Sunday, November 29, 2009

God is Fair - He Always Gives

During a Satsang Swami Vishwananda was asked: "We say God is fair, then why is it that we see good people suffering and bad people happy in their lives?"

Swami Vishwananda in India healing baby in Bhakti Marga’s
1st Free Medical Camp May 2006
Swami’s response: Each person born brings karma with him into this world, and thereby each has a certain destiny. When someone is doing bad things and is thinking that is the reality, do you think he will want God? It will be greatly difficult for this person to move away from all those things and realize God. Whereas good people who are always suffering, continuously focus on God and pray, “Oh God, please make my suffering go away.”

Do you know Krishna? He’s next to Jesus (Krishna came in the linage of the Great Masters and Jesus came next). Krishna lived about 5000 years ago. Similarly, the Hindus have Krishna and the Christians have Jesus. Krishna had an aunt named, Ghandari. There came a time when there was a big war in which all the sons of his aunt were killed. After that event, Krishna came to his aunt and said, “What do you want?” Do you know what she answered? “My Lord, give me many problems so that I always will remember you.” So, when people have everything and are always happy, they forget about God. But when problems arise again in the life, they run again to seek the Divine help. As you said, “God is fair,” and He always gives.


Anonymous said...

nice, Swamiji blessing the baby!

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Happy Birthday, Babaji!