Monday, November 16, 2009

An Evening At the Opera With Swamiji

On this special impromptu evening at
Springen Center with Swamiji, we celebrated
Dharmananda’s Birthday (Nov. 14)
As a group of us were walking from the chapel on our way to dinner, Swamiji came up to Vishnupriya and handed her a bowl of flowers. Swami informed her that it was Dharmananda’s birthday and that now we would celebrate it. When we reached the reception area, surprising everyone, Gurudev suddenly turned and looked at Dharmananda and sang in a operatic, high soprano voice: “Ittttttttttttt Isssssssssssssss Yourrrrrrr Birthdayyyyyyyyyy. Dharmananda, being a professional musician, followed Swami’s lead and jumped into Swamiji’s play. He knelt before Swami singing: “Yeees, Oooh Lord, pleaseeee blessss meeeee!”

We all laughed very much and Swami’s play turned into a prolonged, spontaneous songfest. Pritala joined in as baritone from time to time and we laughed until the tears flowed. At some point we also sang “Yesterday” and “All You Need Is Love.” There was nothing to do but marvel at Swami’s ingenious ability to stage the birthday play so spontaneously, which created joy for all of us.

Drishti writes: “Words cannot convey the true exuberant joy of the experience. Perhaps the pictures will show more of our joy in Swamiji’s play (especially Vishnypriya’s face lst pic. above).

Gurudev’s Birthday Blessing Mantra
Om Karam Pranam Yaham, Janam Deena bhinan Danam
Kamadam mookshaha Danam, Janam deena bhinan Danam
Pashye maa sharada shratam, Jive maa sharada shratam
Om, Swasti,Swasti, Swastii Om Swasti, Swasti, Swasti

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