Friday, December 3, 2010

Knowing a Bit More of Swami

Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji Quote of the Day:
Frogs hop from lily pad to lily pad in the nature of frogs. People jump from Guru to Guru in the hope of finding themselves, which they think they have lost! This is fruitless in the end! Locate the Guru within you through your sadhana, Atma Kriya. Your true heart Guru will find you when the time is divinely right! –Babaji

Swami Vishwananda says on Twitter today:
When the devotees long with sincere love and devotion, then they shall know a bit of who I am.

I read Swami Vishwananda’s message on Twitter today, Mahavatar Babaji already had transmitted a “bit more of who I am" as Swami says. Swami and Babaji are linked throughout eternity according to Babaji. -Utpalavati

Babaj communicates to you today:
A Guru is timeless and so is a Swami. I initiated Swami Vishwananda, then answering to yet another name, into the Himalayan Swami Order eons ago. This was in a time when the Earth itself and the human experience still were young and limitless in awareness. Man and Earth contained the potential to evolve into anything the planetary consciousness wished to become!

Now you have arrived at today’s human and Earth conditions and it is time to realign more with the Earth and Man ‘s original potential. I encourage and admonish you to Go Within and find the true reality of Divine Love within your heart and thereby evolve the planet and mankind into the New Earth, the New Mankind who will be unlimited once again in this New Golden Era soon to come to Earth and Man. – Babaji

Note: Babaji means the word ‘admonish’ in the sense that he is giving a warning of the not so pleasant consequences we are creating if man does not go within and create new ‘conditions’ in man’s actions and thereby the Earth itself! Also, when Babaji talks of the Golden Era soon to come, please remember that he exists in timelessness and his sense of ‘soon’ may not be how we think of soon…like in our lifetime. -Utpalavati)

Jyotirananda (Swami Vishwaparthananda): "Swami Vishwananda is definitely one of those rare persons who actually know and are fully conscious of their true self and their true Divinity. He can connect with the Greater Reality at will. When the greater connection is made, Swami no longer is that ordinary person we see in everyday life. His facial expression and his eyes change as he becomes a radiant being expressing unconditional love. I have witnessed Swami’s transformation on a daily basis. Most of the time he behaves like a normal person who does not make a fuss about his true Divine Self. Those who view him superficially do not recognize the greatness of his soul." (From Blossoming Of The Heart)

Utpalavati: Once I heard Jyotir say: “We do not perceive one thousandth of who Swami is really.” Now Swami is telling us: When the devotees long with sincere love and devotion, then they shall know a bit of who I am. (You may have seen on a recent video during a satsang that Swami was asked: “Who are you”? Swami said that he cannot be seen that easily.) And now he is telling devotees, that they can know a bit more of him, in a place where one can not make a “fuss” as Jyotir says…he is telling devotees this about himself on TWITTER, a casual and no-fuss communication place, where one may write only a very few characters on each tweet!

Swami Vishwananda Offers Prayers to

Mahavatar Babaji

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