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Experiences With Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji

Photo of Swami Vishwanada at a disciple's home in Kenya, Africa materializing vibhuti (holy ash) on 13 June 2010, the day of Swami’s birthday. The photo also materialized kumkum (red powder.Utpalavati: Mahavatar Babaji’s “Standing Question” for this blog is: “From your heart, will you resonate?” Please stand in the spirit of that question as I relate the following experiences with Sri Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji. Of course, it is all right for you to take or leave the experiences as you feel or wish to do. I am writing these experiences in the spirit of sharing our life journeys together in this blog.

Since 1986, inspired spiritual poems spontaneously have projected into my conscious mind. Once, in 2007, I was riding in a car with Swam Vishwananda and some others on our way to view some land high in the California, American hills. The day before, June 13, 2007, for his 29th birthday, I had written and given Swami a poem entitled, No Beginning, No Birthday, No End (reprinted below). Swami told me, “I like your poem. Write all the poems about the Guru and we will make a book.”

I asked Swami, “What is the source of the poems I write?” Noncommittally, Swami did not reveal the source but merely said, "They come to you! May I put them on the Internet?" Of course I was somewhat disconcerted, as I thought that perhaps he was teasing me, and had “read” my mind about my wish to publish some of the poems. And now, three years later, here they are appearing on His blog—the wonder of Swami! He obviously is omniscient and knows the future, and in my experience, rarely will reveal it obviously leaving us to live it in the moment.

In that regard, Mahavatar Babaji has begun a new phase of our relationship by prompting some of these poems by appearing and saying: We will write a poem now! Therefore, I have begun placing both Mahavatar Babaji's name, as well as my own, when Mahavatar is present and the two of us write the poem together. I can say that these times are most interesting experiences. When Babaji writes His letters and His books, it is dictation, through mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart communication—Mahavatar’s Imprinting Technique.

When we write the poems, it is not exactly like a friend and I would sit down and compose the poems together. It is a magnificent, awe inspiring, developing experience as if Babaji and I co-exist together or merge vibrations into one being, while I am still conscious of myself as Utpalavati. Actually, I cannot precisely describe the experience in words! It is this awe that prompted me to attempt to place into words for readers this experience. I pray that all of you are blessed with a similar experience of this vibration of Oneness (of course many, or all, of you already may have experienced this). Please know and be assured that it is Babaji who is instigating this merging experience; I am not capable of this myself as yet!

- Utpalavati

No Beginning—No Birthday—No End

Dedicated to Swami Vishwananda on his
29th birthday, June 13, 2007

An urn carries sacred ash of the Guru
Spun by his human arm,
Brought forth from the depths of his soul,
The essence of his Self.
No beginning—No Birthday—No end.

His devotees gather to partake
Of the Ash—the bounty of his wisdom.
The Guru’s Ash conveys the meaning
Of life, the everlasting Truth of Love—
Love is All There Is—the Divine.

Fish do not know the wisdom
Of the Guru’s Ash—
That they are One with the All,
In total unawareness,
They do not know that they are fish
Swimming through God.

Humans strive lifetime after lifetime,
Even a million or more,
To reach the truth that lies within
The wisdom of the Ash.

All material things, be it Guru’s body,
Or the Ash of Wisdom he conveys,
Eventually return to the eternal—
“Dust thou art, and to dust
Thou shalt return.”

But the truth of the Guru’s Ash
Stands as a sentinel of the Divine—
Like an urn full of water poured from the
Guru’s hand into the tranquil, celestial
Himalayan Lake Manasarovar,
Sending ripples of Love
To the shores of the Divine.

- Utpalavati

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Anonymous said...

Dear Utpalavati,it`s a real joy to read your spiritual poems,often in "co-work" with Mahavatar. Especially having a job that often draws me into the depth of people`s
worries and anxieties.Reading your poems deepens my breath and I feel so much relief!Your words help me to dive inside,just like that,all by itself,absolutely effortless.It`s my extended AK.Thank you for your regular presents! Love,Ramayotee