Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inside of Us We Have a Very Great Power

Swami Vishwananda

Our thinking is so easy to become negative but very difficult to become positive. I have met many people who ask how to change that. You see if we analyze how quickly we can change ourselves that means that inside us we have a very great power. We have a great energy that can change from a minute, from a second, from positive to negative, from negative to positive. But why does one get stuck in the path of negativity? Do you think this great positiveness did this to you? No, it does not. when it doesn’t bring positiveness to you, it affects also nature, and when nature get affected, it affects this world, this surrounding we are in.

One person can change a lot. One negativity of one person, as you have seen it in the past itself, what this could do here— in Germany itself. But one person in India, you can say let’s take the example of Gandhi— just one person positive can change a lot also.

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