Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Eyes to See"


“Beloved Babaji,
Can you answer a burning question in my heart? When like in the story posted here of a disciple of Sri Swami Vishwananda, one meets and recognizes one’s Satguru and surrenders to him, are we duty-bound to remain with him throughout our many lifetimes? How can our souls ever deceive us when the eternal flame of love is ignited in our hearts?

So, my dear Internet friend, you have asked at least three questions and it would take a book for us to delve into them fully. And then, would there not be many more questions stemming from that? Yes? Of course it is interesting and fun for humans to dialogue about such things; it is all good as we may connect within the oneness this way, isn’t it? Firstly, I ask that you meet me in meditation soon to specifically discuss these questions. Now I will offer a short version for our purposes here on this blog.

Many traditions speak of spiritual teachers sent to the Earth Sphere to interact with, talk with, teach and love human beings in their humanness. And those teachers reveal their own divinity while in human form so that humanity may relate with them and be given the potential to discover their own divinity. The God-ordained spiritual teachers also bring with them knowledge from the highest wisdom of the Divine. They relate this knowledge to mankind from the point of their own missions as designed by God before their incarnations. Many times mankind misunderstands the message and thereby often destroys the messenger. Look to the Martyred Saints and one’s like the Master Christ who said: “Greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for his brother.” You, the questioner, have a solid example of this kind of martyr in your own life experience [Please understand that at this point in Earth’s historical frame of reference, no names will be written or spoken by me [Babaji].

The Satguru is yours forever and remains with you throughout your soul’s transmigration from the divine and its final return back to the divine. It is so! Sometimes souls seem to find their Satguru embodied in their lifetime and begin to open their hearts to divine love and then for some doubt or another… they...Stop! Remember that Christ Jesus hung on the cross of Calvary, and out of fear for their physical forms, only one disciple, John, stood there with him. Later, of course, all the disciples (excepting Judas… and he did the same in a different way) returned to the Christ’s mission and took it forward until even today Christ’s Love is alive on planet Earth.

So then, you ask, “How can our souls ever deceive us…?” Likened unto the Disciples of Christ, it is not the soul that deceives as it ever remains in truth, my friend. It is the mind of man that can deceive and thereby crucify the messenger, the spiritual teacher. In your own time, one such as we are speaking about and one whom you know will be renewed, vindicated, praised, and finally understood. As the Christ said: “…those who have eyes to see…” Watch!

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Anonymous said...

This post has food for thought! Babaji's connection between Martyrs of the past and possible Martyrs among us on the planet today is interesting. The thought may not have occurred for most of us that we might have Marytrs with us in this day and age.