Sunday, November 1, 2009

Perfection Personified – Jivan Mukthi

Swami Vishwananda and Depiction of
Chitanya incarnation of Krishna

Swami Vishwananda:
In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna explained that perfection is manifested when one rises above right and the wrong. When you can rise above good and evil and all the duality, then you can call yourself perfect.

Then you can say, “Yes, I have attained certain perfection.” All the masters, all the teachers, all the Gurus have not come to collect disciples. They have not come to make people slaves or to use them like other people say it! They have come to help the people and to make them Masters one day.

Mahavatar Babaji: Krishna came some five thousand years ago to planet Earth and showed mankind, by his life lived in perfect contentment and the grace of Love Divine, how to live each day to the fullest of its capacity . . . Krishna was aligned continuously with the Inner Self and His mission or reason for being on the planet at that time. Read the Bhagavad Gita and comprehend the vastness of God’s Will for His Creation; read of the potentiality of mankind as a soul who lives forever and ever. As the mind and heart of mankind grasp that great truth, he will be well on his way to finding the real world that lies within the heart and soul like a seed crystal of pure love and understanding [thereby becoming perfect or enlightened, as Swami Vishwananda teaches us that Krishna taught]. [Excerpted from Unity With The Divine]


Anonymous said...

Dear Utpalavati,

Maha Prabhu was not an incarnation of Krishna, He was Krishna Himself who appeared on this earth 500 years ago. It is told....


Anonymous said...

where´s the difference? I don´t quite understand, an incarnation of Krishna is Krishna Himself, isn´t it?

Anonymous said... traditional understanding an incarnation of Shiva, such as Parmahamsa Nithyananda is Shiva Himself...

...incarnation of Krishna... Krishna Himself...same

...then faith comes in, does it not ??? : )

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,

knowing that my live is eternal I understand (and feel) that all my actions have reasons and responsibilities.

In past time I thought (or it even happend automatical) if I say this or this or do this or this - it´s perhaps not so important. With the right words I would be able to explain more or less everything and of course I have the right to change my mind and actions.

In responsibility to God and eternal live words and actions become another quality. Words are spoken with- and actions are done with love or - not.

A Master becomes a Master in case God is close to Him and then He speaks and acts through Him. Love doesn´t know miss understanding and even there would be one it doesn´t matter because the answer is always - Love. Ah - I am comming al little bit closer.

Is it so? So, Krishna can come every day in humans live.


Anonymous said...

yes, certainly the answer should be always love. although it will not be so "black and white" because we develop this love gradually, step by daily exercise as it were. -also there is, as I see it, responsibility not only in what one does or says, but also in what one does not do. If one refuses to help where one should help, this also creates karma as I understand it.

Anonymous said...

also, everyone is free to accept someone as Guru or to say: I don´t want to have any Guru, because I prefer my freedom of thinking, freedom of whatever. - but if one has accepted a Guru and does not even try to put His teachings into practice a little bit even, this in my opinion does create much heavier karma, than not accepting anyone as one´s Guru at all. That´s why e.g. Vivekananda said that an atheist, who nevertheless leads an ethical life, helping others etc, doing his duty, is much more dear to him than a hypocritical "bhakta".

Anonymous said...

... reg. to the comment:

"yes, certainly the answer should be always love. although it will not be so "black and white" because we develop this love gradually, step by step..."

Agree! It does´nt make sense to be under stress and see live "black and white". On the other hand I believe that in everybodys heart there is always something knowing what love is.

reg. the comment:
"helping others etc, doing his duty, is much more dear to Him than a hypocritical "bhakta".

not to be - hypocritical "bhakta".
Perhaps the most difficult lesson which I would like to learn.

Thank you and Love

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment!Love

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Krishna is eternally present everywhere, all the time, and in each heart he dwells as love itself. -Babaji

Anonymous said...

The difference between Krisha and his incarnations is that Krishna is the source, the cause, the originator of all His incarnations. Some incarnations or expansions embody only a portion of His unlimited potencies or incarnated for a specific purpose. JGD.