Saturday, August 14, 2010

Letter from Babaji: Atma Kriya Questions

Comment August 12, 2010 "Controlling Mind: Humans Use Only 5%." Dearest Babaji: Please let me know if it makes a difference in focusing the mind on Atma Kriya or to focus the mind on my beloved Guruji? To feel the power of Atma Kriya, it is wonderful, but during the first step (Trinity Meditation), it is very difficult for me to do the next step as the meditation is deep in this part of Atma Kriya. Very often it is like this: (1) go into meditation (2) go out of the meditation for the next exercise.

How may we deal with this? Is this a deliberate technique of Atma Kriya? This is the reason [going in and out of meditation during Atma Kriya] why it is easier for me to focus my mind only on my Guruji.

Mahavatar Babaji: We are taught by many Spiritual Masters that staying in the present moment of life is more conducive to one’s well-being, happiness, and enlightenment process. The past is gone and will never come again, and the future never comes for there is only the present moment. The present moment contains everything: all time, all life, all of creation.

Let us view your questions from the understanding of the present moment: If you choose to focus the mind on the beloved Guruji, then do so whole-heartedly and completely focused on the Guruji. If you choose to do Atma Kriya, do it completely focused on the present moment of doing Atma Kriya. Those of you who have been given the Atma Kriya techniques have been taught the way Swami Vishwananda teaches Atma Kriya. Swami Vishwananda has spoken about mixing yoga practices. He teaches that when one is doing Atma Kriya, then one should do solely Atma Kriya and not mix yoga practices. ["When you mix Atma Kriya with other practices you create confusion in yourself." -Swami Vishwananda -- See Video below.]

The same as Swami Vishwananda teaches you not to mix techniques in Atma Kriya, we recommend that you follow the way you were taught Atma Kriya. It has been said, “Practice makes perfect.” There is a great truth in that statement, for what the mind focuses upon it will create. If your mind focus on, “Oh, I can’t concentrate on Atma Kriya beyond the Trinity Meditation because my mind focuses on my Guruji, that is what you will create. We suggest you commit to doing Atma Kriya in the present moment with a determined, committed mind, and in a long or short time, which is your own choice, you will create a fully focused mind in the present moment doing Atma Kriya. And this is one of the goals of Atma Kriya—controlling and focusing the mind!

In truth, you see, you can have it all, and you do not have to give up anything! How is that? Dearly Beloved, your Guruji will be present in the Atma Kriya even as your human mind will be focused totally on the Atma Kriya. How? Swami Vishwananda is omnipresent, even as your human mind will be focused on Atma Kriya, he will be there, and I will be there. All Enlightened Masters are capable of this! Do you understand? -Mahavatar Babaji

Mixing Yoga Practices


Anonymous said...

Dearest Babaji,
thank you. Thank you for your lovely answer. It is true my mind was more focused on my Guruji. It was just love which made me blind. This morning I made my Atma Kriya in the right way. With your and Guruji's help I know I can handle it.
I send you and my Beloved all my love.

Anonymous said...

and it is a amazing grace to know i can have it all.