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Gurudev About Ram and Poem Rama's Bridge svl

NASA  Image Rama's Bridge

Swami Vishwananda - Ram: “Why do you think in all religions they chant the name of God? They chant the name of the Lord so that you realize the unity between the Atma (soul) and the Paramatman (God). When you realize this unity between the Atma and the Paramatman, what will stay? Only the Paramatman will stay because the only reality of the Atma is the Paramatman. The only reality of the soul is God. Your soul wants to merge with and become one with God. It wants to attain his lotus feet. The one who has realized this will join. Just in the simple name Ram, it can be granted.
-Premavatar Swami Vishwananda

Rama's Bridge, also known as Adam's Bridge, or Rama Setu, is a chain of limestone shoals, between Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram Island off the southeastern coast of Tamil Nadu, India, and Mannar Island, off the northwestern coast of Sri Lanka. Geological evidence suggests that this bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka. (Wikipedia)


There was a brother once, a twin he was,
In a time so long ago. . .
But the spiritual annuals record this time
As the time of an Avatar of righteousness;
Dharma it is named in Sanskrit word and
Meaning, or so it is written and so they say.

This twin had a regal, lovely face and form,
That was strong and well-trained in the
Art of the war-making of the kings,
Which was no longer needed in the rest
Of Ram’s time on Earth after the Great War in Lanka land.
He was beautiful, this twin, with wavy hair as dark as
Midnight, and his smile could light up the night.
We looked exactly alike, one could see,
Even on a silvery, shinning, mysterious moonlight night.

One day our Father, the Royal Ram,
Decided to re-enact a time of old when He
Built a bridge from the southern tip of India,
Across the ocean deep, and over to Lanka land.
The Divine Monkey Gods came, and Hanuman,
The perfect Devotee and
The son of the Wind God, it was told,
Helped the army of the Great God Vishnu,
The Avatar Ram,
To write the name upon the rocks,
“Ram, Ram, Ram.
And it was then the water supported the rocks
That made the bridge to Lanka land.

Sita came back from Earth Mother and was there,
The beloved wife of Ram,
And secretly Divine Mother in disguise, who had been
Kidnapped and kept hostage there in Lanka land.
She secretly knew about all this beforehand,
As it was written there in the Divine Plan.
So then Ram would have to come.
For the demon king, of ten heads it is written,
Could have an opportunity to defeat Ram’s mighty army
And plunder and terrorize India as well as Lanka,
Or so it is written and so it is said.
Ravana, that demon king, miscalculated the
The Greatness of the Avatar Ram.

After Ram won the battle on Lanka land,
He and his army returned over the bridge
And for reasons so he said, “This I do so the two
Countries cannot in the rest of my time on Earth
Cross with an army and invade either land."

Ram took the tip of his mighty bow
And touched it to the bridge at the water’s edge
And, lo and behold, the bridge sank gently
Beneath the white-capped ocean waves.
Rama’s Bridge can be seen on the In-ter-net in today’s time.
As it is erroneously named by NASA, that
Space Agency of America – Adam’s Bridge.

On the day of the reenactment,
My father told me:
“One day in the distant future, you will
Remember this day and will cross the waters
From a place called America
And visit this very land.
At Valmiki’s ashram, which will still
Be there in the very place that it is now,
You will have remembered how it now is in our time,
And you will see the remembered markers still standing there.
You will find the rock where you and your brother stood,
There in Valmiki's Ashram,
High upon a hill and blew your horns out over the valley
And then called, "Ram, Ram, Ram, echoing sound back to you"
You will test this soul memory and, lo and behold,
Back came the echo just like former days, "Ram, Ram, Ram."
Valmiki wrote “The Ramayana,” you know.
And when you are at Valmiki’s ashram in a “future” time,
Let this be a sign to you that it is time then,
It is time; it is time.

“A book you will write and
Call it . . .
“Rama’s Bridge – Then and Now –
Autobiography of a Soul Through Time.”
It will tell your story of the time of Rama
And your spiritual memoirs of that “future”
Lifetime -- from Etheric Beings standing
In your room face-to-face.
And, yes, write of the time with Light Beings
Who came in this future lifetime, ETs some call them,
To teach you many spiritual ways and things.
And also write of their so-alive Lightships that
Look like the Golden-Red Sun.

You will write, also, about the work
With Mahavatar Babaji,
As He will be called then . . .
You will tell of another Avatar of that time
And how He is an incarnation of Love.
 I will be with you as you remember
And this Avatar will “introduce" you to Rama.
And it is a great blessing because
You already will have remembered me,

But a confirmation He will bless you with, see?

The meaning of this story is this:
Lifetimes past one need not dwell upon,
For the memory is stored in your very soul.
But when such a lifetime is applicable to
Your mission in the present lifetime
Let the “past” memory surface, embrace it,
And do your duty as you may be one who
Promised to remember and offer it
To this world, torn and tossed by
The illusion of time.
There is a Oneness in all life.
You will tell your story
As inspiration that life continues
Forever and ever, OM, OM, OM.

-Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Babaji Mahabharata,
Please, reveal the sacred meaning(s) beyond Lord Vishnu Ram,s crossing the "Ram Bridge" to re-unite with his wife Mother Divine Sita?
With Love.Namaste Babaji.