Thursday, August 27, 2009

Babaji Revelation

Nasa Picture From Space:
In looking for a picture to represent Mahavatar Babaji reaching His hands out closer to mankind like never before, as He writes below, I found this NASA picture from space (Utpalavati). Let it represent the concept that as Babaji is reaching out to humanity as never before, we also are reaching up into the cosmos toward Him.

Photo Information: Photographs released by NASA have captured images of a vast stellar formation resembling a human hand reaching across space. The image, taken by NASA’s space-based Chandra Observatory Telescope shows an X-ray nebula 150 light years across. It shows what appears to be ghostly blue fingers (Vishnu-Narayana-like perhaps ???) – thumb and pinky clearly discernible from index, ring and middle digits – reaching into a sparkling cloud of fiery red.

Babaji says today:
My Dear Internet Friends,
As time goes onward we will be talking about meditation frequently as those of you who have followed this blog since its beginning recently may have discerned. Why? To encourage you to mediate with me and to investigate and consider Swami Vishwananda’s Atma Kriya training and initiation courses is the main purpose of this blog! Why? Many of you with whom Swami Vishwananda and I have worked throughout your many incarnations are ready to seriously consider that Cosmic Consciousness is possible for you to create in this very lifetime; you may become a Jivan Mukti. Along the way, perhaps we are not obtusely opposed to being inspiring, entertaining, humorous, and friendly with you all…each may discern that for himself! I am coming closer to humanity than ever before at this time in Earth’s history. Why? Because it is Divine Timing that I do so! So It Is Written. I wrote the following recently responding to a request from one of Swami Vishwananda’s disciples who is closely associated with Him in His Spiritual Center in Springen, Germany. I wish to share it now with you, my Internet Friends:

Babaji’s Revelation: "From time immemorial man has lived upon the Earth in various levels of consciousness or awareness. As time progresses in each Yuga or age, enlightenment occurs in Divine timing. So it is that in the present age of Kali Yuga the Divine has given Kriya meditation as a vehicle capable of raising one's consciousness into higher levels of vibration. Now is such a time when Kriya will take one to the heights of the Gods as has been recorded in scriptures left on this planet by the Gods who come to live among man to assist in his awakening in each age.

I am one who exists in obscurity to the unaware eyes of man but contiguously lives with man on the planet throughout the ages to assist with this process of man's freedom from the cycle of birth and death and the reincarnational wheel. Never before have I come as close to unenlightened man as I now am offering myself to the disciples of Swami Vishwananda. In times past, I have worked with the Prophets or Enlightened ones of mankind, who then take my message of Living Light of Love to the rest of humanity. It is within the Divine Plan that I am coming closer to all mankind at this time through Atma Kriya and in general. Let it be so.

The Atma Kriya given to Swami Vishwananda contains the keys to freedom of the soul taking flight, riding upon the golden wings of Garuda, Vishnu's vahana, that takes the soul to the heights of Divinity and the realms of Narayana and Maha Lakshmi, the Supreme Lord and the Divine Mother. Those souls who are poised upon this pinnacle of Divine Timing presently are divinely inspired and will take Atma Kriya home to freedom, enlightenment. And so it is written, and so it is!” —Babaji

Utpalavati: Babaji places the following excerpt of a meditation He created and wrote about in His book, Unity With The Divine (a meditation with Utpalavati, scribe for His book and author-moderator for this blog). Babaji says that He wishes it to serve as an example of how he works with his disciples in meditation down through the millennia:

From Unity With The Divine: [Utpalavati writes her experience in His book at Babaji’s request]. “ I am consciously aware of myself in two dimensions as I sit in meditation. I am completely aware in my home in America and simultaneously in the great sacred India with Maha Avatar Babaji. Beckoning me to follow , He says, ‘Come, sit with me on the banks of the Ganges.’ Babaji leads me to sit under a certain banyan tree in Serampore, India that I immediately recognize. It is the great banyan tree standing where the ashram and ancestral home of Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, Paramhansa Yogananda’s Guru was located. I visited there when I was with Sri Swami Vishwananda’s free Medical Camp in Kolkata, India in December 2007.

In present day, the temple and shrine of Yukteswar is on the same grounds where his ashram and ancestral home used to be located. His vibration is beautifully and divinely powerful in and around the grounds of the temple. The banyan tree Maha Avatar and I are sitting under is the same one where Babaji appeared to Sri Yukteswar when he had completed the book Babaji had requested he write, The Holy Science…

…There [in Allabahad, India at the 1894 Kumbha Mela] Yukteswar met a saint, Maha Avatar Babaji. The saint initiated Yukteswar as a Swami and requested he write a book. Babaji instructed Yukteswar to write a comparison of the basic unity between the teachings of Christ Jesus in Christianity and the Hindu scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita. Mahavatar promised he would meet Yukteswar again after the book was completed…

…It was the fulfillment of Babaji’s promise to meet Yukteswar when his book was completed that brought Him to meet Yukteswar under the same banyan tree that I would meet Babaji, in etheric form, in September of 2008 and 104 years later in this meditation. Paralleling Yukteswar’s meeting with Babaji in Allahabad, Babaji spoke to me further about this book of His Epistles." [Unity With The Divine]…

Note: The first edition of Unity With The Divine is sold out. is presently completing printing/proofing of the Second Edition. It will be available by September 9, 2009 [within two weeks]. For those of you interested in the Second Edition, please check back at the website, In addition to the English Edition, Babaji’s book is being translated into the languages of Germany, Poland, Russia, Portugal and Serbia presently. As these translations are completed, those of you interested may locate information at Swami Vishwananda’s website

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