Monday, August 9, 2010

Listen to One who has Overcome

Swami Vishwananda
When the disciple comes into contact with the master, the disciple has to be loyal. The disciple must be loyal, not only towards the master, but loyal also towards oneself! It is only through loyalty towards yourself, that you will be able to be loyal towards your master and towards the outside.

The second thing you need is obedience. Obedience does not mean slavery because, often people think that to be obedient is just to become the slave of the master. No! It’s the opposite actually. Like I said before: 'It is not you, who is the slave of the master; but it’s the master, who is the slave of you.' But in the mind you have ignorance; you have pride and the ego. You have all these things. That's why you have to listen to one who has already overcome!

God will send you a Master
if you desire God,
but if you have greater work to do,
of course you need a Master
who is sharp like an arrow
to put you in your place."

Mahavatar Babaji transmitted the following shortly after I posted today's entry -Utpalavati: When the time comes for radiant light to pass from the higher dimensions of light into the world of darkness and strife, the Divine sends many Masters to fill the dark corners of time. Now is such a time as that! Many Masters fill the screens of your televisions, computers, iphones, and the items you use each day for informational purposes. It is now that you are inundated with spiritual information as never before. It comes side by side, and line by line, and picture by picture, and video by video to you in an instant all over the world simultaneously. Along with the stock market report of daily ups and downs, the face of Swami Vishwananda and a quote from one of his talks pops onto the screen of the small hand-held phone many stay glued to each day. Find the balance, my friends, find the balance!

I am Babaji who waits, watches, listens, loves, and prays for you all daily, my beloved disciples and friends.

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