Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MAHAVATAR BABAJI Vibhuti Footprint

Mahavatar Babaji Imprinted His Divine Footprint
Into Sacred Vibhuti Water In South Africa
Guru Purnima 2009

Guru Purnima 2009 at the Maha Jwala Narasimha Temple in South Africa was one filled with pure devotion to Mahavatar Kriya Babaji. The temple had recently been inaugurated by Sri Swami Vishwananda a month before, and we were all eagerly looking forward to out first celebration in the temple, and as luck would have it, the first major celebration since Swami left was to be Guru Purnima.

It was a night filled with much devotion as we began the Kalash Puja chanting and praising. Then we moved onto the Yagna, where Mahavatar Babaji’s Gayatri mantra was chanted by over 60 devotees 324 times. The special moment came when we began to do Abishek on Babaji’s Stone that Babaji had given to Sri Swami Vishwananda and he in turn had passed down to me. The water in the Kumb was energized and we could all feel Babaji amongst us as we sang from the heart. After pouring water from the Kalash over the stone, Babaji’s presence amongst us exploded.

As is customary with a Homa, I began to mix the ash to bless the devotees. I had put too much water in the pot to mix the ash, and as I began to mix the ash and water, a large amount of it spilt. It kind of flew out of the pot a few feet away. At first I thought I had just made a mess and bent to wipe the floor, but just as the cloth hovered above the spill, I noticed a clear footprint. Shocked and amazed, I really got close to the print and noticed that is was going in the direction of the altar. Just to make sure I was not crazy and was seeing things I called another devotee over to make sure it was actually there. She confirmed it and word spread among the crowd that a footprint had materialized on the floor.

The footprint remains there today (Divinely Blessed and Preserved), as we have covered it with a glass frame and built a small altar above it to honor the wonder that Babaji Himself laid His beautiful print there for us.

Just after it happened Mahavatar Babaji said through His Disciple, Utpalavati (the scribe of Unity with the Divine):

“The footprint on the floor was formed by the devotion of people who were there and the power of the ash used in Dhanam Jay's celebration of Guru Purnima. The footprint was caused by me, Babaji. I aim to solidify my relationship in the eyes of the world as to its Eternal Link with my disciple Sri Swami Vishwananda in the next eighteen months of Earth time. There will appear many such evidences of my coming closer to the disciples of Swami Vishwananda. This will occur in meditations, dreams, visions, and in rare cases, some may perceive my seemingly physical form. IT IS TIME! As I asked my readers in Unity With The Divine, I ask sincerely: Are you ready?"

When I finally saw Swami Vishwananda at Navaratri in Springen 2009, he also confirmed that it was Babaji’s Footprint. (Reprinted from Atma Kriya Newsletter, Issue 3, July 2010)

- Dhanam Jay, Atma Kriya Teacher, South Africa

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