Sunday, February 3, 2013

Behold, Sathya Is Coming


Mahavatar Babaji, The Immortal,

Rocks this world like a mother 
Rocking her children in the cradle of life.
The mirror He reflects to his roving hoards
Is likened unto Krishna and His Gopies
And the Cowherd Boys of yore . . .

And likened unto Christ and the five thousand

That He fed with two fishes and five loaves of bread . . .

And, also, likened unto Premavatar Swami Vishwananda,

Whom, in Sathya Truth . . .
Mahavatar and He are One. . .

He, who Ordained his Vaishnavi Swamis, both female and male . . .

And then country coordinators, He appointed one by one. . .

All these, Premavatar has entrusted with the

Sacred task of helping to gather the people
Whom He will take to The Divine. . .

Through time, all this we faithfully have recorded

For future time when there is No-Time,
Reflects the numerous lives
Each has lived in time, while waiting,
Unknowingly for most, for the time of No-Time,
The Sathya Age, the Golden Age of Truth

Ribbons of time flutter in the winds of lives spent 

In each lifetime of both hell and heaven on Earth.
Resonance with the brothers and sisters of Earth . . .
And above with the Gods in No-Time . . .
Revolves around this wheel of time and karmic patterns
Woven into the scheme of Time and No-Time,
Like a weaver places pieces of wool together
In a pattern that makes all the pieces of woolen thread
Into a carpet which looks like One . . . 
Circle, rectangle or square.

Water flows from the melting snow of the Himalayas

In springtime, where the heavenly multi-colored orchids 
Peek up from the freezing, glistening, white snow beneath,
Then runs down the mountains irrigating crops and 
Providing water for the populace along its way to the 
Great Sacred River Ganges,
Far, far, far away on the valley floor, remotely below.

In this way,  life is like the numerous droplets of water

That gather together into the rushing, gushing, torrent 
Of the Sacred Ganges River flowing throughout India,
Made whole from the melting snow of the Mighty Himalayas,
Standing as sentinels of Love from the Heart of the Divine 
Rushing up to the feet of Mahavatar Babaji’s children of Earth
To kiss their feet like the disciple kisses the feet of the Satguru 
In Sathya-Truth of devotion and Love.

“So it is my beloved children of Earth,” 
Says the Unfathomable Mahavatar BabajiOn this day of February 3, 2013 As time on Earth flows into the Sathya Age to come,That mysterious, magnificent promised age of No-Time,Ringing like church bells throughout All-Time . . .Sathya, Sathya, Sathya. . .Truth, truth, truth.

“Behold! Sathya is coming; be ready, my beloved children.”

By Mahavatar Babaji         



Anonymous said...

Dear Swamini,

In the AOY, Paramhansa Yogananda wrote that we are at present living in Dwapara Yuga and about ascending and descending cycles.
Once I heard Swami Vishwananda talk about the inner cycle and outer cycle. And he said according to the outer cycle, we are in Kali yuga and according to the inner cycle we are in Dwapara yuga. I am not sure whether I heard that one correctly.
In your poem Babaji talks of the arrival of Satya yuga.
Can you please explain and clear my doubt about it.


Vishwananda-Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama said...

The Sathya Age is the next age after Kali Yuga, which it is evident we are now in the material world. We know this from the state of humanity and this world presently. Kali Yuga, or age, is the one of darkness. The Sathya Yuga which we are now merging into, is "The Age of Truth."

Anonymous said...

Dear Mahavatar Babaji, Beloved Param-Guru,
Would you please tell us about how to deal with "mistakes" that we make on our Journey towards God- I mean, the kind of experiences, where we feel that we "failed a test", "did a mistake" or conducted an action blindly- how can we feel pure again after such an incident, where we just feel so sad, upset with ourselves and silly for seemingly making a mistake? Are there mistakes on our spiritual paths, do we really "fail" tests, "lose chances" and so on, or is it all just as much part of His will and His Lila than our passing tests, doing good and rushing forward on our path? I feel like, for a long while, my path was quite smooth, and I was growing and going forward, and then it seems I "fell"- and now I feel I have done a mistake, and do not know how to move on with that. I do my prayers and call out to God every day, to show me the path, to shed light on my path and take my hand... but, is this enough for Him to forgive us for "mistakes" or "failures" we have on our path, especially if they seem so big and tragic to us?
Jai Gurudev, with Love

Vishwananda-Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama said...

In this world of illusion, one thinks one makes mistakes and fails certain tests. It is true in the illusionary world that this seems to occur. The Satguru Premavatar Swami Vishwananda teaches you that the Satguru gives tests and the Divine gives tests continuously. This is true. This aim is to take you to the Divine and to have you leave the past in the past,do not dwell on the future as it never comes, learn from this illusionary world and one's "mistakes and tests" and do not dwell in the mind about them. As Swami Vishwananda teaches: "The mind will always doubt but the heart knows." Stay in the heart. The Divine loves all the same. There is nothing for Him to forgive. If you feel you need forgiveness, forgive yourself and lay your guilt and fear of the past, present and future, so-called, at the miraculous feet of the Satguru. In other words, do not think about all this but stay in the heart, not the mind.

Once, recently, I, Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama, was speaking with Gurudev in His driveway at Springen. A small group of people were standing at the end of the road a few yards away. They were waving animatdly at Him, apparently trying to get His attention. Gurudev smiled his "million watt" beautiful smile and waved back. I asked Him: "Swami, how do you stand being on display all the time." He simply said, "I don't think." This is the answer to all your questions. Don't think in the mind, but stay in the heart, which never doubts.
-Mahaatar Babaji with Swamini Vishwalakshmiananda (With one mind and one heart as Babaji transmitts this message for you.)