Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Difficult Tests of Faith

August 12, 2009

Mahavatar Babaji

Question One:
The questioner quotes Swami Vishwananda from Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda blog: “You can’t have the complete realization of God and at the same time say that you want the material world.” And then the questioner asks: “Why is there a difference between the material world and complete realization of God at the same time?”

Response to Question One from Utpalavati (blog author-moderator):
Thank you for reading the blog and your interest through writing a question. Please know that Mahavatar Babaji designed and is guiding this blog. He has stated that He will answer all questions from readers. Your question helps us clarify that statement and we thank you. Your question was addressed to Guruji Swami Vishwananda and quoting something Swamiji taught in the post on this blog. Please know that Babaji will answer questions addressed to Him, but ones to Swami Vishwananda must be asked through another avenue as Swami Vishwananda has not indicated that he will answer questions on this blog. The questioner may reach Swami Vishwananda at

Question Two:
Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda blog received the following question for Babaji via Email:
When in life we are faced with difficult tests of faith which give rise to many doubts and fears, how can we find the strength, and the answers within to help guide us through?

Babaji’s Response to question two:
Come with me now in imagination. We are walking along the banks of the Jordan River. Hold my hand, feel the hot Earth beneath your thin-soled sandals. Notice that off in the distance, there is a small boat struggling against the wind. A young boy sits in the boat guiding it toward its destination. The boy is going to the village to market the fish he has caught as a means to feed his sick and dying mother. Suddenly, a gust of wind topples the small boat and the boy and his fish fall into the water together. Alas, the fish are lost.

As if stepping from between two sunbeams, the Christ appears, bare-footed and wearing a radiant white robe. He wades into the Jordan River to help the young boy out of the water. Together the Christ and the boy set the boat upright and pull it to shore. The boy thanks the Master but is sad that now he has no means to feed his sick mother. The Christ looks into his eyes and smiles. The boy is reassured.

The Christ walked with the boy to his nearby home and prayed for the mother. He raised his hand in blessing and out of the raised hand of Christ, traveling on a beam of light, a piece of tree bark floated into the hands of the young boy. The Christ departed.

The young boy looked at the tree bark and on it was written: Pray these words three times in the morning when you awaken, three times when you see the noon day sun, and three times before going to sleep at night. And the boy prayed Christ’s prayer, as directed, and it kept the boy’s mother well the rest of her allotted days on Earth. And the truth is now told to you, there is not enough space on this blog to write all the things the prayer that the Christ taught the little boy manifested in the boy’s time on Earth.

The one who asked the question for this blog that we are addressing, will find your solution to the problem you wrote about in the seed or beech mantra, OM NAMO NARAYANA. Repeat this mantra whenever you start worrying about your problem. Chant this mantra nine times when you awaken, nine times when you see the noon day sun, and nine times just before sleep. You will soon perceive that your problem has disappeared even as did the mother's illiness in our story.

And the boy who met Christ in his time of trouble grew into a great saint whom you would recognize if the name were given herein. The saint performed many miracles and healings radiating from the power of Christ's prayer in his life and the Christ Light in his heart for the whole of his lifetime on Earth. And so it is written. -Babaji

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