Thursday, August 26, 2010

Follow Your Heart Mantra

Sri Swami Vishwananda


“Follow your heart,” a certain teacher tells you.
You think: “How do I follow my heart
When I do not know where it is exactly?”
Then you wonder if this is just a cliché, and
Does this teacher know what he is talking about?

A snowball that rolls down a mountain
From a high Himalayan Cave,
Where Divinity lives and breathes,
Can become an avalanche, isn’t it? . . .
The teacher informs you one fine day.
This you comprehend,
Hold it close to your heart,
Silently shout it from the rooftops,
Lie in bed and think about it, and
Write books about it.

“Follow your heart,” he said,
With a radiant smile and sparkling,
Divine-Eternity-Love-filled eyes.
Does he mean, then, that if we
Take this tiny seed thought—
“Follow your heart”—
Literally to heart. . .
We may find our way to Divine Love,
Peace that passeth all understanding,
And Eternal Joy?

Your heart echoes:
Like the snowball that becomes
A thundering, powerful, magnificent avalanche,
Seedlings of the mighty oak begin
With a tiny acorn planted into Mother Earth,
Which into the maha oak tree grows.
Is “Follow your heart” like a snowball,
An acorn, a Divine seedling,
Indeed—a biija mantra –a seed mantra,
Leading straight to the
Supreme and most Holy Divine Narayana,
The home of all Earth souls?

Chant your mantas,
Oh Beloveds of Vishnu Narayana:
“OM Namo Narayana, OM.”
Walk your talk.
Lead yourselves out of the
“Eternal Damnation Mantra”
That one of misperception of Divine Law.
Rise in vibration into Eternal Love Divine.
It is your birthright.
Let It Be. It is Written. It is so!

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji & Utpalavati—One
Narayana Vishnu

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