Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mantra Times Two

Bhakti Marga: Path of Devotion exemplifying the
Attributes of Love, Patience & Unity

“By singing, “I Am Love,” you will always remember that you are a part of God. There is no big, big mantra that you have to do thousands of times to make you realized. One, only one simple mantra from your heart is enough. Like I’ve said before, don’t make your prayer in quantity but in quality. The quality that comes from the heart is the highest. And that’s what all the Masters, all the Divine Aspects want from humans also, that we become the quality of God and to realize that quality in one’s self. For that, one has to pass through the level of the child of God. Jesus said, “There is no other way than me. I am truth, I am light, I am the way.” Do you think he meant himself as the body? No, he didn’t mean himself as the body. He meant himself as Christ who is living in each one of you. This Christ has to become alive by putting what Jesus gave to humanity into practice and by understanding it: “Blessed are all those pure in heart, for they shall see God!”

Standing Question: From your heart will you resonate? Mahavatar intermittently writes letters reminiscent of ones in His Book, Unity With The Divine. Babaji promises to respond to all questions and welcomes your comments.

"Look in your lives and begin to daily notice the things that are out of balance. Choose to locate the courage within you to walk in the uprightness of peace, harmony, truth and Love. Countless straight forward factors, like conserving energy in numerous ways are available to you. Do not waste. Let, “Waste not, want not, OM Namo Narayana” become your mantra for conservation in the material world."
- Mahavatar Babaji – Unity With The Divine

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