Friday, August 21, 2009

Nature of Divine Love

Swami Vishwananda
Path of Devotion exemplifying Love, Patience, Unity

We all are here because of our spiritual path, this way to the heart, this way to God-realization. Most of you probably know that the main aim of this life is to know thyself, and in completeness, to realize who we are in reality. In this search, many travel everywhere: to India, to America, everywhere around the world. But all searching outside has a limit. We are on a search and the search brings us to different places. We will meet different people, but still we are incomplete.

You may say, “God has left heaven to realize it here. Whatever I’m doing, I’m bringing it to Thee; wherever I go, I’m looking for Thee.”

All searching outside is of no use. At the end you realize that God is always with you deep in the heart. It’s like in the ocean you have many precious treasures, and to get them you have to dive deep into the ocean. God lives deep inside the heart of man. With your mind you have to dive deep within your heart…

When you love others you see the goodness, but when it comes to loving one’s self, you see negativity. When you stop looking at this negativity in yourself and start looking at your positive nature, you will dive deep inside this ocean and your heart will open up for the Divine. The Beloved is always with you all the time.

Mahavatar Babaji
From your heart will you resonate?
“My offer of spiritual assistance is eternally vigilant, even as the great Himalayan Mountains have stood throughout time as spiritual sentinels for mankind. I ask sincerely: Are you ready?” Babaji intermittently writes letters or notes on this blog. Mahavatar welcome comments and questions: Click on “COMMENTS” and/or Click Boxes end of entry.

Divine Love Is The Nature of Babaji

The Cosmic Lingam of Life and Death resides in my hand as light options merge with Cosmic Consciousness to bring into manifestation man’s physical world. In Oneness with the Divine Mother, I hold the formula for life and death on planet Earth. I exercise by Divine Right the ability to create human forms at will. My nature is Divine Love that wills itself into form. My purpose for being on planet Earth is to assist mankind into realizing the Self and eventual union with the Divine—Oneness. — Babaji — From: Unity With The Divine

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