Saturday, November 28, 2009

Letter from Babaji: You also are Immortal

Babaji appeared and handed me a seashell, shiny and with brown spots scattered across its convex surface. As I look at its simple and perfect form and beauty, Babaji Says: I will show you something. He instructs me to place a certain paragraph on VBV today excerpted from the story Swami told recently of his cousin seeing the Nine Forms of Durga, Divine Mother. -Utpalavati

[Paragraph Babaji instructed we place here] Swami Vishwananda: You don’t know when the Divine will come to you and which form the Divine will take. We think in our mind that the Divine has to come only in the form that we imagine. No, the Divine will rarely come in that form. In your inner self, your heart shall recognize the Divine Mother. So many times I have seen the Divine coming in different forms. And when I was ready to act, She stopped me and said “Keep quiet.” And this connection that we all have to God should be there. It’s not a connection with your mind, that is trying to understand always, but the heart to heart connection to the Divine. You heart, your consciousness will know about the Divine. So every day, you do have Darshan of God. "

Mahavatar Babaji: Divine Beings, albeit in disguise, when the Earth was formed in its beginning without end, the Divine Sound of OM resonated throughout creation that also was erupting like a volcano of friction, spark and fire. The intensive fire-heat of the creative force brought forth upon this land the creatures and all the life you perceive in its infinite variety. And so it is.

When time is no more as you know it, still the pattern of creation’s force will exist in the ethers ready to spring forth in newness of life evermore. This simple seashell held in the hand of my co-worker has a life of its own, and simultaneously is connected to the Divine pattern of all life. Coming from the great ocean which spawns life in different variety than the land you know, it gives its lifeforce to return to the greater awareness when it leaves the ocean for the shore, the land. And so it is that we all are connected to the Creative Force in a never-ending chain of events and styles of form.

Let it be said, my dear Internet friends, that you be ones who recognize the Divine in everything, in all thoughts and in all of your actions. Where does the Divine Live? There is nothing that is not Divine. And even in the “nothingness, the void,” therein the Divine resides also. So in the brown “eyes of the seashell” rests the pattern for the whole of creation. In your eyes also is eternity. You may ask, why then do I only see eternity in the eyes of my Guru and not in my own eyes or those of others I know and see? It is simple! You must develop the “eyes of the heart” as Swami Vishwananda teaches you. Become a reservoir of knowledge and Divine Love. See the Divine in the all, and you will be as free as your Guru is free to reveal eternity to others in the versatility of the Creative Force of nature, of sinew, of blood and bones and of the Divine immortal souls of all mankind.

I am Babaji, Immortal, even as you are Immortal, dear Internet friends—that is in the greater sense of the word.

Note: Virtual Babaji Blog of November 17, 2009 published a picture of Babaji along with the letter he transmitted. The picture was very familiar (the face) but the hair was different. I, Utpalavati, thought I had seen it on the endless pages of information about Babaji on the Internet (probably because of the face being so familiar). I apologize that I did not actually check this out! Apparently someone, with good intent, had worked with the familiar photo we have of Babaji in photoshop and Emailed it to some of us. So please dispose of any copies you may have made of that photo of Babaji we published November 17, 2009. We have replaced the photo on that VBV entry with the one below which comes from Swamiji in Springen.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this beautiful entry. I really enjoyed reading it this morning, it made my day. While reading it I realized how lovely it is when you read such words of truth and don't ask any questions, you empty your head and just accept it. It brings so much joy and happines. Thank You for that.

Anonymous said...

The blue lotus around Babaji is very nice!

Anonymous said...

Inside the heart of every being

You can say: Swamiji, You speak of love, but every time you are doing so, I don´t know what love is. Yes, you don´t know it with your mind, you cannot comprehend it with your mind, but deeply inside of you, each one of you knows love. You are here in order to realize it by your daily practice.
I hope you practise daily, eh? Or just every now and then?
What does practice mean? To continuously remind yourself of the Divine, no matter what you are doing. This is yoga. If someone meditates and prays only to the outside, without realizing that God
is there in the heart of every being, it is of no use. Through meditation you realize that the Divine is not (only) on the outside, but inside each of you. You will then see it shine in everyone. If you don´t realize the non-difference you will always see limitations.-Sri Swami Vishwananda,
translated from:
25th November 2009