Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji: Peace

Mahavatar Babaji:
The dove of peace hovers over your world in anticipation of the new age to come. Peace will come, for the hearts and minds of man feel weary of the centuries of bloodshed and heartache in life experience. Kneel down to the Divine within you and to your Guru, who represents and embodies the Supreme Divine Principle, and thereby, find this peace. As each of you finds peace, it will spread from one, to one, to one, until there is only One, in peace with your world.

I come in the night to many of you when your conscious minds are resting to help guide you in the waking state of your days. I come to shatter the illusion of our Earthly existence in time and space. I come in love Divine so that you may remember who you are in reality. Remember me as you remember the Self.

I am Babaji who comes to each one of the all of your world, your time and your places. So Be It!

Note from Utpalavati: Mahavatar came into my meditation and gave this transmission as I was in meditation between 11 and 12 midnight, my time last night. I suddenly saw a vision of Babaji in a beautiful, white and gold marble temple with the mystical, blue form of Lord Narayana standing, “over-lighting” or blessing Babaji from standing behind Him. Babaji was seated with many disciples dressed in white sitting around Him on the white marble floor as Lord Narayana stood behind Mahavatar Babaji.

During my typing this note to you, my CD player spontaneously came on playing Swami Vishwananda chanting, “OM Namo Narayanaya” 108 times! I thought, “How beautiful and timely!” It is as Babaji told me a year ago when this blog began: “I will continually show on this blog the eternal connection between Swami Vishwananda and myself!” And interesting about timing...I am inserting this after it happened! The chanting of Swamiji, “OM Namo Narayanaya” finished exactly at the moment I typed the word, receptive, the last word of this entry below.

I feel strongly that Babaji would like you all who read His words, herein, to pay conscious attention to His message that He comes in the dream state to many of us, even as He comes in our meditations when we are receptive.

Swami Vishwananda Speaks of Creating
A Relationship with Mahavatar Babaji
Through the Practice of Atma Kriya


Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,
Dear Utpalavati,

since some days i stay in the near from "our" old bhaktimarga center at Steffenshof to find quiteness for my Studium.

In the morning i like to run and on my way i visit "our" little chapel to pray and to take a little bit care.

Nothing to be proud. But Love and Peace are growing and flowing...

With Love - Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mahavatar Babaji,
it is a deep wish from my heart to
come into conscious contact with YOU.In your letter you indicate that YOU visit many of us during
dream state or meditation.Although
during prayers in the temple of Shree Peetha Nilaya and often during AK I enjoy the gift of bliss I miss the conscious contact
to YOU.What`s wrong? What is my lesson? Thank YOU for your love.