Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji

Jagadguru Mahavatar Babaji Mahavatar Babaji: “May you fulfill your heart’s desire to experience the Divine facets of creation through conscientiously following life experiences, one by one, to the fullness of completion — Unity With The Divine.”

Babaji says today: My dear Internet friends let it be so that you realize that the loneliness you feel will never be eradicated until you reach the state of consciousness that is known as surrendering or merging with The Divine! Know ye that at one time on this great and beautiful jewel called Earth that state of being did indeed exist. What happened to the pristine creation of God the Father Mother? It is simple. Humanity in its devotion to the ‘I’ or the ‘ego’ came to know of himself as the creator without remembering that creation on Earth is a co-creation between the Creator and the human being. In other words, the illusion of separation from the Oneness, the Divine Supreme Being came about. And that known as loneliness came to be experienced within the mind and physical emotions of man.

My Dear Friends let it be so that you are one who will help remedy this situation that is a great part or the main component of the self-created chaos on this once balanced planet! Let you be one that connects back into the oneness of the One, The Divine. How? Know that with Swami Vishwananda as your spiritual teacher, you have the opportunity every day to move closer and closer to the remembrance of Oneness. He offers you the Divine Tools that have the potential to take you home to Oneness! And you have His Grace! Accept the Grace He gives so freely: Do the Atma Kriya meditation He teaches, pray, study the lives of the saints He brings to your attention, and follow in His footsteps into Divine Ecstasy. You may have it also, and you are blessed to have the Grace and Divine Love He showers upon the heads and hearts of those who are receptive. For you all know that it is your receptivity, your open Heart that allows Grace to descend upon you.

At the cross of Christ Jesus, there was only one disciple and Mary Magdalene. Why? The others had not surrendered completely to The Divine, The Oneness, that is all! All the disciples, your ancestors of Earth, were prenatally blessed for their role in that Earth drama. And they each played it as the Divine willed. What happened after the Cross? Jesus resurrected, became in front of their eyes, A Divine Light Body. Why? To show the generations to come, you, that “As I Am, so are you!

Swami Vishwananda is your living example of that Divine Principle, an Enlightened Master. He is in Light Body in Darshan, appearing physical. And you all know it, those of you who Love and who have opened your hearts. My dear chelas take the cup that is offered to you by your spiritual teacher and drink of the fruit of the Divine Vine, the nectar of the Gods, that your teacher brings from realms that the human mind can imagine only! You are truly loved and you are Divinely Blessed. So, let it be.
I go in peace. -Babaji


Tarun said...

"The river is flowing, flowing and growing. The river is flowing back to the sea. Mother earth is caring us. Her childs we will alwasy be. Mother earth is carring us back ti the sea."

From my heart - I love You

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, dear Babaji!
to Utpalavati: where´s this amazing picture of Babaji from please?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Babaji and Swamiji,

thank you deeply for this letter about human loneliness and separation until we merge into God´s consciousnes.
Through life experiences we have to face at times our darkest corners of our ego. I experienced and admit that only through the grace of my Guruji (who has unusual methods) I was able to look at it and receive the opportunity to change. I feel ashamed and happy at the same time.

Thank you deeply for ever holding me - Love you

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Jai Guru Dev,
The picture of Babaji can be found several places on the Internet. Google: Mahavatar Babaji images or just Babaji. Also various people have sent it to me since this Blog began.
Love and Blessings, Utpalavati

Anonymous said...

Jai Guru Dev. Dear Utpalavati, thanks! Maybe to others this picture doesn´t appear to be unusual, it is in some way similar to other images. Yet in some way, to me it is not similar to any other picture! Babajis facial expression is soooo compassionate, and also, as some hairs seem to be "standing out" especially on the left, it looks like a photo, even as it is not probably. Also the white and gold aura...wonderful. Love

Anonymous said...

Nice said and very true. Thanks a lot.