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Swami Defines Yantra - Babaji's Yantra

Sacred Geometry of Babaji’s Yantra Explained
Mahavatar's Evolving Yantra

Mahavatar Babaji's Now Time Yantra

Mahavatar Has Told Us: “I have given different disciples diverse Yantra diagrams throughout time. We will explain how my Yantra has evolved through time even as mankind has evolved. Knowledge has exploded in the last 50 to 100 years as you know. While we are in the ending stages of the Kali Age, we are merging also into the next age or Golden Age. Through this merging much knowledge is arriving into our awareness as man moves from the head to the heart. Presently, it is our job to take this knowledge and embrace wisdom from it by placing it into our lives at the highest level of Divine Love as your Guru, Swami Vishwananda teaches. Mankind's process of merging from one age to another is reflected in my Yantra as it applies to my evolving mission on Earth.

In the Past Time Yantra (second diagram above) you will notice that in the middle of the diagram, the triangle does not connect with the square and the square does not connect with the circle. Also in the Past Time Yantra, there is only one triangle in the center. In the Now Time Yantra, there are two intersecting triangles which create a Star of David. Babaji transmitted when He was writing "Unity With The Divine" that now the square touches the two triangles, Star of David. The Now Time Yantra reflects mankind’s evolvement through recent times of the last 100 years whereby more and more people are moving out of survival mode into beginning to attune to Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment, God. Therefore in the Now Time Yantra all the Sacred Geometric shapes touch wherein the Past Time Yantra they did not. Babaji explains this sacred geometry pertaining to His evolving mission and its reflection in His Yantra.

Babaji’s Yantra Meaning Excerpted From
Unity With The Divine

The colors of Babaji’s Yantra, as we have pictured them, are not meaningful in themselves, they simply were the colors used on Babaji’s book cover, “Unity With The Divine”. It is the Sacred Geometry of the Yantra that creates a vortex of cosmic energy that resonates and provides a sacred geometric diagram of Babaji’s mission on Earth.

Babaji Explains His Yantra Meaning
(Also Swami Vishwananda contributed to this explanation)

Maha Avatar Babaji’s yantra is a graphic representation of his evolving mission to Earth. The yantra represents the Oneness Vibration of Love Divine that Maha Avatar Babaji exemplifies and teaches his disciples how to remember, to become.

Yantra definition: A yantra is a symbolic geometric spiritualized design usually pertaining to a particular deity; ritual diagrammatic representation. It is a vortex of cosmic energy that continuously transmits energy from within itself.


Large outward Circle: Represents Cosmic Awareness; all that is, The Divine--God. The circle depicts the unlimited nature of creation without beginning or end. The circle symbolizes the limitation that mankind perceives and lives and does indeed exist within the unlimitedness of All That Is—God. Therefore, Babaji has come to assist humanity in perceiving beyond his limitations through striving for Cosmic Consciousness or Enlightenment, the unlimited.

Square: The square is equivalent to the point beyond Earth’s density where Cosmic Awareness meets Earth’s density. The four Vedas are represented in the square as Maha Avatar is Master of the Vedas. All the Vedic knowledge and wisdom resides in Babaji, without limit.

Six Pointed Star: The star consists of two sacred geometric triangles. The downward pointing triangle represents humanity’s divine opportunity to merge with Cosmic Consciousness through the descent of The Divine Avatar to Earth’s density—Jagadguru Maha Avatar Babaji. The upward pointing triangle represents the inherent divine gift of humanity’s ability to strive to reach Cosmic Consciousness—Enlightenment, Self-realization, God.

Sphere in middle of Six-pointed Star: The circle represents The Divine Heart from which everything originates and flows outward to the Star, The Square and the Circle of Cosmic Awareness, All That Is—God.

What Is A Yantra?
Swami Vishwananda

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Anonymous said...

Question to Mahavatar Babaji:
Beloved Being:
Would You allow us to to create a
hand made cloth with the pattern of Your Yantra to sit on during practice of AK? Swamiji just explained the flow of energy within
the Yantra.Would it support our
meditations and by this intensify
our contact with the devine? JGD Ramayotee