can manifest itself also as being painful. It's not really painful, but it’s a longing for the Beloved One.

Monday, August 2, 2010

To be Near a Teacher is Important

- Sri Swami Vishwananda -

It is Important to be near the teacher:
"Our light is very dim in itself. But the more we move closer to the teacher who has greater light, what happens? Our light also gets brighter and brighter. That is why I always say that the teacher is the bridge that leads you to your true Self, your Divine Self. As long as we have not reached there, it is better to be near that light. It is important to be near the teacher."

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji

A Teaching About Atma Kriya:
"Stand with us, Oh ye of little faith”, said the Christ one day in Galilee in a day long past. Even if one begins the Atma Kriya Techniques with a certain amount of skepticism or “little faith”, through committed practice a “change of heart” occurs due to the Techniques themselves. The Techniques contain mantras that penetrate through the structure they create in the crystalline matrix of the very soul essence of the one who practices. "