Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji Tells a Story
Once there was a snake that lived in the Himalayas of India beside the Great Ganges Sacred River near a high mountain village. This snake knew his place in the life of the village and stayed within the boundaries of his given life. One day a small girl came to the Ganges close to where the snake lived. The snake became curious about this human person and watched from his secret place in the grass. The girl was about 9 years old. She decided to walk along the river’s edge. Then she waded out further and further and was suddenly swept away by the current. Managing to keep her head above water, she soon came to a large tree which had fallen into the river and then collected debris around itself forming a kind of barrier or island. The young girl grabbed hold of the tree and pulled herself up onto the little island. She sat there for a very long time as she was afraid of going back into the water for fear of being swept away and drowning in the strong current.

The snake had followed the girl along the banks of the river and suddenly he had a kind of inspiration from an unknown place in his being that he had never touched before. So, he went upstream along the banks of the river toward the village where he knew the people lived. He met a man coming along the river looking this way and that. Somehow, this new inspirational part of the snake blossomed into awareness that the man was looking for the girl sitting on the island in the Ganges River. So the snake slithered in front of the man and then went a little ways ahead. Then he slithered quickly in front of the man again and again until the man felt within his being that the snake seemed to be trying to tell him something. Being a simple man, he just felt this without any real explanation coming to him.

In this way the snake led the man to his daughter sitting on the tree out in the Ganges River. The happy and thankful father was able to swim to the girl and rescue her. This experience changed both the girl and her father forever. The girl became an instrument for the Divine through her evolved spiritual abilities that before had been dormant ready to be awakened in Diving Timing. This young girl began studying the ancient Veda’s of India and they very quickly became memories of spiritual texts that she had known before. In time as she grew older, she became a great Yogini. She inspired people of her village with her sudden awakening to higher light which had awakened into spiritual knowledge, wisdom and teaching.

Like this, life happens for everyone. The Divine gives countless opportunities for each one of you to awaken to your Divine nature. This happens naturally in the simple flow of life like in this little story. Your part to play is to be aware of these chances given to you by the Divine and then to take action in your life. Remember the material world will pass away but your consciousness, the Real Self is forever.

With love for you all,
I Am the Champion of the Whole Humanity
Mahavatar Babaji 
Mere Gurudev (My Gurudev)

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